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  1. We have 3 i-130’s at Nebraska processing center. Still waiting for NOA2 and living in Canada with my spouse and two children. Back in my home state i got a great job offer where we are planning to move once this whole process is over. Would i get approved if i applied for an expedite ? How do you apply for an expedite ? Anything helps ! Thank you !!
  2. A complaint can be filed directly to homeland security. Nebraska files just about every type of visa there is except for a few. So, the workload is huge there and I’m sure they just prioritize things as they come in. But when there’s 12 different other visas to process.. it can get backlogged. Maybe everyone submit a complaint to homeland security about the other offices being faster and more efficient
  3. Brittany & Jamie

    Back and Forth

    I am in Squamish BC and it is insane here. Luckily we bought our home 3 years ago before it really blew up. Hence why we want to go back to Utah where we can actually afford to live and be with family. Haha if you have any questions with anything, just message me. We did ours by ourselves because we already went through the immigration process of me moving here from the states. It’s not as complicated going to the states.
  4. Brittany & Jamie

    Back and Forth

    No, but we still had to file and i still ended up paying at the end of the year.
  5. Brittany & Jamie

    Back and Forth

    I Also, we filed from British Columbia by mailing our i130’s out to Chicago. The trickiest part was getting the payment from an American bank account. I have an American bank account open but i dont have any Cheques for it so my mom had to send me a Cheque in the mail for us to send to Chicago and we just sent her a money order. Ha
  6. Brittany & Jamie

    Back and Forth

    I am actually in the same situation. I am a US citizen living as a PR in Canada and i have been here for a few years. My spouse and i decided we want to move as a family to the states so i had to file an i130 for my spouse and two step children. In order to prove that we have a place to live and a sufficient income ( even though we will be selling our home and will be fine financially ) we will need to have a co-sponser that can prove they can support us upon arrival. I am using my parents. If i didn’t want to use a co sponser, i would need move down to the states before our NOA2 to prove that i make enough to support myself and then as well. Which is between 20-30% over poverty ( I’m not 100% sure the exact number ) so it is up to you as a family to decide which route to take. Get a co sponser or possibly have him leave early and you do the long distance for a while. and, since i have lived here in Canada, i have had to file taxes in the states on the income that i made in Canada and have had to pay every year. Which is incredibly frustrating getting double taxed. But you moving to the states, you won’t get taxed by Canada on your US income. Hope that helps. Cheers.
  7. There hasn’t been any approved petitions for a while.. has anyone heard anything ? I am a June filer here
  8. Mine is also June 28th. Fingers crossed for everyone !!
  9. My partner had two kids before we got married 2 years ago. We live in Canada and are going to move to the states ( where i am from ) and we had to submit 130’s for all 3 of them. They are all sent off in the same package and don’t get processed at different times.
  10. Wow ! A few here and there getting picked from the June pile. That’s so exciting ! I wonder if it matters what country you applied from ??
  11. Now that you put it this way.. i will look into it even further. That makes a lot more sense when you write it all out in your perspective, opposed to it in my head. Thank you thank you thank you !
  12. Unfortunately, i became a PR as of December last year. I believe that the 1095 days starts counting as a PR and the days before that don’t count towards it. I wouldn’t be able to apply until December of 2020
  13. I have a job waiting for me ( that surpasses the 125% above poverty requirement ) for whenever i am able to get down there. Our domicile will be my parents place until we buy a home. We will be selling our home in British Columbia so we will have a large amount of money coming from that source. Plus we have savings. Children are Canadian citizens with Canadian passports / nexus passes