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  1. Guys, I need your help in getting to know what I am going to write down in the detailed resume/CV because the officer asked me to send me the detailed resume/CV along with my passports for further processing. I need some help in understanding this situation and what you guys think. its an employment based immigration case for skilled worker having minimum 2 years of work experience. what you guys recommend to write down in detailed resume. any help is appreciated thanks a lot in advance
  2. Hello All, My fiance went to school in the US. She graduated and used her OPT as a volunteer while applying for other positions. She went back to her own country recently. Does that OPT experience count as "Employment History" when filling out the I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e)? She technically was not paid, and there is little documentation of volunteer work outside the information she has to submit for her OPT. Any form of guidance or way to look at the question would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  3. Hello, Kababayans! I'm getting ready for my visa application and will leave my 8-year call center job soon. For 8 years, they deducted from my paycheck to pay for SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-Ibig. What should I do now that I will be leaving my job soon? Can I "suspend" my contributions? Is that even possible? How did you continue paying for these benefits? Those who have moved to the USA, did you continue paying for the benefits or did you stop becoming a member of these? Thank you in advance for your answers. So lost. Lol
  4. Merely playing devil's advocate here - I've heard that even though it is unlawful for immigrants to work without an EAD/green card, USCIS tends to 'overlook' it (and other offences such as previously overstaying a visa) if you're an immediate relative of a US citizen, such as a spouse. If this is the case, and there will be no action taken to you during the green card process for working without yet having EAD, why bother to follow the rules and wait for your employment document? I'm in no way advocating unauthorised employment, and would never do it myself, just trying to get my head around what deterrents there are for illegal work when A) EAD takes like 5-6 months right now in 2018 and B) most immigrants have hungry mouths to feed.....??
  5. If your EAD (work permit) is going to expire soon and your application for change of status (green card) is still pending, is the renewal fee of $495 applicable? Or is it included in the initial I 485 application fee? I know that wait times are a much as 5 months. Want to start this as soon as possible. Thanks!
  6. Hi Everyone, Quick Q: if one has a side business (besides being employed as W2 full time by a company) such ad a DBA (Doing Business As) aka Sole Proprietorship, does this info need to be included on the N400 under employment when listing the employers? Thanks 🙏
  7. 485 Approval Question Upon approval does this mean one can work in the U.S. and leave the U.S. for only two years? I am confused about why the AOS from K1 visa is only valid for two years. Will I lose my job if working in the U.S. when my two years is up?
  8. Hi all, I am currently filling out the I-134 and it asks for my annual income. It asks for this to be backed up with last years tax returns. As someone who is for the most part self employed, my income can vary and my last years tax returns don't reflect perfectly the amount I made this year. So do I just write my annual income in accordance with my 2017 tax returns or make a rough estimate of what I plan to make this year in total? Any help on this would be super helpful.
  9. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help with one of the issues on I-134. I am technically employed by a company but I usually only work a total of around 16 hours per month with them. My primary income comes from my self-employment/contracting full time job. On part 3 of the I-134 it asks for my employer name etc. I am wondering if I need to include my "employer" or if I should just leave that blank and give them my self employment information. Anyone ever have this situation, what do you think?
  10. Hi! I have a regular job and also a freelancing job as a writer. In the Employer name, do I put ‘NA’ for my freelance job or do i write self-employed for my freeance writer job? Can I say ‘self-employed’ even if i have a regular job? Thanks in advance!
  11. I have a question. My fiance is from El Salvador, and we are currently working on filling out the I-129f form. The problem is that he has worked since he was a child in his families business. Because of the violence in El Salvador, they do not have a franchise name or business name. They have a bakery in their home and make bread specifically to sell to stores, who then sell the bread to people. So the question is, what would we put in his employment history? 1.) He has been working with his family since he was a child, which is not common practice in the USA. 2.) There is no employer name due to the family business not having a business name etc. 3.) Would we have to provide them with documentation of proof of their business, like receipts etc.? Please help. Thank you.
  12. I was working on my wife's DS-260 when I had to stop and ask her to gather complete information on her 'education from secondary on + all of her employment.' The web site displayed those explicit requirements. Two days later, when I logged back on the enter the data, the web site had been changed and they asked for 'employment OR education' and for employment, they only asked for 'occupation' and 'any other occupation.' As my wife has been both a Lawyer and a Religious Worked, I filled in just two pieces of employment information and that was all I was asked for. I'm quite happy that the requirements had been simplified, but it's rather surprising to have it happen this way. Has anybody else noticed this change?
