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  1. We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time We will notify you when your case status changes. We last took action on your case on February 28, 2019.” Which is when i applied for an expedite.but got denied.
  2. Well, that’s a good feeling to get an email from USCIS while awaiting my NOA2. June filer here. It’s taken so long. Is this an inactivity email ? Or should we expect to hear something soon ??
  3. Yep. He told me i still have minimum of 41 days until I’ll hear anything.
  4. I called and got through to them this morning. Took 25 minutes on hold. The gentleman i spoke to was really nice and very helpful. He said that the “ last action “ date changing and the status still saying “ recieved “ means nothing. It must have been an update in the computer system but he said it signifies no change in the system.
  5. I am absolutely not patient by any means. Haha it helps a lot ! I’ll wake up early tomorrow to be one of the first on the line ! Thank you !
  6. I am a June filer with Nebraska. I can check my status online.. so if my i130 petitions are still within normal processing times.. i ask for a tier 2 officer and say what ?? I want to know my status ? Or what do i say
  7. But look at the date. It says that it was last updated Jan 31st. Everyone else’s status still says it was recieved. The date means they opened your file and it’s in a que of some sort. Still might be up to 60 days for you to see a status change. Everyone’s date says Jan 31st or feb 1st and no one knows what’s happened. Don’t panic. Lol
  8. I didn’t know they were phasing that site out. I usually log into both of them to see what’s up. Is there any other site i should know about that i could log into ? Haha
  9. Can’t you submit an inquiry yet ? Or does it have to be over 10.5 months to be eligible to submit an inquiry?
  10. That’s good to know ! I didn’t think her husband also needed to file too. Thank you !!
  11. My wife is a Canadian citizen and so are both of our children. They are my step children.
  12. Mine has the same thing. And i know of about 10 people who are experiencing the same thing. Someone’s working on them.
  13. So do we both file on the same form ?
  14. I am a US citizen living in Canada with my Canadian spouse and 2 children. If we have a co-sponsor ( my mother who financially qualifies for supporting us 4 ) do I have to submit an affidavit of support as well as my mom ? Or does just my mothers affidavit have to be sent with all petitions ?
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