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  1. From the USCIS I-485 instructions: You are NOT required to submit Form I-693 at the time you file your adjustment application, but may do so if you wish. Because of the time-limited validity of Form I-693, you may choose to submit your Form I-693 after you file your Form I-485. You may also submit Form I-693 in person at an interview in a USCIS field office, if an interview is required. By waiting to submit Form I-693, you may avoid having to repeat the immigration medical examination. So, if I were you I would get that AOS package in the mail as soon as you think it's ready to go (with no I-693). Good luck!
  2. Yes, you can apply for it without a current emergency. It's common practice for people to file the I-131 with the I-485 to cover the waiting period leading up to the green card. You never know what urgent travel needs you will have during the long wait for AOS approval, so you would file the I-131 without actually having any of the existing reasons you listed. When approved, it will be issued as a "combo card" which will include your AP and your EAD.
  3. You might want to seriously consider adding the I-131 Advanced Parole application to your package. There is no additional fee to do that if it is part of your AOS package.
  4. Doesn't seem common, but every case is different, of course. Have you received the second RFE in the mail yet?
  5. We ran into this situation ourselves, as our apartment complex requires the people on the lease to have legal status in the US. I agree with the other responses that you will find different rules from different leasing companies. You will find it very difficult to prove your legal status to a private company while you're at this stage in your AOS. I would strongly encourage you to explore your options and find a place that will allow both of you to be on the lease contract. Call or visit different places to find out what their policy is. That lease contract is going to be a strong piece of evidence at your interview (and for ROC)...but only of you're both on it.
  6. Congratulations on your latest success. Were you actually prepared to file a writ of mandamus, or was that just an empty threat?
  7. In a situation where the green card is approved before the EAD/AP, the EAD/AP (combo card) will not be produced. Your green card will definitely allow you to work...the green card entitles you to EAD, AP and more. Congratulations on your speedy journey.
  8. Mailing address in Michigan is a third part box that I have had for years as I moved to different places around the world. Probably rare to have mailing and physical addresses in far-apart places, but it is what it is. I'm still trying to figure out why the USCIS asks for your physical address, yet they don't assign your appointments for the part of the country you live in.
  9. Our AOS frustration level is 10 out of 10 right now, so I will share our story (for therapeutic reasons). Background: Filed AOS applications early October. Listed our 2 different addresses on both the I-485 and I-765 applications. Mailing address in Michigan, physical address in Florida. Waited, waited, and waited some more (almost 3 months), just to get a biometrics appointment letter. Currently: Just received our biometrics appointment letter (for I-765 only) a couple days ago. Not entertained to discover that our appointment is at the Grand Rapids, Michigan ASC. We live in Florida. Been calling the USCIS Contact Center for the past 2 days just to get to a tier 2 agent. Not sure that a tier 2 agent can even help us at this point, but we were advised to talk to them by a tier 1 agent. Finally got a call back from a tier 2 agent today, and the call got disconnected about 30 seconds into it. Not entertained to discover that the tier 2 agent did not re-initate the call. So we have to start at the beginning of the call tree again tomorrow. I'm sure I deserve some blame in this address mixup situation. I incorrectly assumed that the USCIS would schedule appointments which were in the region of an applicant's physical address. Isn't that kind of common sense? Apparently not. So, depending what the tier 2 agent says tomorrow, I imagine we will change our address online to make our mailing address match our physical address. Then there's the matter of what to do with our pending appointment in Michigan. I suppose we will snail mail the appointment letter back to the USCIS with an explanation, requesting a new, local appointment. If anyone has any wisdom to share about how we can get ourselves un-screwed, please share it. Otherwise, enjoy my misery
  10. Wow, you made it through the K-1 process without his name on the BC? What is your plan if they need a BC with a name on it now?
  11. Can you help your fellow VJ'ers out by giving us some more details about your birth certificate RFE? What did they claim the problem was with your original submission? Thanks, and good luck on your journey.
  12. You can see that K-1 AOS applicants are not on the list of categories eligible for a waived interview. https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-7-part-a-chapter-5 This policy change was put into effect by USCIS Policy Alert (PA)-2018-04 on May 15th 2018. Do you know of something different?
  13. There will be about 4 months between NOA 1 and NOA 2 for your K-1. It looks like you're already a month into it. That means you get to relax and live your life for a little while. After NOA2, your petition will go to the NVC, and then the embassy (which will probably be around May/June 2020 for you). Until then, you should be helping your chances of success by reading all the applicable guides on Visa Journey and staying up to date with the progress of people who petitioned the same time as you...
  14. Front-loading is optional. You certainly should NOT delay sending in your AOS application while you accumulate more front-loading material. You will have plenty of opportunities to present that material at your interview, which will be many months in the future. And because everybody gets an interview now, it's not as if front-loading will give you the chance of being interview exempt (like it would have a couple years ago). If it makes you feel better, you can add the optional things you currently have. Just get that package to the lockbox without unnecessary delays. Good luck!
  15. Effective May 15th 2018, K1 AOS applicants were removed from the list of those eligible to be waived the AOS interview
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