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  1. Okay, so the bio page is done then. 👍🏻 Just check if you also need to upload other pages of your passport (maybe the front?). CEAC will tell you which additional ones you need to upload if applicable. Just make sure that whatever page you need to upload is in the position which is the correct way of reading it.
  2. CEAC should tell you exactly which parts of the passport you need to upload, Does it ask for any other pages? I know the passport bio page for sure.
  3. Yes, this is the bio page and this is the right way up 👍🏻 After you upload it, check it to see if it did not rotate back or something, because that happened to me too. Just double check to avoid a delay and another rejection.
  4. I received the Documentarily Qualified e-mail immediately after all my documents were accepted. Are all your documents accepted and have you not received the e-mail yet?
  5. For the Bio page part, you would only need the one with the picture.
  6. Upload it in the same position as you would hold it when you would read it. The agent at the NVC should not have to tilt their head to one side to be able to read or see the document properly. So if the document is scanned on its side, you need to rotate it before uploading it.
  7. Super! Gelukkig dat het opgelost is! Nu kan het avontuur gaan beginnen
  8. The downside of getting married while she is visiting you now and her staying, will be that she will not be allowed to work or travel back and forth to Canada during the Adjustment of Status. So this would have serious personal and financial consequences. Can she just not go back to Canada from now on and would you 2 be able to manage financially for a lot of months? I would strongly advise to marry and let her go back, you can file for a spousal visa. She would be able to visit and as soon as the visa is approved and she moves to the US, she can work and is free to travel immediately.
  9. Is the idea to get married and go for a spousal visa? Or did you decide to get married while she is in the US? If you will get married and go the spousal visa road, she needs to go back to Canada but she will be able to visit during the process.
  10. You had to file for a 601 waiver first? Why did you need the waiver? it is a long process.. 😕
  11. OMG, yes! That is it too! I’m starting to enjoy the Pillow Talks more than the actual show btw, it makes me laugh so hard and I can see me and my husband watching that together 😍 David and Annie are so cute in Pillow Talk..
  12. I am not even sure if you would be admitted to the US at point of entry if she withdraws everything? Regardless of whether or not it would be a wise thing to do (which I don't think it is), I am not even sure if you could do it? I hope the issues will be resolved soon and that all will be well soon...
  13. Chantel freaks me out so much.. The way she talks, the way she has zero expression in her face. So creepy...
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