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  1. I need advice badly, In 2019 My wife got diagnosed with Stage 4 BC. We got a visa for her mom to come and help.(We have a small child 1yo at that time, i was working) Before the 6 month mark we applied to extend it. We thought everything was going Ok but when they sent the NOA to my post office they just returned it cause it was in my MIL name, at which point it was denied and we never knew. Last year the cancer traveled to her brain at which point we applied for my MIL to come again we were denied because of overstay of 6 months plus 2 days(100% my fault, i miscounted 2 days) That was last October, 2 weeks ago she had a doctors appointment they told us that treatment was no longer working, go home and enjoy your time with your husband and child. i want to bring my MIL back so we can have my wife home as long as possible instead of a drawn out hospice stay, and loving both of them i really would like to give them closure when the time comes. OMG i can't imagine how our soon to be 4yo is going cope with such a loss. My MIL could hopefully help with her pain also. With the denied being almost a year old, do we need to try to open a new visa? is it also counted as tourist visa or is there another visa to apply for? God forgive me, but i don't know what to do here and really need help, Thank you in adanvce
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