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  1. LOL, you are fine. I was just asking your chain because of the other folks on here who are afraid to step outside their doorsteps. But... The USPS is NOT an essential service. Other than mailing your taxes (which aren't due until July 15th), what is so imperative that you cannot accomplish it online, or in your personal mailbox? You really need to stop wasting money on a therapist. We here in CEHST can make you whole again, if only you will read and heed. I stay more than 6 feet away, and yet that fruity person @Orangesapples says I am an abomination to our culture. How is it that we do the same thing, yet get different ratings?
  2. Advice from the CDC? The organization that YOUR political party is saying has dropped the ball since all of this started? Improper testing, not enough test kits, too slow to respond... that particular CDC? Or are you referring to the other one. So you are comfortable with this decision? What does Alex say about this?
  3. So you are violating the rules, and are ok with it, because it suits your lifestyle. Thanks for the report.
  4. So have many of us. And yet, the virus persists. For a little while. And then, it will be gone. As per normal. I have gone shopping for a few neighbors who are older than me, the thought process being: A) They are older than me, therefore more at-risk than me and my spouse` 2) The fewer people that are out buying necessities, the better Look, we can do this for weeks. I have dedicated my life to serving America. I am not going to stop because of some weak-a$$ virus. It will perish before we will. I know you were feeling sick last week. I hope you are better now. If you need anything at all, feel free to PM me, and if we have it available locally, I will gladly send it to you. We can have different takes on the matter, but in the end, all of us surviving is really what matters. As I told SteelBallz, different regions have different supplies. Maybe what is available here is not available to you, and vice-versa. I'd rather help you than argue with you on here. Sincerely.
  5. Never heard of him. Nor her. But I looked her up. Definitely NOT worth $30k a month. Not even $2k. He can do MUCH better. Just sayin'.
  6. So are VERY MANY PEOPLE in the US. There is no helping you understand why it's ok, if you are terrified because you are told to be. Ever hear of the term "sheeple"? It's ok not to be one. Work is ok. It's what keeps the economy going. Taking to neighbors is ok. It's what keeps people reassured, especially those who are not as capable of getting out on their own. To each their own, eh?
  7. God bless you. I am SO GLAD someone else understands what is really going on!
  8. No, I mean OUR Boris, here on CEHST. It's almost like Layla stopped posting on his account?
  9. Well, to be real, boredom starts aboveground. The alternate really sucks. (Gravity, eh?) Enjoy them while they are alive, and praise them like they deserve. All too soon, they will be gone, unfortunately.
  10. Speaking of Boris, where is our old chap? Haven't heard from him for awhile now.
  11. Oh, sorry. I thought HP stood for Hot Pepper. Weakling. 🤣😇
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