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  1. Based on what appears to be a callous disregard for following immigration law you are probably right.
  2. Airline receipts, hotel receipts, passport stamps, photos together (couple of wedding photos along with any others), and a marriage certificate is pretty much what most couples have at this stage. SOMEtimes an employer will add a new spouse on health insurance pending SS number, if so, that’s great, if not then go with what you have.
  3. DCF could be done through any embassy prior to ~2012 or so
  4. Fill out one sponsoring your wife. Line 1 is 1, line 2(you) is 1, line 3 (wife) is blank (she’s already on line 1), line 4 (children) is 2. This is the affidavit for your wife. For each child: line 1 is one, line 2 (you) is one, line 3 (wife) is one, line 4 (children) is one (the other child is on line 1). Make two of these affidavits. One for each child. The immigrants sponsored on line 1 in that section are NOT listed again in lines 2, 3, 4 in household size.
  5. https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=granuleid%3AUSC-prelim-title8-section1324&num=0&edition=prelim The section on harboring and aiding has always had criminal penalties and has been in place for years. This isn’t a black and white “I got my citizenship so I can legally sponsor immediate relatives” case. It could have been. OP jumped the gun here by in OP’s own words “her visa ran out and we just decided to let her stay” long before OP qualified for, applied for, and attended his swearing in ceremony. It’s too gray to tell. IF disclosure here (would) have affected approval of citizenship (definition of material) and disclosure was not made then a clock is ticking on the citizenship itself. OP needs a very good attorney.
  6. You have two choices on the tax side: 1 transcripts 2 copy of the complete filed tax package You can attach a full and complete copy of the forms you filed with the IRS. I am not sure at all how your household size reached 7? It seems like you counted the household then added the 3 immigrants again. So on the form part 5 line 1 the number is 3. Under persons not sponsored you are (1) and your wife and children are NOT listed again there. So line 1 (3 persons sponsored) plus yourself (1 person NOT sponsored) = 4. I am (guessing) that you listed your wife and children below yourself in “persons not sponsored”. Do you work for a US company and are you transferring to the US? Unless you are, your income in Germany is discounted and your non-US income is assumed to be zero. You need liquid assets (preferably parked over in the US) equal to 3x the required income level to overcome that.
  7. And the “have you ever” on the N-400 application Sentence for assisting/harboring: up to 5 years. Sentence for profiting from it: up to 10 years It’s set up and worded and answered to retroactively trap you anytime after illegal activity is discovered. Note that failure do disclose while trying to obtain immigration benefits is also listed. In fact there is no way to go through the regulations and those questions and answer them honestly and gain citizenship. I would be very surprised if this whole thing does not unravel. Advising new citizens that they can sponsor is correct and advising new citizens that if they marry and sponsor someone who overstays is also correct. Advising new citizens that they can harbor an illegal, wait until they apply for citizenship, then sponsor that illegal? I would not carry it that far. Crimes (discovered or not) committed before citizenship is granted are NOT forgiven like overstays are forgiven for USC immediate family members and that is what bothers me about this case.
  8. Let me get this straight: https://www.fairus.org/issue/illegal-immigration/law-against-hiring-or-harboring-illegal-aliens You harbored and assisted an illegal while you were an LPR (which is a felony) then swore during naturalization that you have abided by all the laws of the United States while you were an LPR, which qualified you for citizenship, obtained citizenship, then think you are going to sponsor the illegal you were harboring? You do need a lawyer. Pretty sure you won’t pull this one off.
  9. Self employed involves FICA etc but there is a treaty in place and credit applied for equivalent taxes paid. OP definitely needs a tax professional.
  10. You are OK. Most couples living apart have nothing but marriage certs, travel evidence / photos that they have spent time together (sometimes what seems like very little) and not much else. They ask about that chat? You heard it was possible but chose to do it this way is a great (and probably accurate?) answer. The interview is a discussion with direct questions and short to the point and accurate answers. Try not to stress.
  11. This really wasn’t appropriate to direct towards VJ members but please accept congratulations on completing what appears to have been a long process towards citizenship (and) please vote responsibly.
  12. Do NOT send that book in. Copy all of the pages and send that. They will want to see the original book at the interview(s). We are using a stamped/certified translation. Don’t be surprised if they ask for every page to be translated. I recall warning you about this before. A lot of our book is not in english (the contract part etc)
  13. I know what he is talking about and we were K3 applicants. Back then, you filed 130, waited for the receipt, filed 129F, got a quicker ride through. Issued a K3 even though the 129F and 130 were combined and approved the same day. So we received one. Adjusted status from that. OP asked was it worth it. My answer is no, don’t even try. Shortly after we got our K3 they started doing what they do now - approve the 130 and kill the 129F.
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