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  1. ours was April 7th and got pushed back in the status to "ready to schedule interview", since then no change or any communication from uscis
  2. it is very well described here, how to proceed with an extension. https://www.soundimmigration.com/i-am-waiting-for-my-adjustment-of-status-to-be-approved-but-my-temporary-ead-is-expiring-what-do-i-do/#:~:text=File a new Form I,date of your current EAD. what I asked is experience from those who neared the 1 year period. I've heard some were approved without interviews, so wanted to find out if that was the rule or just the lucky exception.
  3. any experience what happened to those who were nearing the end of their EAD/AP card validity during covid? were they auto-approved for the greencard without an interview? I think we still have 5 months before the cards expire, so just checking what to expect...
  4. All, My wife and 2 step children are going through the fiancee visa process + adjustment of status. Our adjustment of status interview date is 4/9/2020 and on 3/6/2020 I was let go at work. The affidavit of support (I-864) was entirely dependent on my income. Now I have a joint sponsor who is willing to step in. My questions: 1) will I need to fill out again my own AoS document indicating I'm now unemployed and bring that updated + the new affidavit of support from the joint sponsor for the interview? 2) any unexpected surprise I can face disclosing it during the interview process? Anything else I need to know, need to be aware of and think about for the next 4 weeks till our interview date? those in similar situation, could you please share how you've handled it ?
  5. Portland USCIS office here. Interview date is set for April 9th for K1 and two K2s. Anyone else for the Portland office lined up ?
  6. me too. I'm assigned to Portland. Likely I won't get an interview scheduled in the next 6 months.
  7. thanks for the flyer, I will print this. When I applied for my wife's SSN in person luckily a more senior member was there to assist the officer. The one I talked to was nice, but had no idea how to handle a K1 (fiancee) visa situation. Bringing this will help to educate them how to do their job and stop arguing with us See my post just above. They messed up one of the children's card and the AP authorization is not stated on it...I suspect the SSN application will not happen by itself either Likely I had one of those druids review my file with 1 week of experience
  8. i'm 60+ days on ready to be scheduled for interview. The Portland office runs 11 months before scheduling interviews.
  9. a very interesting thing happened. wife and child #1 received AP/EAD combo card. child #2 also approved on both cases but received EAD card stating no re-entry allowed. I went back to look at the letters which came through the mail and I remembered for one person it was not the same. Child #2 had 2 separate letters one for EAD and one for AP approval, however those who received a combo card their approval letter for EAD stated combo approval, while child #2's EAD approval letter just addressed EAD. Will she receive a separate AP card now in the mail due to some USCIS processing error ? She has been approved for AP, but she has not received a combo card, which is very strange. Anyone has experienced this before and if yes, what was the outcome / solution ?
  10. look up this thread. most people get it 1-2 weeks after EAD arrived. If you don't get it by 3 weeks go to the local SS office and they can look it up if it's been processed. If not processed yet in the system, I would just apply on the spot. I am in the same shoes with you. EAD is coming on 1/11 Saturday and I will stick it out till Feb 1. If by then not received, I will apply in person in an SS office.
  11. getting a local driver's license has been a challenge for mine too. she has a valid Thai license, which at least she can use to drive. When first she took the DMV test she failed the max 8 questions around question 12. After that she admitted she didn't understand the English for most questions. I purchased her an oregon DMV online test, which had a predicted probability to pass the knowledge test and I told her she cannot go again to test until the probability is at 85%. When she reached it (~1.5 months practicing and learning mostly English words), she passed immediately. Now we are waiting for her work authorization card to arrive (approved just Jan 3rd) and with that we can go back, prove her legal presence and then she will be allowed to take the road test, which will be the final step to get her a local driver's license. ....with her married name on it, so finally we can live normal. It's been a journey for sure
  12. this is a good list. my car insurance card also shows all authorized drivers, including my wife, so that might be a good add to the above list
  13. 1/3/2020 - EAD card is being produced. interestingly the AP card's status didn't update, although it was my understanding that it is a combo card, not two separate cards
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