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  1. I don't think you actually need fingerprints for the Australian one, if I'm recalling correctly.
  2. Hi All Sorry, I haven't been on here in some time, but just as an update: We did finally get approved, but it was a headache. I ultimately had to personally email the Australian Federal Police and get them to confirm in writing that we had the right type of police check. They had recently made slight changes to the form that the NVC was not aware of, which is why it kept getting rejected. I also emailed the US Consulate a copy of the police check and they also said in writing that that was the one they were looking for. I then submitted the new police check along with corroborating documents from the AFP and US Consulate (I literally made PDFs of the emails and highlighted the parts where they said it was right) confirming that we did in fact have the right one. Our documents were sent for a supervisor review, and at first it said rejected again but in actuality it was just being reviewed. Once a supervisor actually looked and saw we were right, it was finally approved. We also then applied for an expedite request citing financial hardship (my husband was stuck in Australia and couldn't really start a new job while await an outcome on his immigration status), and we also cited administrative delay and pointed out that we'd had to submit the paperwork 3 times even though it had been correct the entire time. We were approved for an expedited interview and my husband got his interview appointment date within a few days. From there, it was smooth sailing but I will never forgive the NVC for making this process unnecessarily painful over a single form. It appears that, almost a year later, they still haven't address this problem.
  3. Hi All, Please feel free to redirect to previous threads if this question has been answered, but I've yet to find a straight answer! My spouse (finally!) got his interview at the US Consulate in Sydney! We're so relieved and excited after a very challenging process and want to make sure we don't trip at the finish line. My question: it very clearly says he needs to bring all original documents that we uploaded to the NVC. Does that include the things I, the petitioner, uploaded, like my actual birth certificate? I can mail it to him if need be, but I'm nervous about sending that sort of document overseas, it's the one that was issue at my birth and I'd hate for something to happen to it. For what it's worth, he's able to bring everything else that he personally uploaded because he already has it with him in Australia of course. It's my stuff in the U.S. that I'm wondering about. Thank you!
  4. Hi All, I realize someone posted about having this issue back in January, but given all that's happened this year, I thought I might try again. The NVC has approved all of my Australian husband and I's documents, except for the National Police Check. They rejected our first upload October 20th, and it took nearly a month for my husband to get fingerprints done, mail them off, have them reviewed, and then a new PC mailed back to him. He uploaded a new National Police Check (Full Disclosure and matches exactly what the CEAC asked for) on November 18th, but they've rejected it again with no further explanation. Someone before had mentioned writing in the document comments that we did, in fact, upload exactly what was requested and available according to the Australian Federal Police (the issuing authority), but I wondered if anyone had luck with any other method? This is beyond devastating, really, and just feels incredibly helpless. What else can you do but follow the directions you're given?? **Note: We have an immigration attorney who is helping us, but she's not sure why this is happening either!
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