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  1. Hi, my fiance (Thai) and I are preparing for our final interview to receive our K1 visa. We've looked at multiple sources of different information about what to provide with our I-134, but are still confused. We are using a co-sponser (as I just finished University and am in a new job, but my tax transcripts reflect my part-time job). For myself: -Letter from my employer -Statement from my bank -Past 3 year's tax transcripts -I-134 affidavit of support form -Question: Should I provide a letter stating my situation with just finishing University, and have a statement from my new employer about my income? From my co-sponser (she's self-employed): - Copy of most recent submitted tax return -statement from her bank -past 3 year's tax transcripts -I-134 affidavit of support form Any and all help is greatly appreciated! I've read that a joint-sponser is typically not accepted, but does work in some cases. I'm confused on the whole process and just really need some help.
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