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  1. So in reality the O P isn't fully employed rather applies for U E benefits every 6 months. That will be indicated on his tax returns. This is the first case I have seen where 5 lawyers worked on the same case. Those 5 lawyers haven't offered any different methods nor action for the O P than he has received here on V J but there remains a cloud over the info it seems which cause him to continue to question the info.
  2. The problem here isn't about what job someone has nor how much they make in this case. Its about taxes that are or are not paid. How many months the O P works isn't important, rather what his yearly income is & if his taxes are paid. Like your relative he is employed all year.
  3. You have asked these very question in the recent past I believe. The answers will not change only your ability or amount of scotch will allow you to accept the info. Your lawyer & the members here are correct. You will submit the 134 with the current tax year info. You may get lucky & not be asked for additional years by the embassy in Thailand. They are very experienced which your fiancé will find out. Later for the AOS you will use the 864 & submit at least 3 years of tax info which must reflect paid in full status.
  4. If hes living outside the USA he has no chance to keep the g card. Consider the timing then surrender the G card while applying for a 10 year B 2 if there are plans to visit the USA.
  5. Don't leave out anything they ask for or it will result in an RFE which will put the case in limbo until you do so. Contact the court house where you were married to get a copy.
  6. That may be morally correct but in Thailand its not correct under the law which is why it isn't stipulated in the divorce decree. Thai law is written by men for men.
  7. You just need one address that represent where you receive mail for example. Street address is better than P O box. Use what you consider domicile in the USA. Do not use a Thai address as home unless you were a legal resident there.
  8. Joint sponsors are not allowed for K 1 cases from Thailand in most cases. I have seen some & helped with a few that succeeded but that isn't the norm.
  9. Before the 90 days your friend will have to leave the USA or file the AOS as the other member said. Doing that means filing the 864 form & as part of that the years of taxes are addressed.
  10. It isn't about the length of stay rather the type of visa used to do so. The term tourist indicates his status. Tourist are not residents in Thailand any more than they are in the USA.
  11. Anything info used to file the taxes must be submitted IF a transcript is not used. Whatever is sent to the IRS must be submitted unless a transcript is used. Any immigration based visa will require the tax info at some point. USCIS requires proof that the immigrant doesn't become a burden on the govt.
  12. I believe they require just the current tax year for a K 1. Please keep in mind that you have months to gain ground before the taxes become an issue. The initial docs ask about your recent employment but don't require a tax transcript so you can file the case while clearing up the problems.
  13. Use the search block to find tax issues related to K 1s. USCIS requires at least the most current years tax transcript at some point. Tax returns can be submitted but must include every type of info related to the filing.
  14. Be very careful with what you believe USCIS will be ok with. Search here on V J for similar situations related to taxes. There is a requirement to supply at the most current tax year transcript. Use caution because there have been many cases where the tax issue caused a denial or delays. They may decide your tax burden is enough to cause money issues in the relationship but only you will be able to submit the proof required. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to immigration. Anyone can go on line & set up tax payments on the IRS web site.
  15. You will find that your taxes must be current. This will come up & you will be asked to submit tax transcripts. Obtain those free from the IRS on line. That info isn't needed when you first file so you have a few months to straighten out the situation until the case reaches a certain point. If you don't submit the required tax info at the right time they will issue an RFE for that info putting the case in limbo until you do. This usually causes at least a 60 day delay but can be much longer in Thailand.