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  1. Thank you for the understanding and validation. It happened again to me today, and I'm frankly quite sick of it. There is no tolerance on here for people not knowing the answers to things or understanding things the first time. Which is insane because this entire website is based on asking questions and clarifying next steps. You ask a question, you get told that your question is stupid. You respond, you get your head bitten off. You ask a follow up question to clarify things, you get accused of accusing others of 'talking out of their ---'. It's absolutely ridiculous. The impatience and judgmental tone behind people's "suggestions" just blows my mind. To come on here and talk down to people and tell them their feelings/questions aren't valid is just gross and unnecessary. I almost feel sorry for those people if that's the only way they can feel good about themselves, but it's not worth the energy.
  2. I don't doubt that the mods know what they're talking about, I just wanted to clarify how exactly their suggestion would work. This whole website is for asking questions and clarifying things that are sometimes hard to understand, so it's not unreasonable to do so.
  3. Lol true, I feel like it's usually a yes or no box to check though, with no place to give context... I guess he could try
  4. How would he get a job offer if he doesn't have the ability to legally work? That's one of the first things they ask when you apply so I feel like that wouldn't go well.
  5. Most jobs ask when you apply if you're legally allowed to work in the country. The answer would currently be no, so in that case how would he be able to get a job offer?
  6. Thank you both for responding in a helpful and compassionate way! It's a refreshing change of pace from the usual on this website.
  7. This website has been very helpful for alot of things. What has not been helpful, though, is the attitude of some of the people on here. So many responses I've seen are rude, condescending, and generally crappy/unhelpful. I'm not sure why you would go on this website if you're easily irritated by innocent questions, but the forums seem to be full of these types of people. It's getting frustrating coming on here to ask a simple question only to be met with negativity. Some folks do answer like a normal person, but for every kind response I get 2 rude ones. And they don't even answer the question! They just give a snippy critique on one thing you said while ignoring the rest of the post. It's just unnecessary. On this website I've been told to chill out. I've been told that I'm overthinking and complicating a simple task (because immigration is known for being simple). I've had someone ignore my question and tell me I should've chosen a different visa if I didn't want the problems we're having (as if that's helpful 2 years in). And just generally have received many responses that ignore my actual post and imply that my questions are dumb, ridiculous, or beneath them. Are my posts laced with anxiety? Probably. Many of the posts on here are. I assumed that others would understand this having also been through immigration, but apparently not. If you can't handle people having different approaches, emotions, or knowledge than you do, then you really have no business coming on here to "answer" questions. I don't know if people are bitter because the immigration process has run them ragged, but it's no excuse. We've all been through it and owe it to each other to be respectful. It's a difficult and vulnerable thing to go through. The least you can do is a) show some empathy, or b) if that's not your thing, just answer the question without putting a condescending spin on it to make yourself feel superior or whatever. If you find a question ridiculous or don't like how it's being asked, just don't answer. And definitely don't go out of your way to answer with some snarky opinion that nobody asked for. It's really not difficult. I know that tone is easily lost over text, but this has happened enough that I'm certain I'm not imagining it. There are other websites, I know, but I've found this one to be the most thorough and informative. Yet every time I come on here to ask something, I dread having to read these types of responses. I'm sure nothing will come of this, but I just wanted to put this out there in case others have experienced this too.
  8. I appreciate your response. I see that now about the K1... we didn't really look into K3 because we were worried it would raise more flags getting married first and then asking for the government's blessing. I admit that we probably should've looked into it more. For the job offer letter, does it need to be a certain type of job for them to consider expediting? Or can it be anything?
  9. I see. I've never been able to get a human being when I call them. If there's a certain way I need to call then I'm all ears.
  10. Yeah... like I said, I know it can take a long time. I know that the EAD and AOS are technically separate too, even tho we filed them together. I guess I was hoping to see if there's any way to at least move ONE of them along... or get indication that ONE of them will come soon. Sounds like we could be close to the EAD. How do we do that? I'm not sure what a tier 2 officer is.
  11. My husband came here on his k1 visa last July. I left my job a couple months ago to become self employed, so we now have marketplace insurance. We were able to get the coverage just fine, but now they're stating that to keep the coverage, we need to provide a document with 'either the admitted date or allowable duration of stay'. I already gave them his I94 and visa with the date he was admitted on it. I submitted two different letters explaining that there literally is no document saying the duration of his stay, because he is here indefinitely. They continue to state that his documents are insufficient and seem to be ignoring my explanation. They don't give any context other than the message above, and continue to demand a document that does not exist. There is no reason this should be happening because Adjustment for LPR is listed as an approved status on the marketplace website. We've given them EVERY document we have (I797, I94, marriage license, visa/passport), which are all on their approved list. The last thing we got from USCIS is the I797 stating that his I485 is pending, but haven't heard ANYTHING since that came on November 6, 2020. He doesn't have his EAD yet, that's also still pending since Nov. So we have nothing else to give them. I have spoken to 4 supervisors who understood and said that our documents should be fine. I have submitted multiple letters clearly explaining the situation. I have submitted an appeal which I'm waiting on. I've tried to schedule a call with a case worker (they have to call me though, I can't call them, and they kept trying when I wasn't available). I have done absolutely everything I can think of. Has anyone else faced this? I don't think my spouse should have to settle for some crappy short term/catastrophic insurance that doesn't cover anything, which we will have to do if he loses coverage. To me that shouldn't happen, especially when the marketplace's own website says that folks waiting on their green card are eligible! If that's really true, then they should understand that not all immigrants are given a document in the interim until they get their green card. This has been so frustrating... any input is appreciated.
  12. Long story short: Husband came here July 2020 on a K1 visa, we got married in Aug. 2020, submitted attempt 1 at his AOS packet in September. Got denied due to some errors, resubmitted in October and got NOA1 on Nov. 6, 2020. We have heard absolutely nothing since. I don't know if he needs a biometric next, or if he would just do his green card interview, but at this rate we have no idea what's next because they haven't said a word in almost 8 months. Our receipt # is from the National Benefits Center; our local office is Indianapolis. I know it always takes long and is even more delayed due to COVID, but this is putting a huge strain on our family. He needs to be able to work and visit his family abroad. Not being able to do so has been extremely hard for him, obviously. It's putting us in a difficult spot financially as well. I'm aware that this process often takes quite awhile, but I want to see if there is anything at all we can do to help move things along. Does anyone have suggestions for how to help move things forward? Or get a timeline of sorts? We did reach out to a senator or two, which I just learned is a thing, but not sure if that'll help. Any suggestions appreciated!
  13. I didn't know that reaching out to anyone was an option! Would you mind sharing how you reached out to the senator and what exactly one might say in the letter? What did you say when you reached out? We've been waiting a long time so I may have to try this.
  14. I'd like to check, but I don't know which service center to select for the I765. We sent the forms to Chicago but I don't know where they ended up after that. How do I find this out?
  15. We received our NOA1 for my husband's AOS application on Nov. 6, 2020. We haven't heard anything since then. I know they're super behind (and that they work slowly, even before COVID), but I don' t know if I should worry. Does anyone know when we should hear back about the next steps? And what the next steps are? My understanding is that there's an NOA2 at some point related to the boimetrics appt... I'm a little confused about what's next and how long that part takes. Any insight is appreciated!
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