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  1. We're on day 19 of our case status changing to "Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview". I was looking on the Boise offices for closures and it says this.. Schedule an Appointment In order to visit this office or to speak with an immigration services officer, you must have an appointment scheduled by USCIS, or you must schedule an appointment. Can we just schedule our appointment ourselves instead of waiting for USCIS to schedule it?
  2. It is just his middle initial. But I went through the rest of our paperwork and found noa1's with his full middle name that is spelled correctly so I'll see if that will work.
  3. That was my thought as well. He brought in his social, his birth certificate and they still didn't accept that for the spelling. I think it's all silly and a waste of time and I might talk to the supervisor to see if the other stuff will suffice. I did notice that everything just has his first name and then middle initial. The I-797 form is the only document sent from USCIS with his middle name spelled out fully and of course they would get it wrong!
  4. Sorry, they didn't spell out his full middle name. Just put his middle initial. Lol.. But yes, he's like Pinky and the Brain 😆.So technically, his EAD is correct, only the I-797 paper is wrong but that's the only one they'll use for his name. I was hoping I would just have to send in his I-797 back and say fix it and just keep the card since the card is correct.
  5. So I just took a copy of my husband's EAD card and they only put an initial instead of his full name. The only thing that has it spelled incorrectly in the I-797. Do I actually need to send the card back or just have them redo the I-797? I don't know if the gal at the driver's license place is right or not, but they stated they could not put his name on his drivers license the correct way, even though he showed them his social security card and birth certificate, that they could only go off what the I-797 showed.
  6. We were in the same boat as you. We filed in October and still hadn't heard anything. My husband got a job offer and my daughter needed surgery so we had to expedite. When you call in and ask (and they will only speak to the Applicant), they ask you for the reason of needing an expedite as they have to order under a certain code or something like that. I've heard of people getting approved to expedite based on only a job offer so there's no harm in trying. I had to fax USCIS my husband's job offer letter. We faxed it off on 3/11/20 and the card came in the mail on 04/08/20.
  7. So once again, the government has messed up on the spelling of my husband's name on his NOA1 and on his EAD card. When he first entered the US they put his first and middle name together as his first name and now they spelled his middle as Brain instead of Brian. We never caught it until today when he went in to take his Idaho written driver's test. Do I email USCIS or call them to have this fixed?
  8. So am I suppose to schedule the time and date? I thought they just sent you a letter telling you when you're suppose to be there as the app says they will schedule the interview and send us a notice.
  9. The status on our AOS case changed a week ago to "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview". I still have not received anything in the mail, and was wondering how long did people have to wait until they mailed them their interview date and time. I know I should be bringing my packet that I sent in, in the case that the officer's can't find something. I need to bring proof of relationship such as joint bank account and pictures. Is there anything else I need or should bring? I would love to hear of other's interviews and how they went and were asked recently. Thank you!
  10. My case finally has changed since December when they received my response to their RFE on my husband's I-485. Now it says my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. Does this mean it's been approved since I never received an NOA2? I know we have to go in for an interview to be FULLY approved but since it's ready to schedule, I'm assuming they accepted my response to their RFE?
  11. I had asked the Driver License office in my town of Idaho if my fiance (now husband) could get his driver's license but they told me he couldn't until he became a lawful permanent resident after our AOS goes through. I received an RFE on our AOS back in December and we're still waiting for them to process it. I was looking online and it reads that he can still get his license before the AOS goes through if we have an unexpired EAD card and proof that we applied for AOS. We have both so should he be able to get license? He works construction and needs it to be able to get on their insurance. Thank you
  12. Thank you! It was crazy but only lasted a couple seconds but definitely the biggest one I’ve ever felt!
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