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  1. well it somewhat worked....she is scared....and she has to pay (meaning "i" have to pay) anyways found out what happened....her english is better when she calms down i guess its common practice for local candidates to buy votes a girl in her barangay with same last name (not related) had signed up to sell her vote.....without asking permission she also signed my girls name and some of her family's name and promised their votes too AND collected the money claiming she spoke for people who arent even family (but share a surname)......my girls friends saw her do it as they are mutual friends.....supposedly this girl has done it before and whole barangay knows except my girl and her family voted for other candidate.....they didnt appreciate this girl collecting money on their behalf falsely claiming to represent them.....so my girl blasted her on facebook for it, so did many others around the small town as they said that she did same thing to them my girls other "friend" who is also mutual friend of this girl was mad at my girl for voting the other way, she says that girl's husband worked for govt and just got voted out, and always pesters my girl to send chocolate and powdered milk and other things for her (so she must think im wealthier than i really am)......well that girl got upset her side lost so she screenshotted her fb and sent to the girl who was doing the vote thing now that girls uncle is "president" of barangay (at least for another month he just got voted out) and he summoned her to some kind of open hearing, where that family tried intimidating my girl and acting like they wanted to jump her, and demanded she pay 200,000 pesos and told her that her fiance (me) can afford it and that if she doesnt pay they will put a case on her and jail her and not let her leave philippines and stop her visa and if she cant pay take part of her dads farm....as i said its common knowledge in the small community my girl is engaged to american....my girl was not allowed to bring witness (first mutual friend) that saw the girl in question (his niece) sign names and gloated about having the money my girl said she already deleted fb post and and asked if she can apologize and not do it again......but since it was man's niece people asked (i guess some kind of open hearing) that they bring someone else in so they brought in someone higher than barangay president, the municipal kagawad so second hearing was yesterday and that kagawad had ordered to pay 10,000 in damages to the other girl and did not want to hear about the issue of buying votes which i understand is illegal (but common).....as i said it doesnt help that my girl is very outspoken on politics and spoke out against someone connected......and all these people got voted out if my girl would have waited a month to talk s*** it would have went the other way......i talked to my friends fiance who lives in another province who said that this is way filipino local politics usually work...they are messy and set neighbor against neighbor and also provides opportunity for corruption and nepotism none of the many other people who had been complaining about this girl and family for doing same thing to them have been summoned for hearing and demanded to pay......yet none of them have money either.....my lawyer says they cant stop her visa......which i was pretty sure of but needed confirmation......but he doesnt practice in philippines and doesnt know what can happen there.......and if they can punish her family im telling my girl to stay the eff off facebook unless she wants to show pictures of her food and family from now on.....no more politics no more calling people out......and no more posting gifts or anything that makes her look in the slightest wealthier than her neighbors and again i know i got my comment deleted....whatever i been here 3 years and been to philippines many times and am experienced in relationships.......spare me the treating me like i fell for the water buffalo sick routine .......not you ro_ah but others
  2. you could be right i already been waiting until 12th of never........i left message for my lawyer to meet with me
  3. well i will check......but there is still box at end of ds-160 that asks if she received packet......should i check it or should i just hit submit and see if it goes through? and letter did say to wait for further instructions and next letter
  4. even beforehand its been big headache......in fact every fight we had over last 3 1/2 years been about facebook........and a few friends i know in same situation ....same thing most american adults dont take fb that seriously.........but in philippines its their lifeline
  5. in the letter it said to wait for packet and letter with further instructions.......my lawyer said it should be medical packet that she takes sealed for her exam right before i submit the ds-160 there are 2 boxes to check......one is to make sure i received that packet i have not therefore i cannot submit ds-160 but i will ask lawyer if he heard of anybody checking the box and submitting anyways
  6. exactly......she has friend engaged to obnoxious australian and she parades him around social media like he is the best thing since slieced bread
  7. hahaha.......i filipina give up facebook? are you kidding?
  8. been there 3 times once last month.....and in june of 2019 and october 2019 and she is not asking for money.....she asked me if i can help with a lawyer not money and yes the lawyer i hired for her case he already assured me they are empty threats i guess i find out more in awhile she is supposed to go in front of higher kagawad
  9. according to her they told her as much she claims there were other witnesses who also made fb posts and that only she is being squeezed for money.... and first thing they did was threaten her with stopping her visa process and asking how much i can afford....they found out by looking at her fb that i send balikbayan boxes and help her out.......i assume they think im rich or something she is only one with american fiance out of whole group
  10. i think girl had money from candidate she was supposed to spread around and pay for votes then after election kept the money
  11. my fiance blew the whistle on somebody working for local candidate stealing money (while buying votes?) the whole barangay shown up at the municipal center and demanded money back or something.....and because my girl made facebook post about it (it was about someone who stole money/votes that worked for candidate, i think candidate won) she was summoned to a "kagawad" (magistrate?) with the woman is saying my fiance permanently damaged her reputation and is demanding money they had read her facebook and are targeting her because they know she is close to her visa interview she is also threatening to put NBI case on her and telling her that she will make sure that she never leaves the philippines unless she (meaning me) come up with large amounts of money for both her AND her family (who have nothing to do with it) this just went down yesterday.......i lost some of what happened during translation.....i been contacting lawyers in area (on something unrelated) but they never answer back can they do that? stop our visa process? as far as i know our process comes from USA not philippines province
  12. well i would send her by herself......tell her go home and think about it it may do wonders for her attitude when you dont send her spending money.....other than bus fare to get home if she still wants to act up then let her come up with money to fly back and file for divorce..that would take her a lifetime
  13. discuss? i think its a good thing......all the guys upset about it vowing to never go back to philippines all seem like a-holes anyways
  14. printout in your carry-on.......digital copy on your phone
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