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  1. Yes. Once you have a SSN, you will be eligible Filing MFS will allow your spouse to remain eligible. If they file with you (ITIN holder), then neither will get the stimulus
  2. Why don't you just file MFS for this year, and then amend to MFJ next year? This will resolve all of your stimulus check worries
  3. Call your local SS office. The central office has long wait times. Ultimately your local office will be able to give you an appointment.
  4. If you entered for the first time in 2020, you would not be eligible for stimulus yourself. One strategy for your situation: Your spouse can file Married Filing Separately. Once you get your SSN, you can amend your return to be Married Filing Jointly.
  5. You can try to get an appointment at the US Consulate/Embassy closest to you, but that probably will not be an option right now. Best option now is to just get it in December when you get back. Technically you are not supposed to have an ITIN as a GC holder, so you actually can't file with an ITIN.
  6. Is your center one of the ones that people have had good experience with? If so, it may be worth a try...
  7. That may also complicate things, in terms of background checks, etc. That is another thing that will result in longer processing times. Male beneficiary in Pakistan = long wait times. A few things that will make your case complicated/take a while to process: 1. Things are taking a while these days anyways, regardless of your country of birth. 2. You are from Pakistan, so the processing time will be long due to Pakistan's lack of good recordkeeping, etc. This would be the case if you were Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, etc (Pakistan has many religious groups) 3. You are a Pakistani guy, which will make it longer. Long discussion, but it is what it is. 4. You mention that you are Kashmiri (from that region). I do not know for sure, but that may also impact your situation (background checks, documentation, etc).
  8. I was reading the July 22 EO, where does it specifically mention IR-5 visas?
  9. Can you still file taxes even though you do not need to pay? Like, fill out the form, and you will owe nothing, but at least you get a return/are in the system. I know some people file taxes with $0.00 income just so they are in the system. There are a few other threads that mention this (mostly to get healthcare via the ACA), so that is possibly something that you can do.
  10. I mean, there is a biometric services fee....and there are numerous threads discussing biometrics for I-131 (Reentry permit) My mistake - for reentry permit, biometrics are required.
  11. Thanks. We applied in May, so hopefully we get something back in August...
  12. This looks like a typo. I am guessing this should say 7/30 based on the other dates?
  13. Can anyone do a walk in before receiving the biometrics letter? As in, go with the I-131 receipt?
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