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Found 5 results

  1. At the risk of repeating other posts, I just wanted to share my experience of being able to find affordable health insurance for my parents. Here are some details: Parents - over 65, here on Green Card (permanent residents) Living in the US for less than 5 years (about 2 years) Eligible for tax subsidy through Obamacare (this does NOT constitute a public charge) Residents of State of Michigan, have social security numbers Eligible for Silver level insurance plans Filed their $0 federal/state taxes jointly, separate from mine (I do NOT claim them as dependents on my tax return - this is important) I had searched the healthcare.gov website last year for insurance for them and came up empty handed. We purchased "travelers insurance" online (***removed***) but got shafted. My parent had a major health incident and they didn't cover anything (all claims were denied as pre-existing condition) Stay away from these types of insurance. I tried healthcare.gov again this year and couldn't find anything again. Many seem to assume, wrongly, that everyone over 65 is eligible for Medicare by default. This isn't true for immigrants, they need to have lived in the US for at least 5 years before they can participate in Medicare. Anyway, the short story is healthcare.gov has still not caught on to this. If you want to purchase health insurance, you will need to work with a healthcare navigator. There are several public service organizations that have these navigators who will help you for free. They will help you do the application over the phone, and then it works just fine. I am in Michigan and went through Jewish Family Service. Have your parents green cards and SSN handy, that is all they need. There appears to be a widely held misconception that immigrant seniors over 65 are not covered by Obamacare. This is absolutely NOT true. You don't have to wait for 5 years for Medicare to kick in. Recent immigrants older than 65 can purchase health insurance via healthcare.gov, just like any other US citizen or legal permanent resident. Some state exchanges might not know it, the person you talk to on the phone might not know it, the healthcare.gov website certainly doesn't appear to understand this special situation, but trust me parents on green cards who have been in the US less than 5 years ARE eligible for subsidized health coverage. I was able to get health insurance for my parents who have no income, for around $100 a month per parent (after a $1000 tax subsidy, because their income is less than limit of ~$21K) Now that is REALLY affordable, and it is proper mainstream insurance (Blue Cross Michigan) None of that travelers' insurance BS. Just trying to get the word out, because the open enrollment deadline is January 31st. If your parents arrive after Jan 31st, you can still sign up at that time, because their arrival date qualifies as a special "life event". But if they are already in the US, please sign up by Jan 31st. Otherwise they will have to wait until November for the next enrollment period to begin.
  2. Hello, We were in the process of i751 filed on May 2016, removal of conditions and got an RFE notice. Not sure what happened but need to submit additional proofs now. Basically it is asking for last will with my wife's name, medical power attorney and few more sworn affidavits. The questions I have are 1. Has anyone obtained a will and/or medical power of attorney for the i751? If so what are the steps for it? I live in CT, not sure the processes are different for each state. 2. Does the sworn affidavits to be notarized? 3. Do I need to provide the documents such as tax transcripts, bank statements etc along with the RFE reply, even though it is not asked? Thanks Vinny
  3. Hello everyone! If a USC who is married to GC holder wants to enroll in Obamacare does that effect their GC holder spouse? I have seen on the news that Trump is proposing to deny GC or citizenship to immigrants if they or any in their household have used any public benefit programs. Also, Is it possible for the USC and their GC holder spouse to both enroll in Obamacare? I am worried that if we enroll it might effect my spouse, who is a two-year conditional green card holder. My husband got his two year conditional GC last March. He had a 6 month temp job and I am still under my parents healthcare, which last until next June. We just moved to a new city and open enrollment starts tomorrow. We are trying to decide if we should go ahead and enroll in Obamacare now or wait until we get health insurance through employment.
  4. Hi. I have a couple of questions that really are stressing me out and I would like your input. I apologize if this isn't the right thread to post or if similar posts exist. I'm a DV winner and I was granted a GC on November of 2015 valid for 10 years. 1. I received the GC at my sister's residence where I lived for a few months and then I moved in a new place on the same borough but I recently realized that I should have notified UCSIS within 10 days of the address chang. Now it is almost 2 years when I changed residence and all my bank accounts, my taxes and my business are registered to the new address. Do you think I am going to face any issue from the department of immigration in the future when I apply for my green card renewal or citizenship? Should I change the address online now even though being so late, or send by certified mail the AR-11 along with a letter explaining that I honestly wasn’t aware of this requirement and didn't do it on purpose? But I'm afraid I'm going to draw a negative attention on my case if I send the form along with an explanatory letter. A friend suggested me not to report the change at all now because it is very late and wait until I move to a new address and then report. 2. I am also very stressed with the new law proposal that states that legal immigrants who used Obamacare may be accused as public charge and face denial of GC or Citizenship. The article I read clearly doesn’t mention only food stamps or welfare, but also subsidized health care from the government. Does that mean that we shouldn’t have a subsidized plan at all so that we don’t risk a public charge offense? When I came in the US I used free health care for about 1.5 years because I didn’t have the sufficient funds to pay a premium health care plan. Thank you.
  5. Hey Everyone, My interview is on the 21st of August and am hoping to be moving to the US end of September once approved. My husband has Health insurance but I'm not really sure if that will cover me either way I'm unsure if I should be purchasing travel insurance as health insurance until we sort it out or if I should look into something else. Ahhh its really hard cause I don't wanna get caught without insurance and stuck with a massive bill. Halp Me ! Thanks, Sophie