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  1. Received my "documents qualified" email today! Submitted civil docs and ds260 on 08/14 and AOS docs on 08/16. Received an email yesterday 08/19 that an update as been made on our case and noticed "submitted" changed to "accepted" for both AOS and civil docs and today 08/20, received another email saying documents qualified. I'm not really sure why our documents were looked at and reviewed so quickly but it just shows to make sure you submit everything right the first time! Good luck to everyone else!
  2. can you please add me to the group?? Documents accepted today! 08/19
  3. It was received on July 19th and we got a case number via email around 11pm August 9th. I paid the fees that night (I was VERY excited ) but the AOS fee didn't go through properly so I had to wait ~3 business days before I could pay that one again. We submitted the ds260 on 08/14 along with the civil docs. Once the AOS fee went through (that Friday, 08/16), we uploaded those docs right after. Today, around 2pm and 2:30pm we received 2 emails titled "a notice regarding your immigrant visa case", which basically just said to log on regarding an update to your case. Logged on and didn't have any messages but noticed the "submitted" options changed to "accepted". I have checked a few times since then to see if any messages have appeared but no luck, also tried calling but I'm not getting through so I guess I'll just hold tight and be happy for now!
  4. Ahhh!!! Good luck to you and everybody! I'll keep you posted if I ever receive an email a case complete or documents qualified but I guess I'll update my timeline!
  5. I logged in but no new messages! Only noticed that it changed to "accepted". I uploaded on ceac. Where would it say "Case Complete" or "Documents qualified"?
  6. We submitted documents on Friday night (August 16th) and just received 2 emails from NVC, I went on the website to check and both AOS and principal docs changed from "submitted" to "accepted", are we case complete already???
  7. Have you called to see if your case has been received? We got our NOA2 from Nebraska on June 26th and I called today and NVC said they haven't received the case yet.
  8. I've tried calling NVC a few times to see if my case has been sent or received but I continue to get hung up on after the automated message. Is there a better time to call to get actually speak to someone? NOA2 was on June 26th
  9. NOA2 yesterday showed up on the website! PD: July 2, 2018 NOA2: June 26, 2019
  10. Any other July 2nd PD approvals? I'm July 2nd and still waiting
  11. I downloaded the Lawfully app and it says "Unfortunately, your application is taking longer than others", then on the estimated date range page, it says "Your case is within the 16% chance of decision being made after April 2019". Is this normal cause my case is taking long(but normal compared to other Nebraska filers)? and how is the bar graph helpful cause its quite obvious its in the 100% chances of it being decision made after April 2019, seeing as as how we are now in June and I don't have decision yet lol My PD is July 2nd
  12. my PD is July 2nd! Fingers crossed we are getting closeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
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