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  1. Congrats on the successful interview. We had a very similar experience and weren't approved on the spot and now our status online shows: Interview Was Completed And My Case Must Be Reviewed Is your online status the same?
  2. I just went through a medical exam and the civil surgeon provided me a sealed envelope and also a copy of the form i-693. The strange thing is the copy doesn't have all pages so I am concerned that the sealed envelope might not be complete. Has anyone experienced something similar?
  3. Congrats!!!, still waiting for mine. What's the notice date on your letter? Is it the same date(jul 18) when the status was changed?
  4. How many days did it take for the interview letter to come in the mail after the status was changed to "Interview was scheduled"?
  5. Yep Chicago! And same day the status changed I'll keep you posted once I get my interview notice
  6. When did your status change to Interview was scheduled Still haven’t received anything Going to give it until Monday and then call uscis
  7. How long does it take for an interview letter to come after the status is updated to "Interview was scheduled"? I am bit worried because my status was updated to "Interview was scheduled" last week and still haven't received the interview notice
  8. Mine too, congrats!!! Have you already received the interview letter? I'm still waiting for mine
  9. Congrats!, Chicago filler here as well How long did it take for the status to change from "Interview is ready to be scheduled" to "Interview is scheduled"?
  10. Just curious how long it took for you to change from "Interview is ready to be scheduled" to "Interview is scheduled"?
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