  13. Hi guys, I just wanted to open this topic to see timelines of other employment-based AOS August filers. My timeline so far: - I-140 approved: 07/26/2018 (Premium Processing, EB3) - Attorney filed AOS package (I-485 w/ Supplement J, I-485, I-131, I-765, sealed I-693, I-508): 08/09/2018 via FedEx - USCIS received AOS package: 08/10/2018 - NOAs mailed: 08/15/2018 - Biometrics done: 09/07/2018 (received letter from field office to come back because biometrics went through for I-485 but not for I-765) - Biometrics done (again :): 09/12/2018 - Status update: Fingerprint Review Was Completed: 09/12/2018 (same day) Nothing since then. I hope that me having to go back for fingerprints won't result in any delays. I am adjusting from E2. Let me know your timeline with status updates, please. Thanks so much.
  14. Hi there, I had a question about using my AOS based EAD while I am an F-1 student. My i-485 application is pending, and my EAD card is about to arrive soon, but I've read that using AOS based EAD would violate my f-1 status. I've always maintained it, and still want to until I actually receive my green card and I'm still pursuing my bachelor's degree anyway. I've asked my DSO but he seems to think that I can't use my EAD, but judging from our conversations I think most DSOs are pretty unaware of the whole immigration process. So I don't want to just take his word for it. If using AOS based EAD is not an issue usually, would it be at the discretion of the University still? To let me maintain my legal f-1 status? Thanks for your help!
  15. My EAD expires on 02/06/2019 (was only for 1 year): 1) Should I submit a renewal form I-765 right now? IO told me if I submit it too early they are going to return the application. 2) Do I get the 180 days extention mentioned here (https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/automatic-employment-authorization-document-ead-extension) even if I didn't submit for renewal? 3) I never applied for AP, if I apply now will I get the combo card in February 2019? 4) What if I want the AP as soon as possible. Can I ask them to send me AP before February 2019? 5) If they have the capacity to issue my EAD before 02/2019, let's say 12/2018, will they do it? What would that cancel the old EAD? Thank you.
  16. Hi Everyone, We're currently between NOA 2 and NVC stage in the K1 visa process and I was wondering, at what point is it best for the beneficiary to hand in their notice at work and leave their job before eventual Point of Entry. I have to give at least 1 month notice at my current job. I'm stuck on what to do because obviously I want to have as much quality time with friends and family before I leave, but at the same time I don't want to jump the gun and leave too early. I'm also having trouble finding any information on how this affects the process, does it matter if I've left my job already by the time I have my Embassy interview, no I still need to be in work until after the interview? I really don't like the idea of having to wait yet another month after the interview just because of my notice period. I'd love to hear other people's experiences of when they finished working before POE. Many thanks!
  17. If you had maybe two under-the-table jobs would you include them on the app with all your other jobs? If you don't include them would it look bad for the gap of time between official jobs?
  18. Juls801&Gtr1000

    Employment question on ESTA

    Hello. Quick question. My boyfriend is applying for the ESTA with the VWP. He's from the UK but is currently unemployed. He was layed off his job last month so we are taking advantage of his time off to have a nice long trip. We're planning on having him stay about 85 days. We have been together over a year bit this is the first time we are meeting. We plan to get engaged whole he is here and apply for the k1 visa after his divorce is final (it's been a very long drawn out court battle). Anyway, since he isnt working and has been living with his mom taking care of her he doesnt have a lease or employer proof to bring. I know it's a chance he will be denied entry but is there anything else he should bring to prove he is not a risk of overstay? He will be my guest and I'm supporting him while here. He'll have minimal funds but will have his return ticket. Another question is on the ESTA form it asks for employer info. His last job he was paid 'under the table'.... can we still put that employers info?
  19. Hey everyone! So thankful I have found this site, so many listing have given me great advice for the journey I am about to embark on. However I was wondering if someone would be able to help with my personal situation. I entered the US on a J1 visa in 2013, which I remained on for two years. I then switched to an F1 visa when my Au Pair family offered to help me complete college here knowing it was a dream of mine. During my first semester of college I met a guy (not a student), who is now my very best friend and fiancé! We have been together 3 years, and are now getting married in September of this year which is so exciting!! However some questions I have include: 1) Throughout my education I haven't worked as it is a visa requirement of the F1, I was lucky enough that my sponsors are able to support me so that I can live and study comfortably without the need for employment. For that reason, I have lived with them for most of my education besides the past year (since my engagement) where I have lived with my fiancé - however due to the fact that I am not working I wasn't able to go on the lease and I was also very conscious on following the regulations of my visa. My sponsors simply provided me with a small amount each week to cover the cost of food, books and travel with my city. But now in looking at the AOS paperwork, what address should I put as my own? Does it have to match my visa? Do I have to be on the lease of the address I give or can it be the address of my fiancé? 2) Also we don't have any joint accounts, such as savings etc. I am a card holder on his credit cards but I haven't opened my own credit card here only a debit card. I do have a social security number so should I try to open a joint savings account with him? I am slightly concerned that despite us sharing finances, and living together we have no paperwork to prove that as I was trying to be very compliant with the F1 visa. What would you suggest? 3) We have so many photos from the past three years, from our travels with each others family etc. Is that sufficient to take to the GC interview? Thankyou so much in advance, court.simmy
  20. I (US petitioner) am filling out the I-864 and packet for NVC for my husbands IR1 CR1 visa. I am using my parents as a joint sponser. For mine though, it asks what my employment is. I am employed part time so I put that one down for employer 1, but I am also a college student so I also put "STUDENT" as employer 2. The reason I did this is to show justification, if you will, for not working full time and not having a high income. Would anyone give me advice on if I made the right choice or not by doing that? If I did, do you think I would also need a letter from my school proving that I am attending college? Thanks in advance, I hope to send in the packet in the next few days!
