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  1. What do you mean 2 weeks in Mexico?
  2. Is it a requirement that they have insurance? And I know they’re under lockdown now but hoping it’ll be lifted. We’re looking at the 1st week in July.
  3. My husband moved over here (US) on a K-1 in 2019. His parents and little brother are coming to visit us from England for 10 days but we just found out that his dad has terminal cancer so now, more than ever we really want them to come visit however the doctors told his dad he’d need travel insurance. His parents said they’ve been denied by 4 different companies since his cancer is terminal (but I’m not sure which ones they’ve tried). Any recommendations for a good temporary travel insurance company?
  4. I married my husband (from the UK) last year and he's already received his green card. When my husband lived in the UK, he had a few cautions on his record that showed on his immigration background check. I am currently in the middle of a custody battle and my ex could (and knowing him, he probably will) ask for a background check on my husband. My question is, will his immigration stuff show up on that background check? He had ordered one back in England for a job and it said no arrests or charges but that wasn't for immigration. Since moving here, he has not done anything, not even a speeding ticket. I'm curious to see if immigration transfers his cautions (even though we don't have those in the US like the UK does) to his criminal background or will it show no criminal history?
  5. Yes, it is ridiculous. I'm ready to be done dealing with immigration already lol. But we still have the ROC and then actual citizenship. Hopefully it all goes by fast!
  6. So did I but on the checklist, it says to bring all documents ever received and sent to USCIS. I'm just bringing everything just in case.
  7. Oh that's good! My husband has changed jobs but I have all his paystubs! Thank you!! I do have all his I-94's but he hasn't gone anywhere since he's moved here. I hope we get the answer the same day but I'm so impatient lol.
  8. My AOS interview is this Thursday morning (9-24-20) in Boise, Idaho and I'm starting to get nervous. I have a huge binder with everything in it. 1. All K-1, Affidavit of Support, and AOS paperwork I've ever sent/received 2. Proof of income (my and hubby's paystubs/letter of employment/last year tax returns) 3. Mine, my hubby's, and my children's birth certificates/passports/social security cards 4. Our certified copy of marriage certificate and my divorce decree from previous husband 5. A few pictures of our wedding and us together since he's moved here 6. Deed from our house we bought together, utility bills with our names on it Anything I'm missing or need/should add? What have been the typical questions asked lately? Any tips? Thank you!!
  9. This is true. My hubby loves his family but was never super close with them and his friends weren't the greatest of friends either and had trouble saving money (pretty much since he was never tough to manage it well in the first place). He had it tough so since coming here, my family has welcomed him with open arms, he's finished his schooling by getting his GED, quite smoking, started the job he set out to get (an electrician) and is also in college for apprenticeship, has made super close friends and we just bought our first house together so he's what he calls "chuffed" lol.
  10. My husband has been here from the UK a little over a year now. He moved here August 27, 2019. On Thursday we have our AOS interview but I really think it just depends on the person if they will like it here or not. My husband came from a very poor background so he loves it here and doesn't even want to go back to the UK to visit, even though I'm dying to go see more of London and even Scotland. The only thing he says is better in the UK is the beer but he has learned he loves the outdoors, hunting, and fishing... something that is practically impossible from where he comes from and my parents living on a ranch, he has pretty much unlimited access to what he loves. I'm really sorry she doesn't like the USA. At the beginning of mine and my husband's journey, I wanted to live over there but after seeing how hard things are over there, I would don't think I would move anywhere but the USA. I still try to throw in as much London themed stuff for my hubby as a can though when I host party's or anything. I make sausage rolls, I get online and order UK foods, I buy London décor, etc. to keep him from being homesick since I've read on here how many people were getting homesick.
  11. Our AOS interview is coming up on the 24th of September and I'm a little confused what to do afterward in terms of the ROC. We will have been married a year on October 5th. When should I file for ROC and do they do another interview for it?
  12. That's what happened to use to too. My hubby received his medical the next day and we were approved.
  13. Just checked my mail and they put our AOS interview in along with my husband's updated EAD card in the mail. Thank you!!
  14. I recently moved at the end of June. I immediately did the change of address with USCIS and even received the email confirming it. My husband had to send back his EAD card due to them spelling his middle name wrong and they just sent it back (I should have it in the mail today) however, they still sent it to our old address. (I have the UPS e-mail where they take a photo of all our mail for the day) We are currently waiting for his interview date for the AOS and I'm a little nervous they're going to send it to the old address and we'll miss it. Is there any way to make sure that they have the new address?
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