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  1. This post was what I was referring to when you said your interview was scheduled, not that it's ready to be scheduled. That's why I double checked with you. But like I said, no big deal if there was a slight miscommunication. 🤷‍♀️
  2. I figured as much, that's why I asked you to double check because you said your interview was already scheduled in your prior post. No biggie.
  3. Whoa, that's pretty quick for Seattle that you already have an interview in just a year (I took a peek at your timeline)! Did you expedite?
  4. Happy for you, at least you got your biometrics scheduled! You can file for an inquiry for case outside processing time for the EAD/AP as soon as your status reflects that fingerprints have been applied to your AOS and EAD cases. That's what I did. Here's my subsequent timeline: 05/04 - fingerprints applied; filed for case outside normal processing time 05/22 - EAD card is being produced 05/24 - EAD, AP approved 05/25 - card was mailed 05/26 - USPS picked up card (with tracking number) 05/28 - EAD/AP combo card arrived Now waiting for my SS card to arrive next. Fingers crossed.
  5. The response seems to vary per officer.. The ones I talked to before couldn't/wouldn't schedule my biometrics either. It was only this last one who did. If you have a valid medical reason for wanting to expedite your case, did you tell the agent you talked to about that?
  6. I hear ya. We've been following up, making service requests, also asked help from our rep--all to no avail. My USCIS account hasn't had any update either. BUT. Yesterday morning, I went to live chat on the USCIS website (via Emma) and requested an urgent Tier 2 callback due to the ~missed~ biometric appointment. The agent I talked to didn't seem to want to make that service request, but I kept insisting politely anyway until she just gave in and finally made the service request. I asked for assurance that I'd indeed get a callback, as the last time I made a similar request, I did not get a call within the specified timeline. To my surprise, I got the Tier 2 callback just a coupla hours later! And thankfully, she was able to schedule my biometric appointment on May 3 (the earliest available slot in Seattle ASC according to her). She told me to wait for the notice in the mail; and if after 2 weeks and it still has not arrived, to give them another call so they could send me a soft copy of the notice. You could say I could finally breathe now, now that there has been a definite update to my case. I know it sounds hopeless and repetitive, but I'd advise you to wait for that Tier 2 callback and hope you get a nice agent who'll schedule your biometrics too. --- On another note, it seems to be a common occurrence these days for people to get messages that they missed their biometric appointment when they never got a notice for it in the first place. I dunno if it's just in the Seattle ASC, but I know of several other cases like ours.
  7. But I didn't even get a biometric appointment notice in the first place! 😠 Just got this in the email today; prior to this there was nothing. Can I possibly just print out the email, bring it to the ASC? Will they take my biometrics? This is beyond frustrating!
  8. Yep, got nothing to show for it. My ASC is Seattle too. It really is THE slowest in the country. 😭
  9. Am I the only one left behind? 😭 Nothing up to now, not even a biometrics appointment. Not even after several follow ups and service requests. Our case file must have gotten misplaced or something.
  10. Help, please. My AOS is still pending up to now so I don't have an SSN yet. When my husband files his taxes, he's planning to file as Single since as he said, I'm not in the system yet. Will that cause any problems for us down the line, his filing as Single even though technically he's been Married since May 2020?
  11. You posted this just a few days ago, and when I checked now, I got this: How frustrating! 😫 I just submitted an inquiry, hoping it would trigger some update on the EAD case as well. This is the email reply I got:
  12. We are gonna ask for help too, will see if we can send the form by tomorrow. This is sooooooooo frustrating.
  13. Still no biometrics up to now. 06/15 PD, Seattle ASC. I have already lost hope for this process. 😭
  14. So I guess I'll be making contact again next week.. 🤔 Will do so on Live Chat again, as it's easier than calling the hotline. Less waiting times too.
  15. They received mine on 07/20 and still no news until now. Not even bio.
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