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  1. Tried to delete it since it's not really relevant for the topic .. sorry πŸ˜”
  2. Why is it way higher than the global mortality rate of 3.7% for the covid-19 .. I don't understand that 😳 Globally 162,687 is tested positive, 75,620 are now well/"cured" and 6065 are unfortunately dead
  3. I applied for SSN in August right after arrival. After 5 weeks nothing (said returned to agency) so I went to the office and asked what was going on and got a standard response however my SSN arrived a week later with the issue date the day after I went to the office 😳
  4. I see 😳 but will a name, date, time be enough to prove it then? And how can you prove you didn't leave?
  5. Thank you missed that one when I skimmed through .. I was going to cancel online. Wouldn't the I-94 prove that you didn't leave .. I mean that it would be more valid than passenger manifest?
  6. Why? Asking since I'm about to cancel my return ticket 😊
  7. You have to change it on your timeline on visajourney before it will appear on Igors list
  8. My x-husband definitely only married for a chance to stay in Denmark .. immigration just doesn't work like that there and he is not the only man doing that or marrying in order to have a house-slave ... this works both ways. Surprised some one from Finland would want to stay in US without the relationship part 😳
  9. I think you should bring it. Either way it's better to bring too much and not need it than the opposite 😊
  10. The orices are crazy here too .. a lot of people move here and not enough houses. Tri-cities have pretty much the number of people as the second largest city in Denmark πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
  11. Yes we have to stay in this area but we plan on getting a house further out which will be great ... I come from a town of less than 700 so I really look forward to that there's just too many people here. The realtor is coming tomorrow and hopefully we'll get our house sold quickly
  12. Not sure I can wait another 4+ months to go home. I knew I wasn't gonna like living here but thought I could handle it until I got AP and then go home 2-4 times a year for a month or so and it was never meant to be forever just until hubby can get his retirement. It just turned out to be much harder than I imagined 😳
  13. I sure hope so ... LFO is Yakima 11-25 months 😳 .. so actually considering going home and doing CR1 instead of AOS.
  14. Yes I get that. My problem was/is to show a document that doesn't excist anymore .. an email is not enough .. having a judge write that worked. In your case maybe go to a judge with the ex. Get a letter stating start and end of relationship, circumstance regarding common law etc.
  15. There might not be immigration interviews at the consulate you listed so they send you to the relevant. First I thought I would interview in Copenhagen, Denmark at the US embassy but there're few immigrants so Denmark, Norway and Sweden all interview at the US embassy in Sweden 😊
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