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  1. Hi quick question, are medium size backpacks allowed into the London embassy? thanks
  2. I waited 10 long weeks for Nebraska to send my case to NVC, now I’m over 4 weeks at NVC and no ceac number yet, I think I’m the exception, most people don’t take that long!! IR5 PD 7/9/2018 noa2 6/20/2019
  3. We had the same thing when we came 5yrs ago, we worried about it too, embassy didn’t care, no one asked about it, we filed 3yrs in one go just before our interview and took copies, they didn’t even want to see them, I very much doubt they will care, good luck!
  4. Yes noa2 June 20th, spoke uscis on Friday case still not sent to NVC!! Don’t know what to do!
  5. Not normally for IR1 or ir5 from Nebraska, most cases get transferred in 2-3 weeks, I feel deeply unlucky, even NVC reckon max 6 weeks to reach them for my case type.
  6. Has anyone else experienced this. My approval after a years wait in Nebraska was 6/20. Just spoke to tier 2 officer at uscis and file still not sent to NVC 😭😭😭 why?? Anyone else went or going through long delay in case transfer like this??
  7. Yes I have approval letter, no update online since July 2018! I’m so upset, I keep seeing people get there CEAC numbers who where approved after me and my case still hadn’t been sent! Is there no end to the Nebraska pain 😪
  8. Yes I have, they told me “no time limit on how long it takes to investigate” so demoralized
  9. So Nebraska finally approved me after a year on 6/20. Now 6 weeks later NVC have still not received it, uscis tier 1 agent say all they can see is my case approved nothing else, my case still says “received” last year online, new acct. Have not gotten call back from tier 2 uscis officer even though tried for over a week! Help me! Anyone else stuck in Nebraska and case not even sent to NVC!??? I’m losing my mind at this point. My citizenship got stuck in a black hole for 6 months longer than it should have and feel like the same thing is happening again!!! I’m at the crying stage!
  10. Maybe your mom could call and ask to speak to tier 2 officer, good luck, I'm sure you are very close!
  11. Saci Singh you should call today, you are very close I am sure, I actually called Friday at 8am and asked to speak to tier 2 officer and they told me I was approved on Thursday, didn’t quite believe it until letter yesterday, the website still not updated!
  12. Nebraska 😆 not Nevada!!! Can’t even believe I put that, 1yr wait and have clearly lost my mind!!!
  13. Sooooooooooo Approval for July 9th in the house!! IR5 mother, Received via letter today, website and App still not updated, says approval was 6/20 so last Thursday!! I’m very happy, but feel the pain of those still waiting, it will happen for you too, Best of luck fellow Nevada sufferers x
  14. I know how it is, my I-130 is for my mother too, I’m almost at a year wait and I found that site a while back and wanted to believe it, but it’s just made up figures. Annoying that someone would do that! Nebraska is torture for us all, stay strong!
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