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  1. That is what I read on the forum, just tried to help. If you have the correct time please share so others can know too. (That will also help me as I am still waiting for my NOA2) 😎
  2. Hello! Very good that she got the visa. Remember her medical results will be valid only for 3 months since the day it was issued, take that on consideration and make sure she enters the united states while it is still valid. I read the old post you shared. I think people were concerned that you would be deceived in the relationship. Even though she just got the visa, your journey have just started and she will prove her sincere love in the coming years. Good luck and best wishes on your journey.
  3. I know they will cancel it at the embassy when they issue the K1 visa (If all goes alright). But I've read I can travel with my tourist visa meanwhile I don't have my interview at the embassy yet, so I will travel Nov 23rd for a week . My NOA2 may arrive the first week of dec 🤞 🤞 ( fingers crossed)
  4. When I had my tourist visa interview they also didn't saw any of the papers i brought with me. They are more interested on what they already have on their computer (Which is the form you fill online prior to the interview). I would have expected a tourist visa to be refused when a K1 is on process. Your K1 visa will eventually arrive 🙌. Lets all be patient (I unclude myself on it because I am also waiting 😞).
  5. That is True, I don't think they will work today. 😔 More holidays to come:
  6. It always is ! 😣😔 I already want it to be december so I can get my NOA2 😁.
  7. Looking at the exemptions I also see it doesn't apply to K1 visa. 😮 Am I right? Applicants for K fiancé(e) visas and other aliens entering the United States without an immigrant visa, including lawful permanent residents, refugees, and asylees.
  8. Congratulations! I expected you to receive your Noa2 very soon. I thought you would receive it last week, but since it didn't happen, I was thinking that you should receive it this week, and there it is!😊
  9. @ek1357 Looks like you started the process in August and if everything goes well you may get your NOA 2 the 3rd or 4th week of november and then your interview. On the other hand given the information above, if you choose DCF , looks like you will get your documents ready within 3 months. (The good side is that at least you will have the security that it will be ready within three months, unlike K1, which really does not ensure an estimated date)
  10. Exactly, and even if they were dated in the back that could also be a problem if it is older than 30 days. It is better to submit photos with no dates at all, that way they don't exactly know when the photo was taken.
  11. If you already have your iterview date at the embassy then you can book your medical exam. This one is for Mexico, make sure it is the updated information: https://mx.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/25/Mexwide-202-CDJ-439-SEP2018-ESP.pdf The results of the medical exam can take more than a week to be ready so try to book your exam for at least 2 week ahead of your interview day at the embassy. If you are given your medical exam for delivery to the Consulate, DO NOT OPEN the sealed envelope. If you open your medical exam, you must schedule and pay for a new medical exam. Si a usted se le entrega los resultado su examen médico para que lo entregue al Consulado, NO ABRA el sobre sellado. Si usted abre su examen médico, usted deberá programar y pagar un nuevo examen médico.
  12. Thank you for your responses 🙌🌟. we feel much better about it.
  13. Wouldn't it affect us if they see it on the "Affidavit of support"?
  14. Good morning. Yesterday my fiance (The petitioner) got a mail from IRS saying that his taxes from 2016 were audited and that he should pay about 300$. He showed it to me and they make it look like he didn't estimate correctly his income for that year. I suggested he call the company he hired to declare his taxes for that year and ask them why he got that debt (because he thinks he declared everything) . I am worried that if they commited some mistake for that year they could have possible do it for thw following years too? Also my fiance thinks that this could affect us in our K1 visa process - "Affidavit of support" (maybe at the interview if not before). I was wondering what would be the best he can do in this case? Maybe just pay what he was asked to pay? should we consider something else? I am really not very familiar with taxes. Thanks
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