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  1. bluewaiting

    Miami FL, Field Office Filers

    Info pass today, guy tells me I have been stuck "in Limbo" in system since they scheduled and de scheduled interview within 1 minute back in November, he says he has now put me back inline for interview, back of Jacksonville queue of course. Said I "might get a letter about an interview late May/early June! He was nice and seemed to efficient, but I have lost confidence in what anyone tells me now, as I have had 2 info passes and spoke to 3 tier 2 agents on the phone since my status changed on line to "we scheduled your interview" back on 3rd Nov and no one has told me that the system has messed me up and that Ive been in Limbo but him! Don't really know what to feel
  2. bluewaiting

    Miami FL, Field Office Filers

    So Sorry, I'm super fed up too, have info pass tomorrow, but not hopeful, last time they just said carry on waiting! almost a year for me too Jacksonville office , NBC.
  3. bluewaiting

    Miami FL, Field Office Filers

    early May I feel like its the NBC numbers that are slowest, are you an NBC?
  4. bluewaiting

    Miami FL, Field Office Filers

    also are you guys still waiting a year or so like me all NBC numbers?
  5. bluewaiting

    Miami FL, Field Office Filers

    So I went to game night at my neighbours last night and another neighbour who is Polish and I encouraged last year to go for Citizenship, applied online in Feb this year in Jax my office and has his interview next week he told me!!!!!!!!!! I nearly burst out crying, of course he had no idea of my frustrations of waiting a year and nothing!!!! How can this happen, its all so unfair
  6. bluewaiting

    Miami FL, Field Office Filers

    Thanks for replys guys! Its nice to moan to someone else apart from my husband! I know you understand the frustration of waiting and having no answers! Will keep checking in, hoping you hear soon too.
  7. bluewaiting

    Miami FL, Field Office Filers

    Hi, Im not south FL, but Jacksonville office, hope its ok I hop in this thread! So frustrated, most Jax people have all been interviewed and had oath from similar PD to mine! My PD is 11 May 2017, Bio in June, then in November my status changed to "we have scheduled your interview" great I thought! By Xmas tier 2 officer finally confirmed over the phone it was a mistake and I was De scheduled the same day! no reason given Nothing since then, info pass lady said.......keep waiting!