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  1. Have you called to see if your case has been received? We got our NOA2 from Nebraska on June 26th and I called today and NVC said they haven't received the case yet.
  2. I've tried calling NVC a few times to see if my case has been sent or received but I continue to get hung up on after the automated message. Is there a better time to call to get actually speak to someone? NOA2 was on June 26th
  3. NOA2 yesterday showed up on the website! PD: July 2, 2018 NOA2: June 26, 2019
  4. Any other July 2nd PD approvals? I'm July 2nd and still waiting
  5. I downloaded the Lawfully app and it says "Unfortunately, your application is taking longer than others", then on the estimated date range page, it says "Your case is within the 16% chance of decision being made after April 2019". Is this normal cause my case is taking long(but normal compared to other Nebraska filers)? and how is the bar graph helpful cause its quite obvious its in the 100% chances of it being decision made after April 2019, seeing as as how we are now in June and I don't have decision yet lol My PD is July 2nd
  6. my PD is July 2nd! Fingers crossed we are getting closeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  7. I know its useless and I'll probably receive the typical response to wait 30-60days but I filed an outside of case processing time. I think it's good to keep it on their radar how far behind they are... PD: July 2nd, 2018 Nebraska
  8. Are people in June for NSC actually receiving NOA2s now?? My PD is July 6th on paper but it says July 2nd on the website.
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