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  1. 4 years and 6 months after your entry you should be able to file with no question. Jan, 2021
  2. If you are not using assets why does he want them Why 12 months?
  3. TX you know Harris ER’s are fill of folks waiting for beds, TMC is out of ICU space, and Neuces just ordered their second FEMA truck. This ain’t just testing, these are real people. I’ve lost 27 people (out sick for weeks) at the plant to COVID, 7 of them were hospitalized. We aren’t running a nursing home out there, these boys are plant operators and maintenance hands. This is not a flu. We should have masked up in April, not waited til the whole state got spit-coated.
  4. Good work 👍 We got a nasty note that disappeared when the passport was renewed but that was about it
  5. It’s an issue of a few questions between 6-12 months but after 12 months it’s a real problem. He needs to get back before March.
  6. Here ya go. It’s all here, every step No NVC, everything’s processed at the embassy. When she applies, she’s gotta turn in her green card. If denied, I can’t say if she ever gets it back or not. Risky exercise.
  7. They run the passenger when she registers to board. Tangled us up a couple times
  8. I’ve always used the ID page of my passport Isn’t birth in the United States one of the boxes? Check that one. It trumps any and all categories lol
  9. We are usually right and when they start asking you for stuff you didnt submit no you probably didnt follow instructions. Had you asked (but you didnt) you would have been advised to use Fedex or DHL to send documents. Last time I got rejected to open an account by the IRS was because I was at a non-US IP address. So I VPN’d through a US provider and got one open. Other reasons are not using current information on file. If you just filed your taxes try last year’s information. Marriage, birth, divorce, evidence of marriage are required at petition stage and no matter what you sent they are required again at the interview (NVC) stage. Income information is not required at petition stage but joint taxes can be one way to demonstrate a valid marriage, Even if you provided them at that stage you have to provide them again with the I864 at the interview stage. Just the way it works dude. W2’s, 1099’s, things like that do not have to be submitted at any stage unless you can’t puzzle out how to order transcripts. If you are submitting returns and not transcripts you have to submit every single document that you used to fill out the return. It appears you did submit returns if they asked for W2’s SO you should have only sent copies not original W2’s with the copy of the return you submitted. True copy certified divorce decrees are pretty cheap. I ordered 5-6 and still have some. You’ll probably need them over and over so it’s suggested to get with the clerk and get some more.
  10. Though not required joint tax returns are often submitted as evidence of marriage if the petitioner has been married long enough to jointly file with the beneficiary.
  11. LOL you’re a real treat Most of us compile this stuff and get it right the first time. Every step, petition, visa app, lifting conditions, citizenship, requires the same documents to be submitted. What you provided to USCIS has nothing to do with the file the DOS has to put together to process the visa and every time you file for the next step in immigration you submit everything again.
  12. I’d check in with Peru and Brazil on that
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