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  1. You're always on point, thanks for sharing your insights. I got stressed in the past days thinking whether to move forward with or without the help of the consultant due to the cost but having professional help gives me so much confidence and peace.
  2. I have someone professionally assist us in these things since I am really getting stressed and confused with this process. Though I am still studying and researching on the NVC website as well as reading forums here at VJ. It would cost us extra but I can't risk committing a lot of mistakes on the way and incurring more delays. But I understand that people here in VJ would advise that asking for help from an attorney or consultant is not necessary. You can do it on your own. It's just that my case might be a bit more complicated than most of you in this thread. The affidavit of Support fee is &120.00 and the Visa application fee is $325.00. For the affidavit of support, our consultant is asking us to prepare the following: 1) 2018, 2017, 2016 - Tax Transcript 2) 2018, 2017, 2016 - W2 3) Pay stub in the past 3 months or Certificate of Employment 4) Copy of driver's license 5) Copy of proof of citizenship - US Passport or Green card whichever is applicable 6) Other financial documents - bank statement, etc. For the Visa Application prepare the following: 1)Copy of passport 2)Police clearance (In the Philippines it's the NBI clearance for travel abroad) 3)Birth Certificates (Petitioner and Beneficiary) 4)Marriage Certificate 5)2x2 photos with white background For those who are more knowledgeable/experienced on this process, can you kindly comment on why our travel consultant seems to be asking a lot of financial/supporting documents for the AoS package compared to what is listed in the NVC website? Did I miss anything? Also to those who are waiting for NOA 2, now is really the right time to gather the documents and study the next process. Just when I thought I had passed the long wait, I am now overwhelmed with everything that has to be done. Or maybe it's just me, best regards to you all!
  3. Hi CJ, thanks for taking the time to share this valuable info! I already received my case number from NVC last week. I wish I really took time to read the steps in the NVC website ahead of time while waiting for NOA 2 and NVC letter. I depended too much on our agent/consultant. I have the case number and could already pay the fees and upload documents but haven't gathered them all yet due to certain circumstances.
  4. Thru email both to me to the beneficiary
  5. Hi guys! I just got our case number from NVC today!
  6. How crazy, I checked my mail after responding to you, I just received the letter from NVC!
  7. My I-130 was approved mid March, sent to NVC on April 10, still haven't received the case number.
  8. That was fast. Congratulations! Maybe your case was sent to NVC right away. Our case took a while to leave USCIS. Still waiting for the case number.
  9. Hi Mike445! how did you get your NVC case number? I got my NOA 2 mid March but USCIS sent it to NVC on April 10, 2018. Did you receive it by email or did you call NVC? Thanks!
  10. NOA 1: May 14, 2018. How about you?
  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. We were so naive to also think ours will be done in 9 months. So the 14-16 months you are talking about starts from I-130 to visa issue? Kindly update your timeline or post updates, it really helps us get a better view of this process. I hope we get our case number as soon as you did (if not sooner). Congrats. Did you receive mail or email or did you call the NVC to get your number?
  12. What stage are you in now German Shepherd? It took almost a month for USCIS to send our case to NVC. Still waiting for confirmation or welcome letter that NVC received it. I understand that it's now taking NVC around 8 weeks after receipt to assign a case number and invoice number, then a series of payments and submission of requirements, waiting for available interview date, etc. Is it safe to assume that in 6 months time this process would be done with? Or it's just really unpredictable?
  13. I think this is the 3rd time you congratulated me 😅. It's May 14, 2018.
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