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  1. Outside of the obvious gain of brain power, there may well be the risk of covid, since it seems to be worse in males.
  2. I heard that locally, one can still show up and buy a car, but they have to keep their distance, and must bring their own pen with which to sign the contract. SMH How ANYONE could see this as a good time to purchase a vehicle is beyond me, both economically as well as timing wise.
  3. If by amazing you mean crowded & filthy, I would agree. Sidewalks are full of gum spots because people have no self respect for their living area, people urinate in public and on subway stairs and platforms. One of the nastiest cities I have ever lived in. No public restrooms (because far too many people are filthy animals). Chicago MIGHT be worse, not sure, I have only briefly been thru there a few times. As I said weeks ago, S. Korea was way ahead of pretty much EVERY country because of their MERS experience back in 2015. They learned valuable lessons, and as a society, Koreans are very smart, resourceful people. They don't let the epidemic/pandemic responses get bogged down by politics. And it shows in their response to this new virus. Also, their subways and stations are beautifully clean and safe places to get around with. With a landmass just slightly larger than the NY metropolitan area, they also have nearly twice the population density, and yet are able to maintain a clean, bustling, safe environment. 1000 times better than NYC, in my opinion.
  4. What's crazy to me is that people can assemble in a church, but I cannot go to the beach. Makes zero sense to me.
  5. So sorry to hear that, Yuna, that is really sad. I know wishing won't help you, but I do hope you get to be seen sooner rather than later!
  6. Is this the SAME Bill Gates who couldn't protect computers from viruses for the past 20 years, while the partner he bilked has done a pretty remarkable job of preventing viruses?
  7. Why bother going in? Just call them and tell them you have a fever, and you feel it best not to infect others. From your posts, it's clear that they seem not to care for your well being, nor for your coworkers. (FWIW, my company doesn't really seem to care much more than yours, actually, though they have "taken steps to minimize the danger". Yet we have several who have gotten infected. Stay safe, my brother!
  8. I'm not against their use. If it makes you feel better to use them, then by all means, do so. But most people have no idea how to wear and use them properly. Just like gloves, they provide a false sense of security. I see people in the stores who are wearing them touching items on the shelves, then reaching up to adjust their masks, thereby contaminating the mask. Then they get in their vehicle, take off the mask to get that cooling sensation, and drive to the next store. Meanwhile, that contaminated mask saying on their console or back seat. Then they arrive, slip said mask back on, and go about their shopping. They lack both the knowledge of proper mask wear and the discipline to never touch that mask while wearing it. And don't even get me started on the people who leave their house wearing gloves, and never take them off until they arrive back home. All the while handling items in the stores, picking up and putting fruit back, touching items on shelves, etc. And then there's the fact that I don't own any. And I'm not going to pay a crazy price to order some, if they can even be found in stock.
  9. If NY is overwhelmed by an extra 3500 deaths in a few weeks, then there is a lot larger problem than covid-19 which lurks.
  10. We have already tested more than any other country in the world, and more than several other countries combined. Why should it "be zippy"??? it's not like we have had years to nail down the testing process. Zippy tests would likely just increase the false positives, which helps no one.
  11. I know you are a whiz with data, and you enjoy it more than most, I think. But just like your predictions of the downturning economy here on CESHT, I think your correlations of the data you are gathering are off. I guess only time will tell. At least during these trying times, it gives us something to occupy our time, looking at data and coming to conclusions.
  12. People seem to think gloves are magical. If they could only be subjected to the red paint illustration, they would soon realize how little gloves actually do for them.
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