  21. Hello guys, wondering if anybody had similar situations. I'm currently self-employed in my home country (Ukraine) and doing some freelancing. it so happened that a lot of work I'm currently doing is for an American company and my future husband is a co-owner of that company (long story, started working together before we even started dating). We spoke to a lawyer and he said that if I come on K-1, get married and do some work for my hubby's company for free, that will be considered as helping the family business and won't be looked at as an employment. my questions are: 1) have anybody helped their spouses on business before getting ead or green card and have you listed that in your docs? 2) have anyone had troubles for similar kind of employment and how you handled it? 3) are there any people working remotely for us or non-us companies and getting paid while waiting for ead? thanks!!!!
  22. Hello All, I am looking for a little guidance and reassurance here, and I am hoping that someone can do so based on personal experiences or knowledge about the Fiance Visa. We filed for our Fiance Visa the end of October 2017 (NOA1 received, waiting for NOA2). I am the US Citizen, my fiance is from India. I was unemployed last year (no taxes filed) and currently am unemployed as well this year so far. I DO have a co-sponsor, by best friend and she makes well over the required amount ($40,000+ yearly). I stay home and take care of my child that is in middle school and involved in many activities, my ex-husband and I mutually agreed I would do so for our child. I receive a good amount in child support and have zero debt. My question is this - is it necessary for me to have a job for the fiance visa to be approved? I was under the impression it wasn't required, BUT have since read a few links that have made me doubt things, so really wanted clarification on that fact. I CAN get a job, we were waiting to see about the fiance visa, as we had hoped to go abroad over summer (when school is out) and spend time with my Fiance's family before he comes here and cannot travel for a few months (as his parents are older and not able to travel here). I was waiting to jump out and get a job because I didn't want to be tied to it and not able to travel abroad for a couple months over summer (if we get the visa approval in time) before he comes here for us to marry AND I thought once he reached here I could then get a job and work accordingly. I am educated and had a decent job in the past. I do have a decent amount of savings, and retirement accounts I can access if needed. (Not rich, but have always been a saver not a spender so to speak - and good with my money choices.) I also have the funds set aside for the needed AOS and required fees once my fiance reaches USA and we marry. I do plan to work once he reaches here and we marry, as I know he cannot do so right away. I just really need clarification on whether its necessary or required for me to be employed during the process? I definitely do not want to have gone this far to miss out on something that I could easily fix. If that makes sense? Thanks in advance - feel free to ask if I left out something that would be important in deciding this. God bless, BlueEyedIndian
  23. I'm filling out N400 online and I'm stuck on employment history. It appears that online filing does not allow gaps of the 5 years, meaning you have you put down something whether it's self-employed, unemployed, employed, etc. Like when I just arrived in the US as a permanent resident, of course, I didn't t have a job right away. Do I count this period as Unemployed? Also, there are periods of 1 or 2 months or half a month when I just resigned and was looking for new job opportunities. Do I count these as Unemployed? How did you guys fill out the employment history in these situations? Thank you
  24. I am filling the ds-260 and I have some questions with regards to the employment section. First this is my situation: I have been with the same company for about 3.5 years and had two positions. One was that of a software developer (2.5 years) and the other as DevOps (1.5 years current). I started out as a software developer, then got a promotion, my job title didn't change but duties did. it's a software developer but I do the duties of what would be those similar to a mix computer systems analysts/user support technician/system administrator (according to O'NET database). What do I fill in the form? Official title and the current duties I do? Because the title does not reflect the duties I actually do.
  25. Hi all, Just filling in the DS-160 for the K1 fiancee visa. Need some help on the following questions: 1) Where was the passport issued? city? I have a uk passport and unsure what to write - United Kingdom or london? 2) Employment/ work under primary occupation - I stopped working back in June 2017 due to visiting fiance in USA. From March 2018, I have using my teaching skills to deliver some private tutoring sessions within family and friends circle group. Would I select the option 'unemployed' as stating the option 'other' will ask me to fill in present employer and monthly income. 4) Have you belong to, contributed to or work for any professional social or charitable organistaion? Does this include being part of the teachers union when I was teaching from September 2012 - June 2017 Many thanks for your time and help