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  1. I received my card yesterday. My POE was 08/31/2019 😳 Paid the fees before I moved. Oh, and it came in my maiden name instead of my married name, even though my married name was used in the application... 🙄
  2. I applied for different positions from my home country the moment I had my visa and knew when I would move. Skype interviews late at night due to the time difference, crazy times! 😁 Had my live job interview 3 days after I arrived and a started my job 2 weeks after arrival. It’s not a job like I had ‘back home’ but at least it’s a job and I kind of knew I had to start my career from scratch again.. 😉 Good luck and stay positive!
  3. October 1st here and also still waiting.. Nearing the 120 day mark now..
  4. Was this a surprise? This to me sounds pretty normal? Not because you need it as proof for the citizen interview but because you are a parent!
  5. 1) Your immigration status has no impact on her tourist visa application 2) Visiting her granddaughter would be a valid reason. It will not cause a denial or approval automatically though
  6. Well, maybe only if she has information (and solid proof of it) that would make you not eligible for a visa and was not disclosed during the application? Other than that, I don’t think a scorned ex-partner would have any impact..
  7. This is the part that worries me about your views.. You seem very contioned to want to answer the questions in a way that will make them approve your visa and this is the wrong way around! Give them truthful answers, and based on your truthful explanation, you will either be approved or denied. Also keep in mind that while you are doing the interview you are under oath (meaning that lying or misrepresenting your situation means perjury!!). I don't want to add to your stress but I just want to make sure that you understand that you need to tell them the truth. Even is this would mean that you have not decided where you are going to live for instance. As stated before, answer truthfully and to the point. Don't add or derail from the questions that will not be of importance to the visa interview. If the Interviewing Officer wants to know something, they will ask.
  8. Not ended, entered in good faith. So pictures of you 2 together, co-mingling of finances etc. Anything that shows that your marriage was for real so to speak.
  9. He does not.. If they get divorced, he can do ROC on his own with a divorce waiver. He will need to be able to prove that the marriage was entered in good faith. Petitioner will remain on the hook for aos even though they will be divorced.
  10. https://www.mikropakket.nl/ This is the company that does the delivery for the consulate. Not sure if you have that info. As @RoaringMdog advised, give them a call at the end of the week maybe to see what's happening?
  11. @Junhan @RoaringMdog You both also had K1 visas and issues with getiing them delivered, right? Can you give your input? What did you guys do to get it resolved? To OP: I had my interview on July 30th and received my passport back the week after.
  12. With a stamp, the CR1/IR1 functions as a (temporary) GC. It also says that on the visa itself. A K1 visa is a single entry visa.
  13. None of the other people (10-15) that were interviewed at AMS walked away with a form in their hands so it was not just me. But you will hear their decision at the end of the interview anyway so you will know something.
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