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  1. Thanks Susie. I'm curious as to what process the consulate would usually follow in a case like this. If there are no visa numbers available to complete processing, would they contact us to advise of this? In our case the consulate has retained our passports for 8 weeks post-interview with no indication of when the processing will be complete. Have reached out on numerous occasions and the response is the same - case is being reviewed and will be processed when complete. Would have thought if they cannot proceed they would communicate that and return our passports? Is it possible to "reserve" a visa number while processing, even if they don't issue it straight away? Maybe that's why they haven't said anything?
  2. Yeah, you and me both. Every step has had months of extra delays. Seeing is believing I'm afraid. We'll have to wait (again) and see what happens. Again.
  3. Someone saw this page. Not sure how reliable it is or how they calculate these predictions https://www.mygcvisa.com/visa-bulletin/visa-bulletin-predictions.aspx
  4. I've seen some comments that the visa bulletin prediction is that "other worker" will become current again in August. How accurate are these predictions?
  5. So because it wasn't finalized before the PD changed, it will now need to wait? Even if the interview has been conducted? Any idea what the status on CEAC should say if the application has been parked/paused? Mine still shows "Ready" with no case updates since 9 May so not really sure what to make of it.
  6. Interview was 4 May. They said they have everything they need and will let us know. Since then I've been following up every week, but get a similar response (see below): Your case is with the adjudicating officer. As soon as the adjudication has been completed, we will continue processing the visa. If the officer requires any further information, I will let you know.
  7. Thanks very much. Was it still current in the May bulletin though? Seems like a big jump back. We had an interview scheduled for early May so would have thought it'd still be current at that point. Does NVC schedule interviews even if the dates aren't current?
  8. Hello, Does anyone know whether date retrogression has taken place for the EB-3 visa? I am in the general category country so regional limits don't apply. Visa class EW. Can't seem to get a straight answer online at the moment. Thanks
  9. Hey Benita. One more question: Did the consulate keep your passports for the 100+ days it took to issue the visas?
  10. Any idea how long Security Advisory Opinions are taking to process at the moment?
  11. Thanks Benita. Hope you’re right!
  12. Hello. Did you manage to get your appointment and finalize your visa? I'd be interested to know how the process unfolded for you in London. We've had our EB-3 interview in Auckland last month but somehow the issuing part is dragging...
  13. Wow, that's a very long time to wait. We're on 38 days since our interview. Status still says "Ready", no updates to the case on CEAC since the interview. No issues with medicals as these were on file when we attended the interview, no other documents requested. I've contacted the consulate on numerous occasions and they simply say the case is being processed and they'll notify us when it has been completed. No idea whether this means we need to wait days, weeks, or months. Quite frustrating. In the mean time they still have our passports so that's perhaps the only positive here...
  14. Yeah, it's pretty frustrating. We visited the US for an extended holiday 3 years ago and loved it - seen the east and west coast. Will be heading to North Dakota which I gather will be quite an interesting culture (and climate) shock, but looking forward to the adventure.
  15. Thanks so much for your prompt response. Yes, I have asked in the Aus/NZ forum but not must response so far. I would also have thought that Auckland would be pretty efficient, but I guess everyone is battling with staffing and other restrictions for operations. Just wish I could get some sort of sense of the length of time we might still be expected to wait, especially considering they've had our passports for 5 weeks now...
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