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  1. ✌️ Status changed to case is ready to be scheduled for an interview as of Oct 18.
  2. Finally got my 3 NOA1 and biometrics appointment (12th Sep) in mail today.
  3. My AOS, EAD, and AP packages were sent on 15th Aug 2019, hopefully will be received by next Monday. 😉
  4. From your timeline, your case should have arrived US Embassy in Seoul, and I heard it only took a few days to schedule the interview in South Korea. Why not let her go back now and arrange her K1 visa intervew asap. She might get her visa before your friend's wedding.
  5. I have the same message as yours. It did not change even though my case was approved. Hope your case will be approved soon.
  6. Thanks! I believe you will get it in the mail at any time.
  7. Just checked online case status and it showed case was approved. BTW, I am early Nov filer and will update timeline once hard copy received. Hope you guys will receive it very soon.
  8. Yes. I saw the processing times changed from 4.5 to 7 months to 5.5 to 7.5 months today.
  9. Yes. I knew I only need to get police certificate for any countries I stayed more than 1 year. I anticipate my interview will be in Jul/Aug 2019, by then, my police certificates from those foreign countries has been issued for about 1 year or even longer.
  10. Thank you for your answer. I also have the same question about existing police certificates from other countries and worried about VO would request me to get all of them again which may take a long time. @Alabamak1 Should I prepare a statement explaining that I did not go back to any of the countries after I had got those police certificates?
  11. My timeline prediction also moved backwards for a few days. I also check USCIS processing time everyday and I found that it changed to 4.5 months to 7 months today. Hope they can remain the same speed for the incoming months.
  12. Congrats! Hope you will get GC, SSN soon.
  13. Hi! As mentioned in the topic title, I would like to know what is the best time to replace the passport. I know it is still early for below questions, hope someone could help me to answer it. Some info for your reference: My fiance filed I-129F for me last month. I expected to have an K1 Visa interview in Jul/Aug 2019. My passport will be expired by Mar 2020 (there are only few empty pages left on it, which means I could replace a new passport at any time from now). I will go to US 1.5 or 2 months after my visa is approved. I want to replace it as late as possible. What is the best time? Before I fill in DS-160 form? Before the interview? Before my departure? I have another question regarding USC's birth certificate. When my fiance filed the petition, he provided his passport as supporting document. At the moment, he did not request a birth certificate from the place where he was born (A city in US). In any stage of K1 visa or AOS, he needs to submit original birth certificate (a copy or certified copy). Thank you so much.
  14. Yes. There are a lot of people request wheelchair service from the airline (some of them request it only because of they can't speak the language). Some airports also have free interpreters for different languages. I am not sure about NY area airport, but I know ATL do have those interpreters in the immigration hall.
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