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  1. Several of my friends have been stopped on both the Swedish/Danish and German/Danish border and been asked for passports ... one didn't have it but had drivers licens and was still detained for hours that's why I asked
  2. I as understand it, my passport will need to be handed in at the interview at the US embassy in Sweden. So how do I get into the airport in Stockholm, Sweden in order to return to Denmark???
  3. Aside from the US perspective (which I don't know much about but learning)I would guess you'd need whatever visa/workpermit necessary in his country 😉
  4. Thank you so very much for all the information I'll be sure to keep that in mind 🤗 The $1100 a month after taxes is my income from Denmark ... it is taxed in Denmark and there's agreements between Dk and US regarding taxes so that'll be all I have to pay. My husbands income etc is around 60K a year. If he dies first I will return to Dk ... my family is here and the medical is absolutly free also my income will be double since I'm single so no way will I stay in the US if that scenario should occur. We will make sure to have a saving for me to be able to return to Dk in that case 😊 If I should need household assistance we would probably consider moving to Dk since the options are here are free.
  5. AnneA

    Marrying and SSN

    as far as I have been able to figure out, it's because it can give complications to get a SSN with a changed name due to lack of ID - passport, I-94, K1 will be in the 'old' name
  6. Thanks for all the help - I'll cross that out on the 'worry-list'
  7. Thanks - there would be no reason for me to stay - my kids and grandkids are here in Denmark - I move to the US because right now it's the best solution since he has a good job there
  8. Thank to you all for your respons So just for me to be sure I got it right - since I'll be on my husbands insurance once we marry and his income is sufficient to meet the requirements and I'll get about $1100 a month from Denmark after taxes - we're good and I don't need to prove that in the worst case scenario my husband dies before me that I have no intension of staying in US and thereby maybe becoming a public charge ?
  9. Hi, I'm 57, Danish and on disability, which I can bring with me to the US and my fiance is 54 USC, he has a good job and meets the financial criteria without problems. I have 6 adult kids and 5 grandkids so far in Denmark. My concern is the medical (and the Embassy interview) as it seems that the main focus is on infections (which I don't have) and on ability to work (which I don't have either - not very much anyway). Do I need to prove that I have absolutely no intentions of staying in the US if for whatever reason I'm not with my fiance/husband? If that's the case - any suggestions to how to prove it? Thanks
  10. WOW just saw on Visa journey timelines (Igors list) that a couple got NOA1 2018-09-27 and NOA2 2018-11-21 😀
  11. Hey we sent the I-129F on Sep. 21 and received NOA1 (email) on Sep. 24 and the paper one about 2 weeks after that. So now we wait and wait and wait ... OMG are we there yet ??? 🤣🤣