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  1. Thank you! Best news I’ve had in days. Fingers crossed xx
  2. We just got our application back in the mail. Apparently they did not like the money order. We received no NOA or notification. I only suspected something was up as we hadn’t heard anything. When we called they could not even tell us why it was rejected. Although disappointed that we are now a month behind, happy that it was something so simple. Good luck!
  3. No no, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it all! Truly! Just trying to figure out my scenario. I will always welcome any help you can offer. Cheers.
  4. Thank you. I assumed all that took place AFTER the NOA1 was issued. Thank you for the insight.
  5. I really really appreciate your input. I am aware of the length of time that it takes for the entire process, but I find myself stuck comparing my case to those that have filed mid-Feb who have already received NOA1s. Why would hose who applied later be issued an NOA before me? That’s my logic right now. Thanks again
  6. Opinions needed! package was mailed with Money Order and mail tracking. Received & Signed for on Feb 11 by a K. Thornquist. Currently no NOA1. Now what? Do I send a second application that I already have prepared? Am I being unreasonably impatient. Nothing received back. No NOA1. Is it fair to assume that we got lost in the shuffle? Thank you
  7. I sent it with tracking - you betchya. Received notification from Canada Post that it was received. As for if it was cashed or not, no clue as we sent a money order. Finger (and toes) crossed everything is ok.
  8. That’s incredible. Freaking out a bit now as we have still not received NOA1. Just to clarify, not impatient, just concerned. Haha
  9. Gotcha. Thanks for the details. Thought you had received a receipt number already and was concerned that I have not received one yet. Whew. I’m totally fine with the long wait - as long as I know it’s been accepted. Haha. Thanks for the input.
  10. When did you send your petition? We mailed ours Feb 1st. We’re you notified via email/text/snail mail?? Thanks for the welcome!
  11. That Valentines Day gift is gonna be hard to beat. Congrats.
  12. Thank you for the welcome! Seriously, was just waiting for a “wrong thread, go here.....” so yay, happy to be here. I did track the package. It has been received. Not even mad about 5-6 month wait. There’s lots that needs to be done on my end of things and that doesn’t even include the administrative filings. Just waitin on that receipt number. As for the bank - we sent a money order. I’m sure it was cashed successfully. Thanks again for the warm welcome.
  13. Hello! Mailed our I-129F forms on Feb 1st. Still awaiting a receipt number. Not kidding...have been told by two other boards that I should be following this board. Haha. Whoops.
  14. I’ll take any help/free advice I can get right now. 😂 thanks again
  15. Hello! Was referred to this thread from another thread. Mailed out I-129F Feb 1. Still haven’t heard. *insert anxiety here*