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  1. We had the interview in Philadelphia office today, and it was one of the most informal and longest interview I ever had. The officer was chatty and friendly, he even shared some of his personal life to us. The atmosphere was so relaxed. He would ask questions like "How is it living with him?" or "Do you miss your family?" and "Did you get to choose the paints for the house?" Quite interesting how it went. Since my partner is quite chatty himself, we were there for a good 30 minutes, I think. In the end, he said that our application was quite "positive" and that if we pass the security checks, he'll be able to take action on our case that day or tomorrow. I got an email the next day to this. It was a pleasant surprise. Good luck to everyone who are still waiting! Hang in there!
  2. Thank you! I hope you get updates soon! I'm not really sure about where it is produced 🤔. Thank you for the clarification @Drenimarcus 😆
  3. Thank you! It went from fingerprint scanned to new card being produced. I never had the ead approved status...if there is one 🤔
  4. I'm happy to report that our case has finally moved. EAD card being produced and interview date scheduled (Philadelphia office). Good luck to those waiting and having their interview like me! 🥳🎉
  5. Congrats to those who got their interview scheduled! Still awaiting mine 😂 Is there anyone from Philadelphia who got their interview scheduled already?
  6. I got notification via text four days after we sent the package. We sent our package on august 9 and got a text on august 13. For the biometrics appointment, we got notified via mail, no text or email.
  7. Hello July filers! August filer here! I just got a mail for my biometrics appointment on September 6. We filed AOS on August 12. I'm in Philly, so it'll probably take 8 months to a year for our interview date. Haha! Hopefully soon but just enjoying the wait. Although I would love to get the employment authorization soon...starting to feel like a bum here. 😂😄
  8. Hi everyone! We're an August filer too! Just received a schedule for biometrics on September 6, filed i-485 on August 12! Goodluck to us all! 😆
  9. I'm pretty sure I did. 🤔 Still, good to know that they went to my house three times to get it delivered. 😁
  10. Thank you so much! You were very helpful. I wished I stumbled in this site sooner 😂 I asked the courier about not getting any message, he said the embassy sends it, not them. Lol!
  11. I got my visa today too. No text or record on 2go tracking, but they told me they went to my house twice with no one home. 😂 I'm really thankful to this forum. I look forward to future discussions with all of you since the journey is not over yet haha. Onwards to the next chapter 😁
  12. Thank you for the very helpful tips! I guess I'll wait before I visit my parents in the province. I expect it shouldn't be that long, since the home delivery I listed is in Manila
  13. Thanks for the reminder! Had to double-check my documents to remember that I chose home delivery. 😁
  14. Me three 😆😆😆 so what's next? Do they deliver it at our doorstep, or do we wait for a message that it's ready for pick-up?
  15. Lol...I was at the embassy today as well, and got approved. Mine took a little longer since they have some issues with my photo, but other than that, everything went quite well. I still have our pictures. I guess I'll just frame them. 😁
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