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  1. There's no all-encompassing answer to that question, but typically the answer is that universities require enrollees to have their employment authorization (EAD) at a minimum. Some require more, some require less. Your best bet is to go to the website of a specific university you are interested in and read through their admissions policy.
  2. Thanks. I was hoping that would not be the case. The level of difficulty for a layover like that probably exceeds what my fiancee is willing to handle, but I might have a small chance to convince her that it's the best way.
  3. My sincere thanks to each response to my original question. I will expand my search using the excellent suggestions you have given. I hope other VJ members can benefit from this thread, as well. Flying from the Phils to the east coast is a new world to me. I miss the good old days of living near SFO. I probably didn't realize how good I had it back then. Related question: If airline partners ticket my gf all the way through to her destination (example: mixed Korean Air/Delta with the "switchover" in ATL, ticketed completely using Korean Air), does my gf need to transfer her checked baggage at the switchover stop?
  4. My fiancee will have her K-1 visa in hand soon. I'm looking around for a one-way ticket to get her from Cebu to Jacksonville FL (or driving distance to Jacksonville). Price and level of difficulty are the main factors in our decision. So far, the most sane one-way ticket I can find is Korean Airlines Cebu to Atlanta for about $950, 21 hours travel, one stop. Does anyone have any alternative suggestions? Thanks
  5. Matrix13

    CFO Website

    We got the same error about 20 times. Ended up emailing the CFO for help, but they couldn't help. They just suggested don't fill out the form using a phone. But we were using 2 different laptops with multiple browsers. In the end, we got it to work by filling out certain fields with US addresses and phone numbers (even though our situation called for Philippines info). After that it went through the first try. You'll be disappointed to know that when my Fiancé went to the Cebu seminar, the CFO people didn't care about that online application...she had to fill it out completely again once she arrived at the building.
  6. You are close to the VisaJourney NOA2 estimate, but keep in mind that the official USCIS case processing times (from their website) are still listed at 5.5 to 7.5 months for your I-129F. So, there probably wouldn't be much value to calling them, since you wouldn't exceed the "official" USCIS timeline until mid-August. No need to panic, just keep waiting for now. The VJ timelines are pretty good, but they are not a guarantee. The visa process is a test of patience. You are still on track, so don't get frustrated. The USCIS website and USCIS case tracker apps both worked for me recently as our petition was approved last week. So make sure you are signed up on both of those. As all the other VJ'ers will tell you, you should use this time to read the guides and posts that have information on your upcoming visa steps. The more prepared you are, the faster you can navigate your way through the rest of the journey. Good luck!
  7. Case approved! Notified of NOA 2 on the USCIS case tracker app. 127 days. That was a lot faster than we were expecting. Just wanted to give some hope to those in a similar situation. Good luck to everyone here
  8. I had some luck recently using Fedex International Priority. From a 2GO express, my package got to the US in about 3 days, signature required, for about 1900 php. Mine was a stack of approx 100 pages @ 0.5 kg...obviously your RFE would weigh less.
  9. Congratulations. You say you got approved...I assume you mean an approved NOA2 from the USCIS. Correct? What did you ever do about the CENOMAR? Keep us posted
  10. As we all know, the Philippines requires foreign travelers to have confirmed tickets for return or onward journey to the next port of destination in order to enter the country on a temporary visitor's visa. My question is: Does anyone know the timeline requirement for the onward ticket? As in, does it need to fall inside the first 29 days in the Philippines? Any help or references are greatly appreciated.
  11. You're absolutely right. The "tourist visa" (technically called a temporary visitor's visa) & ACR-I card is the way lots of us make the Philippines our home. Can anyone provide the OP with a (recent) case where a USC was allowed to submit their DCF in Manila while staying in the Phils on a tourist visa? If you can, please include the length of time the USC was living in the Phils.
  12. You had 5 1/2 months between NOA1 and NOA2. That's really quick! I hope the rest of your journey is as trouble-free.
  13. DCF is definitely the gold standard for visas, it's the quickest of your 3 options and she will have her green card status immediately upon arrival in the US. But, getting them to accept your petition is a bit of a gamble. The driving factor of whether they accept your petition is the residency requirement. Your residency qualification will be based on a decision by the USCIS Manila field office. Their residency guidance is on their website. https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/international-offices/philippines-uscis-manila-field-office I was in a similar situation as yours, so I researched the DCF and found anecdotal evidence that my being in the Philippines on a tourist visa was not going to be enough to allow the field office to consider me a resident. Because of that, we delayed our marriage plans and opted for the K-1 because of the timeline advantage it has over the CR-1. Good luck to you, whichever route you choose
  14. Good catch. I definitely meant to say beneficiary, not petitioner. Good luck to you guys, as well!
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