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    We are our own fairy tale. After meeting while working at Walt Disney World, Emmanuel & I have maintained a four year long-distance relationship and are looking forward to taking the next steps to our forever.

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  1. Our AOS package was mailed on 4/20, but according to USPS tracking has never left the post office. I have filed the appropriate inquiries with USPS, but they've basically said "we don't know anything." Has anyone else experienced this? When did you refile your paperwork? How did you alert USCIS that if they receive duplicate paperwork to ignore it? Related it that my husband's I-84 departure date is fast approaching in early May. Should we file an extension on his visitor visa or just hustle to refile his AOS paperwork? Thank you for all the input!
  2. Does anyone have a sample cover letter or suggestions they would be willing to share? (We are adjusting status from visitor visa due to marriage) If I'm understanding correctly I should have cover letters for the I-130 and I-485 packet, and an overall cover letter. Does the overall cover letter need to list all of the evidence for each packet? Or simply note that there are multiple packets with applicable evidence? Hope that makes sense and thanks in advance for the advice!
  3. Hi there! Quick about us: Now husband entered US on B1/B2 visa in November 2020 with intent to stay through January 2021. We decided that due to the longevity of our relationship (since 2017) and uncertainty around COVID we would marry. Married 2/21/21 in small family affair. I am a US Citizen, husband is Indian. The question: As I am pulling together our documents particularly for our evidence of a bona fide marriage, is there any worth in including text logs, trip documentation, and photos going back to when we began dating in 2017 or are they truly only looking for immediate proof? Currently I have our marriage license, contracts from our venue & photographer, email chain with our officiant, photos of the day along with invitation, proof of spouse as beneficiary on life insurance, spouse added as occupant on lease, and we just opened a joint checking account. We have been on numerous trips together or to see one another since we met and I can pull all of that information, but just looking for input here! Thank you for any advice!
  4. Thanks for noting that! There was no preconceived intent to immigrate at POE. S/O still has return flight to India and we have not yet married, nor have any plans at the moment. We are simply trying to find out how things are working with COVID/current administration, etc.
  5. Thank you, @Adventine! I was worried about the obscure documents required for the I-944. I appreciate your response!
  6. Is there any benefit to front loading evidence? For example, I can pull evidence my my fiance and I's relationship back to 2016; however is that something that is cared about in terms of filing AOS or purely the co-mingling after marriage?
  7. Hi all--- I'm wondering how long it took you to go from getting married to filing your AOS packet. Specifically in a COVID world I'm wondering how long it took to secure necessary documentation to prove a bona fide marriage & documents for the I-944. Thanks for your input!
  8. My boyfriend is an Indian citizen with a valid 10 year B1/B2 to the US. He is hoping to come and visit for my birthday. Can anyone confirm that non-US citizens from India can come to the US currently on a B1/B2 visa to NOT visit immediate family? Or does anyone have experience with traveling into the US during COVID. Thanks so much!
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