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  1. We received this case status update last night. Looks like our Jacksonville, FL field office is starting up AOS interviews again.
  2. I agree with Ayrton. There have been other VJ members who received RFIE leading to a waived interview. I would consider it to be good news. Keep us posted.
  3. More good news...Application Service Centers are planning to re-open soon! Most of them are scheduled to re-open this month. See the list here: https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-office-closings Although the ASCs re-opening does not guarantee any movement with all of our individual cases, it certainly seems to be a step in the right direction. Good luck to everyone.
  4. We used RapidVisa for the K-1. Based on that experience, we decided not to use them for AOS. I agree with all the responses above me that tell you that you will still have to do all of the leg work. They don't provide a lot of bang for your buck. They will actually slow down your timeline, because they will act as a middle-man and take time to review your package before they mail it. I found VJ to be infinitely more helpful throughout our entire process. Whether you decide to use RV or not, you should still spend some time reading the VJ guides and asking specific questions here, also. Good luck!
  5. Hello fellow October filers. It's been pretty quiet on our thread lately, so I thought I would share some potentially good news with you. I found this post on the December 2019 K-1 AOS filers thread (it's not my case status). This person is assigned to the Kansas City field office, and their appointment letter gave them an August 3rd interview date. So, let's hope that we can all post something similar soon. Good luck everyone!
  6. The IRS filing deadline for the 2019 tax year is July 15, 2020. You are well within your rights to wait to file. And, therefore, the USCIS can't require you to produce a return for the 2019 tax year. In your situation, 2018 would considered your most recent tax year. That's the only return required. But... If it works to your advantage, you might want to think about filing your 2019 taxes and including that return in your AOS package. It's your option. And you should also consider including 3 years of tax returns (2016, 2017, 2018 or 2017, 2018, 2019) if you think it makes your application stronger. Your goal is not to merely show that you meet the poverty guideline limits, but to paint the strongest (and honest) picture of your financial situation.
  7. I think you're talking about filing the I-864, correct? If that is the case, then you don't need to use IRS tax transcripts. Transcripts are often easier to send. But if you're having difficulty obtaining them, you will need to send your Federal income tax return (W-2, 1040 and attachments) instead. From the USCIS I-864 instructions: You must provide either an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) transcript or a photocopy from your own records of your Federal individual income tax return for the most recent tax year... If you provide a photocopy of your Federal individual income tax returns, you must include a copy of each and every Form W-2 and Form 1099 that relates to your returns and from the I-864 filing checklist, you will provide: A copy of your individual Federal income tax return, including W-2s for the most recent tax year, or a statement and/or evidence describing why you were not required to file. Also include a copy of each and every Form 1099, Schedule, and any other evidence of reported income. You may submit this information for the most recent three tax years, pay stubs from the most recent six months, and/or a letter from your employer if you believe any of these items will help you qualify. Good luck!
  8. Our cancelled interview was March 24. Still nothing received about a new date. Actually, I have yet to see any VJ members say they have been rescheduled for their AOS interview. Pretty sad. Another VJ member believes the interviews will not resume until the ASCs are re-opened. I personally don't know what to believe.
  9. According to this Roll Call article - https://www.rollcall.com/2020/06/12/administration-puts-hold-on-green-card-requests-from-us/ - I wouldn't get my hopes up for any AOS/ROC case processing from the USCIS in the near future. The article is vague and unsupported, but my interpretation is that now that the USCIS field offices are open again, the only things they are processing are Naturalizations and Green Cards for emergency situations and some medical-related professions. This seems to be supported by the anecdotal information that no VJ members have posted about having a new AOS/ROC interview date scheduled. Combined with the USCIS funding crisis, this paints a pretty bleak future for all of our timelines.
  10. You lied about being married to increase your chances of B2 approval when you were going on a Nigerian govt sponsored trip to attend a conference in the US? None of this adds up. If it doesn't sound right to us on VJ, it's really not going to work for a CO.
  11. So, it has now been 8 days since the USCIS field offices re-opening, and we still have not seen a single case of rescheduled appointment posted on VJ. Anybody? (I'm talking about USCIS field offices, not US consulates or embassies)
  12. excerpt from the I-485 instructions: Anyone applying under the following immigrant categories must submit evidence to show they have continuously maintained lawful immigration status while in the United States and are therefore not barred from adjustment by INA section 245(c)(2): applicants applying under a family-based preference category or an employment-based preference category; special immigrant religious workers, Afghan or Iraqi nationals, and international broadcasters; and selectees under the Diversity Visa Lottery program. You are not from one of those categories if you are adjusting from a K-1. Instead, you are an immediate relative (spouse of US citizen). So, technically, you're not required to include that evidence. You will still include a copy of your I-94, though.
  13. I agree with the excellent responses you have received. Just want to add 2 more points of info: 1. Your green card is your DHS authorization, so your green card + your current SS card = proper documentation to work in the US 2. If you do choose to go to the SS office to get a card without the annotation on it, they will make you forfeit your old card. This will leave you without any SS card until the new one arrives in the mail. If you do choose to get a new card, please give us some feedback on the process, including SS office availability. Good luck!
  14. https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-office-closings According to the USCIS website (you might need to expand the "Field Offices" tab), the San Antonio field office has re-opened for non-emergency face-to-face services. Many others have not. Just how "open" they are remains a mystery. Seems like the USCIS is throwing an invitation-only party without sending out any invitations. 🎉🎉
  15. Thanks. And, yes, that is slightly confusing. Do you interpret that as meaning all field offices other than Minneapolis are open?
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