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  1. May 13th ( I had to resubmit it, originally sent March 15thish)
  2. Mine was to verify my income In the end… since I just moved back to USA In January with my husband (then fiancé) I don’t have a w2/tax return to verify my income from my new job, nor did I have 6 months of pay stubs until after I sent in AOS papers. (I got confused though because I did send in cosponsor documents with my original AOS petition, so I don’t think The person dealing with my case had their thinking cap on when they reviewed my documents… oh well). I just sent In my RFIE documents on Thursday, should get there by Monday. 🤞🏻 Then today I got biometrics appointment letter in the mail for August 12 (in Milwaukee)…however According to the RFIE they weren’t going to continue processing the case until I mailed on the documents requested… I’m not complaining though, at least they’re moving forward with out case! Or maybe the agent dealing with out case figured out that I did send the cosponsor papers they needed In the end…. Who knows. We’ll probably never know…
  3. I just got notice that I am getting a RFIE (Request for initial evidence) For the I-485... What kind of evidence is commonly asked for?? (They just sent the letter to me on July 6th, so it should be here in a few days, but I am just wondering)...I included everything in every list I had. I am just stumped/anxious about what I am missing. Will this affect my EAD/Travel Parole? Might this mean that they are at least working on my case/moving it along?? Uff! Hoping it will be a quick and easy RFIE!
  4. When did he have biometrics taken? At K1 Visa interview? I don't think those count for AOS.
  5. Resubmitted AOS package (Original submission was March 11th, got rejection notice May 11th for wrong payment) with updated I-485 mailed it out May 13th. Arrived in Chicago May 14th. Received NOA1 via texts messages for AOS, Travel, and EAD May 31st in evening. Check not cashed yet, but it will be eventually. It seems my case was processed faster than other because of the rejection notice. They sent me a bright yellow paper to return with my packet. No we just have to wait! We're at least a little more relaxed now that we have case numbers and know the USCIS has our case. Good luck to everyone! Cheers!
  6. Thanks! Hopefully I'll see mine soon then since I sent it in a week after yours.
  7. Thanks for the reassurance, I appreciate it! Yes, I did use USPS. When did you mail yours in? How long was it after mailing that they processed your payment?
  8. I'm really frustrated.. I filed for my husbands AOS on March 17th, the packet got delivered March 19th and I haven't heard anything yet. They haven't charged my credit car or anything... I've contacted USCIS using Emma, but they just tell me to wait 60 days and then contact them again if I haven't received anything. I asked them what would happen in 60 days (just to try to understand the process) and they said they would have me contact the Lockbox and the lockbox would know where and why my case is being processed so late... but the only way to contact them (that I know of) is through email... and that can take up to 30 days to get a response. I just don't know what to do.. I Sorry for venting, I just need to get this off my chest. Thank you for reading if you made it this far.
  9. Maybe you can ask Emma on the USCIS website. Ask for a live agent and it will transfer you to a live person. They will ask for your Alien number to see if a case has been entered into the system. If it hasn't you can explain the situation and ask what you should do. Good luck! I mailed my package March 17th and still haven't heard anything, but I at least got a confirmation that it was delivered to the lockbox.
  10. I sent mine in last week Wednesday with the credit card form filled out instead of checks. Still now news or charges to credit, but from what I see that’s normal. It supposedly arrived on March 19th to drop box. Like the rest 🤞🏻That we don’t get a ref and we NOA 2 soon!
  11. NVC says they shipped my case to Chile. I used the tips and tricks to try and track it. I think I found it! Says it’s estimated to be here by the 20th of October! I’m so excited!!
  12. Has your case been sent to the embassy? Or is it still at the NVC?? I got information from the embassy saying they are processing K1 visas now via email. but then i got misinformation from the NVC saying that Santiago isn’t processing them. I contacted the Santiago embassy again telling them what I was told. The embassy told me they were going to contact the nvc. That was on Tuesday. If you’re still at the NVC maybe you can contact the embassy and ask them about it too? Maybe they’ll work even faster to get our cases down here. They’re really quick at responding to emails.
  13. Does any one have any info of the K1 process for Chile? I got my case number from NVC and have done the DS-160. Now it’s unclear what I need to do for next steps and how I Pay the visa fee. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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