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  1. Thank you. Can not open the page. Kindly resend pls.
  2. I entered NY, USA via K1 fiance Visa May 1 and applied for Social Security a week after with my printed i94 and other requirements. Two days after applying i received a note from them SSN asking for marriage certificate and us citizenship proof of fiancee. Anybody exoerienced and received the same requirements? What is the next best thing to do.
  3. I applied for Social Security 1 week after arriving in NY with my printed i94 and other requirements. Two days after i received this in my mail. Should i get married give them what they need or go back reapply and ask for interview and show them proof of K1 eligibility? May i know who receive same paperworks. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks so much. We rely so much on you tubers on our K1 journey from filling up forms, etc and had helped us a lot. It is this tearing of plastic of bloggers i would say is so wrong and made us so confused and stressed out.
  5. That is so comforting to hear. After two and a half years of waiting for this K1 visa only to find out that it was a mistake tearing the plastic made us so stressful. There are too many you tube bloggers in Manila how to open the plastic and most filipino groups i mentioned about this plastic tearing told us to call the embassy and return it to them to replace the plastic. thank you so much.
  6. That is correct. My concern is we ripped the plastic open but the yellow envelope is intact. Is that ok?
  7. I received k1 Visa packet yesterday Feb 9 unfortunately we ripped the plastic to get the passport inside. Do i need to call the US embassy Manila and return it for resealing the plastic. Thank you in advance.
  8. But you might consider getting travel health insurance. I dont know where i read somewhere they are requiring it.
  9. Sorry Mike. I got you confused. My K1/k2 just had their succesful interview and is waiting for their visa to join me here in NY and get married and so forth. Now my question is can i take the shortcut for my k2 that is apply for passport directly upon her lawful entry she being a minor automatic citizen. But somebody above replied that she needs to be admitted lawfully as a greencard holder before she could automatically apply US passport which i told him I was thinking the same too and needed confirmation.
  10. Also 1 day before is not the same as 24 hours before the flight. Assuming your flight to US is Feb 2, 11pm, u need to take the the test Feb 1, even u take it at feb 1, 1am u r fine.
  11. Swab test service is basically home service testing. They do the test to your home instead of you going to those test sites
  12. Did i get that right? NO FEE or WAIVEd fee for I765 and i131 if send all together?
  13. Or might want to try those home Swab test services, too
  14. Yes both correct. I became a US Citizen because i was a minor when i entered US through i-130. Then after getting my green card applied directly for a us passport. Now i have a K1/k2 will be joining me next year. Unfortunately i did not meet the criteria of US residency that is why i did not take the CRBA route. Now upon entry of my K1/K2 one of the requirements fora minor automatic citizenship is should have at least a green card thereby i can not take the shortcut of K2 directly applying for passport upon entry Thank you so much for your replies
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