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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! 😊 I am a bit confused about the DS-260 and the question about my primary occupation. I’m working in an office in full time currently, nothing special. There’s a list full of occupations and I just chose “others”, is that correct? Also, I was wondering, if I don’t have to provide any previous jobs from the last years? And then there’s another question about what I want to work as in the US, and I again chose “Others” and wrote down “Office job/Administration job”, is that alright? Thank you so much 😊
  2. Hello everyone! My husband (the petitioner) was about to submit all of our documents for the CR-1 application a bit ago and than we had a bit of a personal delay. He will now be sending it out within a few days and as we are reviewing everything we have noticed a few things on the forms that we are unsure of and would love some advice! 1. For the form I-130 in regards to address history, my husband has lived at the same house for his whole life except for September 2017- April 2018 when he came to Canada to attend university with me than moved back home to the house he has resided at since birth. Since you have to provide address history for the past five years (since may 2017) and my husband moved to Canada in September 2017, should he list the address in Canada and than add the USA address (which was already provided as his physical address in parts 10a-10i) in additional information on the last page with the dates being from his birth to the day he moved to Canada? 2.For the form I-130 in regards to employer history, my husband has worked for the same company since 2018 but started with a different occupation title than what he holds now. Should he list the same company under employer 1 and 2 with separate dates and occupation titles or just consolidate it under employer 1 and list both occupation titles and just have the date he first started with the company? 3. For the form I-130A in regards to address history, I lived at my home until September 2017 and than moved away to University until April 2018 and than moved back to the house I lived at previously. Do I have to list all the addresses including: my address now (house #2) , the house I lived in prior (house #1), my address at university and than the house #1 again? Since it has to be for the past five years (may 2017) and I lived in house #1 until September 2017 than moved away and than moved back, I'm so confused about this. To try and simplify these are the dates: House #2: September 26th 2018- Present House #1: April 30th, 2018- September 26th, 2018 University: September 3rd, 2017- April 30th, 2018 House #1: July 15th, 2015- September 3rd, 2017 I hope any of that makes sense, I had a hard time explaining all of that so it's probably somewhat confusing.
  3. Hello community, I am a Canadian citizen, currently completing my Ph.D. in Engineering in a university in the US on an F1 visa. I am actively applying for jobs in the US related to the field of study. No formal job offer yet. I can apply for an F1 OPT now but I have not done so yet. I have about 4 more months to reach the last day to apply for my post-completion OPT. My main question is: (1) should I apply for the F1 OPT anyway or should I get a TN when I get a job? I am fairly positive that if I manage to land a job, it is going to be on the approved TN occupation list. I have had interviews (big companies) and the employers seem to be very familiar with the TN process. I have had a quick chat with an immigration lawyer (hallway conversation) which she said TN would be an easy route. I am within a driving distance to the US-Canada border. So, I am under the impression that TN should be my first choice. (I just prefer less hassle.) Here are some of my concerns: (Sorry I am a newbie here so I over-worry about everything.) (2) If I apply for OPT anyway and wait, then I get a job , can I go get a TN while my OPT application is pending? Is this going to be a surprise at the border? (3) If I don't get a job offer at all, and my F1/OPT/or whatever grace period have all expired, can I still stay on as a "Canadian visitor" or do I need to leave the US first and get back in again as a visitor? I know Canadian visitors are granted a stay in the US for up to 6 months. I just don't know if I can tack on that visitor time to the 'student-on-a-visa' time. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I just recently quit my job a few days before starting to fill out the I-864. I currently live abroad with my husband who I'm petitioning for. Should I write unemployed and my income $0?? I'm just double checking so I don't have to fill out another one later. (I do have a joint sponsor who makes enough to cover the income requirements!!)
  5. Hello, this is my first time posting on this forum, but I have used it before to reference different things in filling out the various forms. Super helpful and this is the first time I have not been able to find answers to my own question on another post. Weird grey area here and might be overthinking things with my Fiance. On lines 16-19b for the 5 years gapless employment history how should we proceed (and how has anyone with a similar situation) handled any periods of unemployment as well if your partner is currently unemployed. By our thinking unemployment would then count as the most recent employment. Now allow me to give some examples: Lines 16 - 19b = Put unemployed as current employment (bit confused about what to do for the address for that) Lines 20 - 23b = Put business number 1 (most recent actual employment) Part 8 Additional Information = Put gaps of unemployment along with 2 other previous employers, and one spell of being a full-time student. Sorry if things are a little wordy and not easily explained. I can explain further if you just tell me what may be causing confusion. Thanks a ton in advance, and bless everyone that is trying to see their partners during the craziness going on in the world right now.
  6. Hello! Came here to gather some information of Grace Donovan and the working procedure i am about to take. I was contacted by the agency Grace is working for and they have found the employer who will hire me with my qualifications. I am highly grateful, but, since the process of my movement to Ireland is now a little bit delayed, due to pandemic, i would like to know if people still can apply for a work visa, although it's pandemic time. It has been a little bit prolonged but i am hoping for the best.
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I am a DV2021 selectee. My number is EU12XXX. I got my Bachelor’s Degree from a U.S. university and have been working as a Software Engineer for the last three years (on F-1 visa + STEM and STEM-OPT extensions). The company I work for happens to be a Cannabis Delivery service. I personally don’t smoke weed and have only been involved in building out the Software. Neither my university nor the employer notified me at the time of joining the company that any relation to Cannabis is prohibited for International Students. More than that, the USCIS twice approved my STEM and STEM-extension applications under this employer. However, from the personal research I’ve done it seems to be a big no no. I am also getting mixed responses from lawyers. So far 2 out of three say it is a huge problem and 1 says that it is totally fine. I am hesitant to file my DS-260 application due to this reason. I know that it stays on the Employment History, but should I be looking to switch companies? I suspect from my research, that it is safe to wait until around February to file my DS-260? What would you advise to do and where would you advise I look for help? Thank you very much in advance!
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