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  1. Hard to respond to that last sentence but you speak of flaws. If you mean in your understanding of the actions of BKK I would agree. The fact is that even though in general BKK wont accept joint sponsors it has been done. There are or were members right here on V J that helped people as I did in at least 5 cases. These cases are so unique that in some it may be allowed. V J has helped ten of thousands with this process. Some advice is flawed I am sure but what would you have those in need to do? We all accept or dismiss advice as we wish.
  2. Yes this was changed some time back. The medical is really good for a year but best to wait. Its easy to do with known results.
  3. Decline? Its always been the same. You just discovered it. Student ? Great. All the cases I know of that were approved had student in them. Student becomes graduate goes on to career, makes more money ect. They want to know how you are going to be supported which is by him & more so as your needs increase he will be ready & so will you. You will be working. criteria the father has to meet is the minimum The govt isnt going to go after his State income ect. Risk what? Losing hope? Forget that,you have a lot to do either way. Think this over & you should see what must be done. I haven't met nor become an American that just gave up so your goal should be Citizenship and nothing short of it.
  4. I know everyone means well but in this you are mistaken. These cases are decided mostly before the person get to the window. They wont even accept a mountain of docs. The waiting game is just as you say. During that time there is a lot to learn too.
  5. All cases are in peril. BKK has always had a general policy of no joints for K 1s. Makes sense when the intent of the visa is understood. Its just for 90 days. However I know for certain of cases I have helped with & other VJers as well where done right with the right understanding of at least two visas it can & has been done. Each case is truly unique so the approach must be as well. There is no one size fits all. Size does matter. The system is designed for another visa to be used to gain entry as well as have in place support for the future. This means they will accept the same joint sponsor in the very near future anyway. It just has to be done legally. The system is also designed for the K 1 to remain while in a legal limbo as they file for the G Card. That again means they are ready to accept joint sponsors. Don't give up now. The money & time are spent. Get some result from your efforts at least. Few on this page or that survived this difficult journey; none did it alone. None. So get yourself cleaned up. We are going to town.
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