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  1. Hi I am in a similar situation, my flight is reserved for April 30 and there are recent cases of coronavirus in my country, if this continues, probably my country will impose some restrictions for flights (as Italy already did). I am worried because my flight cannot be rescheduled.
  2. You're reading the outdated one. Below it says "2019 VERSION"
  3. 1. Is it three weeks after NOA 2 I was supposed to call and get case number? How long will it take if I email them instead? Contact NVC after 2 weeks. The email response from them takes much longer (when your packet leaves NVC). 2. What is case number for? I am still confused on this part. The NVC number will be related to your embassy and will be the one you will use to schedule your appointment. 3. when my fiancé gets packet 3, how do I know that they are sending it to the correct address? Is there a website I can go to to double check the address is correct? You did provide his address on the I-129F, they will send it to that address. You can probably contact the embassy so they can give you a digital version of packet3.
  4. You just need 2 photos for the embassy interview. The photos at the medical are taken by them. Scans from your petittioner are fine. I did the same and had no problems with it. At the interview I didn't saw they had the I-129F on hand (May be on their system already as Greenbaum said). Yes bring a copy of it as you don't know what information they may require at the last momment. They asked me for my fiance birth certificate and passport (They should have already have it, but anyways they wanted I give it to them). As for the documents required, I updated the list of things they asked (The P3 letter) on the consulate info section: https://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=Peru&cty=Lima Read the part that say "Packet 3 Contains"
  5. Check "No" on question 55 and email the company. They reply within a week. I did add their email reply where they say they are not an IMB and didn't got RFE. Some asked for the email, so here it is: support@okcupid.com "OkCupid is not an international marriage broker as defined by the International Marriage Brokers Act. In fact, OkCupid is a free dating website with a few premium feature offerings. You should be able to show this email as the proof that you need. Please let us know if you need anything else."
  6. Hello! I Had my interview yesterday and they said my visa was approved. Currently waiting for my passport. 🤗🎉✨ Thank you very much for all the information shared on the site and the recommendations and guide provided by the members.
  7. Plan, research for options to each of the things you want for your ceremony, that may give you an idea of the final sketch. But don't book or pay for anything yet. I've been doing this for months and guess what, most of the things we initially planned , we are not going to do them because of different reasons. Once you get approved you can start to book all the things on your list.
  8. Hello! I've just booked my appointment for the embassy and my medical exam is scheduled too. Thanks for all the advices, I will be gathering the required information for my embassy. 🎉🤗
  9. The last time you visited U.S you stayed longer than 2 weeks, I don't see why you would a problem this time. When you are asked about your reason for visiting say the truth, that you're visiting for vacations and to visit your fiance too (I mentioned my fiance on my visits and never had any problem)
  10. The only advantage is that you will have your DS form already finished. I have mine ready to send and my documents hasn't arrived to my embassy yet. The possitive side is that you can advance your form and it will be stored for 30 days (to retrieve it everytime you log in you need your Application ID and reply to your security question), you can also export it. I would suggest the benefitiary start to fill it when your case leaves NVC. Because I filled my when my case wasn't even received by NVC and by the end of this month it will comply the 30 limit day (If I'm very lucky my case will be ready before the end of month, but who knows. I haven't tried the import feature, crossed fingers for it to work 😄)
  11. Maybe in Dominican Republic they got used to receive the visit of the petitionary that they are requesting it whenever they are not present. 😳
  12. Do you know if her mother didn't have ties to her country? or they only denied the visa because she was going to the wedding? Can you post a link to that topic? Would like to get more information Thank you!
  13. Hello! I think Greenbaum provided good option for you guys. Why don't you create an internal group here and add all people who want to join there so you can talk about your country specific topics, also there you could provide the whatsapp group and everyone is happy! It is also recommended to speak english on the main forums so everyone can understand, not all people know portuguese . As previous members said there specific region forums on which you can comunicative in your native language.
  14. Hello Trese, when was your case received by NVC? , based on your noa2 they may have your NVC number by the end of this week probably. I got mine the past friday and my NOA2 was Dec 13.
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