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  1. Welcome to the forum! We're having a simple courthouse wedding, so not much planning needed for that. The plan is to get married ASAP so we're applying for the marriage license as soon as I get over jetlag (hopefully in just a day or 2 as another member gave me excellent tips to minimize jetlag). Then the 3-day waiting period, then the wedding. And file AOS as quickly as possible as well.
  2. Google Hangouts Dialler. Call any US (or even Canada) number for free. You just need Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.
  3. So I guess that's the advantage of Chase. I looked it up and most other card issuers require an SSN for authorized users.
  4. This is interesting, and potentially very helpful. How were you able to add your then-fiancee as an authorized user if she was out of the US at the time?
  5. Go for it, girls. And please do tag me if you make a new thread.
  6. Thank you! If we can pull it off, that would really be amazing. 😍 Yes, indeed hoping we all get our Christmas present from USCIS. 😁 Who knew a piece of paper could bring so much joy into all our hearts, eh?
  7. Maybe not the whole town, our respective families are already numerous enough. He said his mom wants a destination wedding for us, but that would take a whole lot of planning and saving up. We'll see.
  8. We're planning a courthouse wedding. Just us, his family, a coupla friends maybe. We'll probably have a proper ceremony/celebration much later, in the Philippines.
  9. Males and females really are wired differently, no way around it. Think of VJ as a big formal event that we members are all attending, and the group chats as us girls going to the powder room in clusters to get some fresh air, freshen up, and maybe gossip a bit.
  10. I get your point @Greenbaum, but like what I said, the group chat is more for getting to know other filers. Believe me, we're all aware none of us are experts since we're all at the same point of the process. But it just helps to talk to someone who knows what you're going through, you know? Like, there are stuff we wanna talk about, but our friends in real life can't really relate since they've never gone through the same experience filing for K-1 and everything. But there are others on the same boat, who know how LDR feels like, etc. We do it here, but it's not real time and not everyone always opens VJ and since most everyone has Messenger.. I hope you get my point as well. 🤷‍♀️ Anyway. Back to regular programming.
  11. You guys, I totally did not mean it like that at all. 😅 Sorry if that came off totally the wrong way, but I intended the answer to be in a kinda joking way. And I apparently failed, big time. I guess I really am not as funny as I thought I was. Also, thanks for all the info. That's why we are here on VJ in the first place.
  12. Haven't checked in here for a while, just saw this. I don't think we need "experts" to just chat about random stuff. We come here to VJ for insights and advice regarding the process, but the group chat is more for talking about whatever to others going through the same process. You know, just trying to keep each other sane while waiting for our approvals.
  13. Here's the link: m.me/join/AbbA6sq8ZR787jb6 See you there!
  14. Thanks for answering! But I know of a lot who sent their application to the the Lewisville address but got either email or text notification before the letter..
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