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  1. It was real, and it was fun.  But the time has come...

  2. To all my VJ friends and acquaintances, I wish apologize for a link I inadvertently posted last week. It was about Hunter, and the thread title was something about p0rnhub. When I posted the link, I had only skimmed the top two paragraphs, and failed to notice that there were some risqué (though pixelated) photos further down the page. If anyone saw it and was offended by it, I sincerely apologize for the affront. I may be hard-headed and argumentative, but I have never intentionally posted the likes of that in my 10+ years here. Those of you who know me, I trust that you know it was an accident. And for those of you who voted for Biden,.congrats on the win. I hope you get what you wished for in this election. Alas, I did not, but thems the breaks. I hope everyone will support the office of the president if not the man (woman), and I hope we will prosper from the changes. But I have my doubts on the latter.
  3. Kind of falls under election fraud, I think... https://www.dailywire.com/news/hackers-steal-millions-of-dollars-out-from-wisconsin-republican-party-in-final-days-of-election-party-chairman
  4. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/10/29/james_rosen_fbi_has_an_active_criminal_investigation_into_hunter_biden_for_money_laundering.html Reckon the FBI does active investigations into things that are just made up?
  5. Hopefully those 40,000 people are going online or calling and verifying their ballot has been received by the polling officials. I know I did.
  6. Pretty sure Chuck has you by a few years, so technically he probably has the seniority right-of-usage thing on his side.
  7. I know I don't have AIDS, though I have not been tested. I don't have TB, though I have not been tested. I don't have the flu, though I have not been tested. I don't have a cold, though I have not been tested. I don't have Lime disease, even though I have never been tested. Don't know what to tell you, except that you are wrong. But I still like ya!
  8. Awesome news! Sadly, Pelosi said today that she is confident Biden will win, so we will never see Trump's plan go into effect. Oh well...
  9. You should have called for the manager before you paid, and had said manager escort them outside. It's not the clerk's job to do that.
  10. Actually, I do. I know that I have not gotten sick since all of this started. Tomorrow is another day.
  11. So your recommendation is to close many thousands of threads here in VJ because they are no longer on topic? Sounds like a monumental task, as evidenced by the thread that was closed yesterday that we hadn't posted in for years. But I get your point. Perhaps you can lead the way with a "What level of violence am I willing to undertake after the election" thread where we can all come together on the matter.
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