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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I recently acquired my citizenship and I wanted to bring my parents here, so I can take care of them. However, I'm having trouble looking at the costs for health coverage for seniors aged 65 and above. I'm currently living in Pennsylvania, and I read some discussions that say that they would not be qualified for Pennie or Medicare. I am trying to look for other health coverage, but I'm only seeing those for 65 and below. Does anyone know any health plan that I can enroll them in? Thanks
  2. Does anyone have their parents file their foreign pensions as part of their income on their taxes? This would help the zero income and get the state subsidys.
  3. Hi all. My wife will be arriving in the United States in September from Germany on a CR1 visa. It is very important for us that there is no lap in health insurance coverage from when we leave germany to arriving in the United States. Our ultimate goal is to buy health insurance from the marketplace or have insurance from our future employers, however, from my understanding, it will not be possible to apply for marketplace insurance for her as she isn't a permanent resident until her approved arrival into the USA on the CR1. What do you recommend and has any else had experience with this? We have thought about getting a short term travel insurance for a few weeks before we can apply for marketplace coverage, but I can only see that these are for tourists visiting the USA. Any advice? Thanks for all the help:)
  4. I quit my job and I'm interviewing for other jobs. I want to enroll on healthcare.gov before January 2022 just in case it takes me longer to find something I like. The problem is that when I put my income, it wants me to apply for Medicaid. I haven't had my green card for 5 years so I don't want Medicaid! It does not offer me other coverage and it's set in Medicaid, and it seems to have sent an application to my state's social security office. Any ideas how to fix this? Or I am doing something wrong? I can put my income higher than the minimum income to qualify, though I'd be making it up and I can write down "savings" as source of income. The system is pretty ridiculous. My job has COBRA but it's ridiculously expensive and I just need health insurance for an emergency, like if I break my arm or I have to have my appendix removed. I don't take any medication and I don't have any illness.
  5. I'm pretty sure there are others on this site that have come across this issue- but figured I'd post to receive an answer without digging so much. After a much delayed process I finally have my visa interview on Nov. 4th, however, because this process was so delayed, I did start a new work contract that ends Aug 24, 2022. I think I could squeeze out of it in June 2022 if I needed, but for the time being I really can't quit. I work for a Canadian NGO and it's a hybrid work model. I am a Canadian citizen and a resident of BC. Is there anyone that after receiving their Green Card travelled between Canada and the US for work that could share their experience? How did that work for health care?
  6. Hello, Thank you for reading my post. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. I just found out that I am pregnant and high-risk. I have my US immigration medical next week, followed by the US Immigration interview week after. I am very nervous about the X-ray situation and consulted doctors. They said I should be fine to get it done so long as I wear the lead shields. If I successfully get my US Immigrant Visa (IR1/CR1) after the interview, I have 6 months to cross the border. Because I am high risk, I need to start everything for the pregnancy in Canada, and I have read that once I cross into the US, I lose my Canadian residency and therefore my healthcare. My husband does not have an adequate health insurance plan nor the savings for the baby. I have no idea what to do at this point! The pregnancy is short of a miracle as I wasn't expected to conceive. I was involved in a major car crash in NJ 2 years ago while visiting my husband. Does anyone have any experience with this? I would be so grateful for any words of advice. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I'm a Hungarian citizen and take a couple of different prescription drugs for epilepsy and in Hungary I don't have to pay anything for them since I have public insurance. But healthcare is very different in the US and I'm concerned about being able to pay for my medication. Does anyone know if I'd be able to sign up for insurance, or what type of visa do I need to apply for in order to be eligible for insurance (we're planning on possibly applying for K-1 with my boyfriend), or how does it even work? Thanks in advance!
  8. We’ve received DQ email in November 9th, my wife is a nurse, and our visa is EB3, as in the London embassy website says to contact NVC to expedite if healthcare professionals, we requested twice and we’ve been denied saying that they cannot expedite because they’re doing by the list. We know that before October they were granted some expedite for healthcare professionals. So I would like to know if someone requested expedite after October and have been accepted. And if someone has the interview scheduled already, when have been DQ.
  9. Hi, We are in process with our application for my wife (Chilean) to become a US resident after we got married last year. Our forms (I-130, I-131, I-485, I-765) were accepted December 5th 2020 . I am starting a good job soon with excellent health insurance etc. I have not spoken to the new employer as I have not received the official offer yet. But I am wondering if I will be able to get health insurance for her. I am thinking I should apply for an ITIN number for her. I filed my taxes for 2020 as a single person. I believe if I wanted to file a W7 for to apply for an ITIN number I would need to file an amended return. Anybody have experience of this process? Any reason not to file for an ITIN? Could my wife file a tax return with zero income to apply for the ITIN? Any idea how long the ITIN process takes? Anybody have experience with getting decent resident health insurance without an SSN or ITIN??? Thanks Martin
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