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  1. Of course. Like the bank who loaned you the money for your jalopy should be responsible for the damage you do while you are using it. A lot of people were researching coronaviruses after SARS. Including Bayler over here in Houston. Because two (SARS and MERS) broke out. Research doesnt mean anyone “made” this one. If you think you can “make” a virus for a half mil go ahead. There has been a lot of COVID research going on. Why do you think the vaccines were ready so quickly? They were well into a SARS vaccine but since it died out they stopped working on it. What in the world are people who care less about spreading a virus (spreading it really does kill people) doing talking about “personal responsibility” anyway. That’s funny.
  2. The loony conspiracy theory is that Dr Fauci was deliberately involved which is what this thread is about It is no theory that our ex president and his supporters deliberately spread it. We all saw that in person.
  3. Never put a policeman between a trumper and a doorknob he wants to lick for ‘Merican freedom <cough><cough>
  4. Not an issue. Happens to everybody from time to time - you realize it just make sure you pay up.
  5. He did get to play “golf balls” with friendly world leaders like Kim Jong and Saudi Prince “Bone Sawman”. Nobody else would call him back That’s an accomplishment. Uuuuuuuuuge 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. Wait wait I know! That Nobel Prize Mideast Peace Deal was a smashing success!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Those boys are gonna vote no matter what. Primed to vote mad right now. For no reason.
  8. Unemployment now is where it was in 2014. It assuredly went up not down Trade deficit is published. It went up not down. Especially with China. His best year, 2019, was the same as 2016, the year before he took office. 2017 and 2018 were records for the Chinese. No accomplishment. Debt went up not down - no stunner there Manufacturing jobs went down not up - there are fewer manufacturing jobs now than there were in Jan, 2017 when he took office The GOP? is in tatters Pretty much a dem in a red cape. What we figured when Texas rejected him 63-27 in the 2016 primaries Manufacturing jobs: https://data.bls.gov/timeseries/CES3000000001 Trade deficit https://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/balance/c5700.html Unemployment https://www.bls.gov/charts/employment-situation/civilian-unemployment-rate.htm His biggest accomplishment was pulling hundreds of millions out of trumpsheep’s wallets using nothing but hot air. In that, he was genius
  9. I remember when our operators found out about the suit to toss their drive-thru votes. Night shift guys, oil/chem plants, hit the drive-thru in Pasadena at the courthouse by the hundreds. The whole channel was up in arms. Calls at high levels were made. I made a WTH are you people thinking call myself. It is a guarantee those guys won’t forget. There was no reason for it either. You had to drive up, show your license and registration card, and vote with a dang photo ID just like you vote in person anywhere else. Whatever Texas is becoming - doing that to union ship channel operators and employees, thousands of them, trims a big demographic out of the R column. There was no, none reason for that lawsuit.
  10. Now Moxy those are patriots Gravy Seals, National Lardsmen, Hoagie Heroes - America’s finest winners
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