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  1. yesterday we received the green cards for wife and children. I've updated my timeline so everything is there, but in short our April 9th interview was rescheduled, moved to Nov 18. Verbally on the spot they advise me that we passed, but some of the paperwork was not sent down from USCIS to the local office where we interviewed, hence we had to wait till everything was received. About a week ago the status changed to approved and within a week the cards were produced/mailed and eventually received safely yesterday. Living so close to the Canadian border, now we can finally think about taking a winter vacation it was a long journey for all of us, I wish everyone best of luck with their new spouse/family
  2. change of address is only for where they are going to send the written communication / green card. This does not provide ground to transfer a case from one office to another.
  3. have the interview in Charlotte. you moving residence does not concern USCIS to transfer your case. if you don't show up, they will consider you abandoning the case and close with refusal for AOS. I've heard people from Portland who moved to Florida and flew back to Portland for their interview. I recommend getting those flight tickets and just be done with it. The way scheduling works with COVID re-openings, I would not try to miss this one...feel lucky you had one scheduled!
  4. i called them. the guy says he can see the interview scheduled updated, but the letter was not generated/sent out, that's why we haven't received anything. I submitted an online request also on USCIS to track on the status and advise we haven't got the letter. I wait another 10 calendar days to see what their response is going to be. The address on file was correct, so that is not the issue....very strange that they scheduled 2 weeks ago and not mailed anything.
  5. We got the interview scheduled notice on October 1st and 2 weeks later still haven't received the letter in the mail. Those who recently got scheduled, how many days did it take to receive the letter? I'm worried, because normally they schedule 1 month out so we are likely close to the actual date of the interview...
  6. I got scheduled my interview in the Portland office. I don't see yet the date, it's normally 1 month out, so likely first week of November. I got the notification in email, the mail will come next week
  7. We are also in the portland office. At what date was your original interview scheduled for and did you apply for an extension before the interview got scheduled?
  8. We are also in the portland office. At what date was your original interview scheduled for and did you apply for an extension before the interview got scheduled? thanks!
  9. theoretical question: what if we don't extend the EAD and get an interview scheduled some time in the future after the EAD has expired ? Wife is not working...so it's just about the legal presence in the USA.
  10. I might have missed this...why is it better to submit the renewal 6 months early vs. let's say 1 month before expiration ?
  11. ours was April 7th and got pushed back in the status to "ready to schedule interview", since then no change or any communication from uscis
  12. it is very well described here, how to proceed with an extension. https://www.soundimmigration.com/i-am-waiting-for-my-adjustment-of-status-to-be-approved-but-my-temporary-ead-is-expiring-what-do-i-do/#:~:text=File a new Form I,date of your current EAD. what I asked is experience from those who neared the 1 year period. I've heard some were approved without interviews, so wanted to find out if that was the rule or just the lucky exception.
  13. any experience what happened to those who were nearing the end of their EAD/AP card validity during covid? were they auto-approved for the greencard without an interview? I think we still have 5 months before the cards expire, so just checking what to expect...
  14. All, My wife and 2 step children are going through the fiancee visa process + adjustment of status. Our adjustment of status interview date is 4/9/2020 and on 3/6/2020 I was let go at work. The affidavit of support (I-864) was entirely dependent on my income. Now I have a joint sponsor who is willing to step in. My questions: 1) will I need to fill out again my own AoS document indicating I'm now unemployed and bring that updated + the new affidavit of support from the joint sponsor for the interview? 2) any unexpected surprise I can face disclosing it during the interview process? Anything else I need to know, need to be aware of and think about for the next 4 weeks till our interview date? those in similar situation, could you please share how you've handled it ?
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