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  1. My fiance is in Libon, kinda out from the main city. Her family are farmers. But we only stay in Legazpi when we have too. But, yes traffic is horrible everywhere. Everything from heavy trucks to pedjacks trying to find a place to be. I was shocked there was any straight sheet metal on any vehicle. It takes over an hour and a half to go from Legazpi to Libon, and that's with me driving.
  2. It's because of the lack of social distancing in all areas. I am sure since you have been there before, personal space is not a thing that is practiced.
  3. As of now; unless the birth certificate has your name listed as the parent... no. But most provinces have a mandatory 2 week quarantine if you come from another province. That's after getting tested after arrival and held until the results come back. I would be coming from Manila to Legazpi, so spending 2 weeks "locked up" would be a waste of the trip.
  4. IATF, has officially released the changes in policy. Resolution No. 60, says changes as follows: 3. Foreign spouses, minor children including children with special needs, regardless of age, of Filipino nationals as well as foreign parents of minor Filipino nationals including children with special needs regardless of age; provided the secure or possess the appropriate visa; and Now the "BIG" question is, what paperwork are they going to require and what testing and quarantine measures are going to be imposed.
  5. The Philippines would now allow entry of foreign parents of minor Filipino nationals, according to the resolution released by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases on Thursday. Although this is not "official", it was a news headline on PLN (Philippine Lifestyle News). I am going to way and see what the requirements are before making any plans.
  6. Always the bridemaid...never the bride. Go figure.
  7. Must be a select few. I have checked the website and it still shows "no interviews available". We are K1 also.
  8. Is the Embassy doing interview now? When did you schedule yours?
  9. I got an RFE asking for more info also. I had, like you included all the info they requested. I sent back the original pages as well as a other pictures and evidence. I also included a letter that stated, I had previously sent this same information as well as the added ones, just in case someone got the file without my originals. Good luck.
  10. In filing out the DS-5540, section 4a asks if you will be covered by health insurance in the US within 90 days of entry. If you will be covered by your fiance or spouse (after marriage) Include the information requested. I even made copies of my health insurance coverage to take with her, just in case.
  11. We use Legazpi airport. I just rent a car and drive to her location in BonBon, about an hour and half. Since the actual banning of tricycles on the National highway. Car rental is the only way I can travel. I hope to be there in late July.
  12. She is in Libon, Albay. Air Asia is resuming limited domestic flights from many cities into and out of Manila. PAL is restarting flights from the US to Philippines but also on a limited bases. Still lots of problems with transportation. Few public buses and tricycles and the banning of backriding on motorcycles has everything at a standstill.
  13. Hey guys, Just got an email from St Luke's in Manila. They were confirming a rescheduling of my fiances medical exam. Unfortunately, we will wait until Embassy is open to get medical. Its too far to travel for just one thing. They did however say we could go online and reschedule at our convenience.
  14. I keep current by checking updates on Philstar.com.
  15. My fiance was scheduled for April in Manila. All interviews have been cancelled as of now. But since you schedule your interview time in Manila, none have been rescheduled by the Embassy.
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