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  1. She is neither at this time and I am not aware of a banking rule that requires it either.
  2. Yes, they do. My physical address was in Saudi and I used my parents address (trip 1) and my brother’s address (trip 2) on immigration documents. We actually moved to neither, by POE time we had leases arranged and that was our setpoint address at POE. Intent to domicile requires getting an address, bank account, assets moved - but (for us at least) did not require a permanent move until the visa was issued and we moved together. So: If the petitioner gets this planned out and set up then the final address can be worked out later. It looks like petitioner will be moving before the beneficiary meaning that by interview time and POE this will be settled.
  3. Those 5 years (and proof of grandparents presence) are skipped under the petition/immigrant visa path.
  4. The burden of written and documented proof of physical presence in order to get the citizenship application approved is difficult to meet. Much more so than the support affidavit.
  5. I had a hard enough time getting information about me and I never left the country between 1974 and 2007 nor even had a passport between 1979 and 2006. Even 5 years of college transcripts and at least 4 years of tax/addressed W2’s didn’t satisfy them - it took the 1974 passport / 2006 passport and a visit with the “guy from the back” to finally get approved. I’m lucky I had that old passport because I would have had a hard time getting anything else from the US while I was outside the country.
  6. I hope you are not suggesting that the income requirement (household size 3/2 immigrants) or (household size 3/1 immigrant) is any different or suggesting that processing a citizenship application from out of the country somehow eliminates the I-864
  7. Same income either way. OP’s original question “can my son get a passport the way I did” was the reason for “no” on the answer. Either way (immigrate/apply) or (apply/immigrate) involves a lot more hurdles/processing than a simple CRBA/passport application.
  8. To follow up: the USC’s biggest hurdle here is overcoming the support affidavit’s requirements
  9. That directed at me? Background: Our daughter was born overseas. Went through CRBA. To get her passport and CRBA I had to prove I had lived in the US 5 years by providing school transcripts, tax records, and old passports. She otherwise would have been a citizen of ?nowhere?. She was born in Saudi. No citizenship there - neither of us are Saudi. Didn’t matter where my parents (who always lived in the US) or my grandparents (same) or their parents (same) were from. To get our daughter to the US, she needed a passport. Come to think of it to get her anywhere, she needed one LOL. So I got her two of them, one from mom’s country and one from the US. Had I not been able to supply all of that information for her CRBA and passport I would have had to petition for her, same as her mom. Summary: Answers here are based on personal experience and based on where you are in the immigration process. Based on personal experience you are not going to walk up to the US embassy counter and get a US passport for your son and your son is not going to immigrate to the US as a USC. He can apply for citizenship and take the oath after he gets there like any other immigrant.
  10. She does not have to physically domicile, just demonstrate intent to domicile. Simplified by working in the US 1. Marry 2. File a petitoon 2. Wait for approval and visa processing 3. Relocate to the US after approval / visa Rule sez: She has to either precede or accompany her husband to the US Hope that helps
  11. IR1 or CR1 depending on how long you have been married
  12. A year in the US out of a year and a half is really pushing it. Nothing illegal about what they were planning unless OP intended to marry, stay, and adjust status Won’t happen now for sure. Wings got clipped.
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