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  1. N.pie

    Interview availability

    Thanks for being so helpful! I've been trying to google the answer for some time now πŸ˜…
  2. N.pie

    Interview availability

    Thanks guys! And another question, although I already posted this in another forum, I just want to make sure. In i-134 form, does the mother of the sponsor counts as a partial dependent if she works, and she is part of the household of the sponsor? Im rather confused with this because in the tax returns I believe she was never listed as a dependent of the sponsor. So would it make sense if she is listed as a partial dependent in the i-134 since she is in the same household?
  3. N.pie

    Interview availability

    Hi guys...newbie here πŸ˜€πŸ˜† quick question, can we schedule for an interview already if our status at ceac is "ready" or do we wait for the email of the us embassy in manila? Thanks
  4. Our case status was updated to "ready" too πŸ˜€. We are in the process of preparing the documents already. Does anyone know who counts as dependents in the i-134? I've read that's it's usually the wife or kids that appear as dependents. But how about the mother of the sponsor? What if they are in the same household with the sponsor, but the mother is working as well? Should she be included as a partial dependent since they are in the same household?
  5. Our case is in transit as well 😍
  6. Got our case number today as well! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  7. I emailed NVC last week using their enquiry form. I got a reply today stating that they received our petition, no case number yet though. NOA2 was 12/18
  8. My NOA2 is 12/18 in hardcopy. 12/19 in the new uscis website. Let's update each other. 😁
  9. My fiance is also not born in the US. They migrated to US when he was a child. We also submitted his naturalization certificate along with the copy of his passport, although one of each is enough.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a July 26/31 filer as well, and I have been closely (silently) monitoring this thread for more than a month now. Haha. Just want to thank everyone for the very helpful information and hoping that we'll all have a happy Christmas/New Year soon. I dreamed about getting approved last night, and when I checked in the new site today, this is what I saw. Hang in there guys! We'll get our happy endings soon.
  11. Actually we made the same mistake. I realized that this conversation was made many months ago, but did anyone get rfe's for that?