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  1. So it's starting to look like most testing is not doing much for people. By the time you get your results (days to over a week), the virus has had more than enough time to replicate, and you are likely going to be very sick or die. They really need to get the rapid tests out to the populace more.
  2. Yeah, I saw that too. Pretty scary for those living within a few miles of it.
  3. That's what happens when you store nearly 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate improperly.
  4. The furloughs/layoffs have yet to really get started. But it's coming soon I believe.
  5. Can you elaborate on why E-verify is difficult to use? I have only experienced it as an end user, not an employer, but it seems pretty straightforward to me.
  6. To those blindly supporting him, I can only shake my head if you think a failed politician of five decades can suddenly turn himself around, overcome his obvious mental problems, and run this country.
  7. Ironically,. back in mid-2016, I had a friend who took a road from from CT to CA and back. After she got home, she told me that across the US, all along the roads she had traveled, she saw LOTS of Trump signs, but hardly any for Hillary. While her "evidence" was anecdotal at best, she switched from calling Hillary the winner to predicting Trump was going to win. I was pretty skeptical ( admittedly, I was falling for the MSM fake news at the time), and argued it with her, but she was firm in her belief. And... she was right. Nothing really here to see, your post just reminded me of her (rather illogical) method of predicting the 2016 winner.
  8. I had a big ole reply typed up, about to hit submit, when I read this statement again and realized that the meaning of my words would likely fall on blind eyes, so I deleted them. Instead, let me say that them words up there in the box are like saying there was a loud noise in Beruit yesterday.
  9. Another thread totally derailed. Can you people NOT stay on topic? The person who put the sticker on the collar was found out, and got a stern talking-to by the beary nice folks who were concerned that the creature was unbearably well-mannered after accepting both the proferred food and sticker. Turns out that yes, indeed, #BBL do M. As the bear was smiling the whole time, it can be argued that #MAGA can mean Making Animals Grin Again is a widely acceptable slogan. Heck, even the animals know that Trump is good for America.
  10. Shhhhh.... you might upset certain people with the truth. They can't handle the truth!!
  11. Oh look, a few more.off topic posts. This thread is in danger of imploding.
  12. Perhaps it's due to fears that it will tip the scales in favor of Trump for blacks voting in November?
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