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  1. Thanks for the input. I agree, everywhere I have read that it is NOT as useable to claim non-residency status but that is the only way to access the full funds. I must do so, I need those funds, like, yesterday. Gah. Moved to the USA end of Aug and truly, as of right now, I am no longer a resident nor do I have plan so be in the future so I feel like, despite the warnings - it’s what is honest. gahhh. I swear, one wrench after another is thrown into my plans. Also, pension company stated that it can take 7-8 months to process. Paperwork is just a bunch of ‘tick boxes’ why 7 months, seriously?!
  2. Thank you so much for the input. How long ago (about) did you complete the form? Also, did you complete it once moving to the US or did you have to wait a certain amount of time before submitting it? Thanks again
  3. I have not. However, I am looking forward to withdrawing my pension for the purpose of using a portion of to purchase a house here in RI. The rest will be reinvested.
  4. I have a pension with the Alberta Government. Looking to have those funds sent to US. They are requiring that I fill out an NR74 form with the CRA. Has anyone done this before? Any idea on processing time as I looked online and could not find any. Hoping this process is a quick one as I need those pension funds here in the USA thank you everyone for your input.
  5. I am scheduled for Nov 27 @ 830am. You?
  6. Omg I know. It only moved about 10 mins away from original location so I did not see it as that big of an inconvenience. However, could be a major inconvenience for others without transportation. Just another wrench in the masterplan. Lol
  7. Thank you for the input, if that is the case I think I’ll stay out with the appointment I have. Thanks again.
  8. I waited, and waited, and waited some more, finally after 3 weeks since it was sent to Montreal. I called and they sent me packet 3 online. Never received hard copy.
  9. Thank you very very much for the tip. You’re 100% right about the backlog. I was heartbroken to learn that I had to wait almost 2 months for an interview. Was just curious how they go about filling cancelled appointments and if they even try to fill those up or not. I have my my interview booked for Nov 27 but have been checking every day for new dates and there has t been anything for weeks. Ill just be grateful that I got an interview at all. Thanks
  10. Just curious, has as anyone ever been able to reschedule their appointment for a date sooner than initially scheduled? If there’s a cancellation, does a slot become available? Just curious, thanks
  11. Good catch! Glad you clarified because I had the same question a while ago and was told they are the same. Thank you for catching that!! Good catch! Glad you clarified because I had the same question a while ago and was told they are the same. Thank you for catching that!!
  12. Our bank did a wire transfer from Canada to US. I think they charged us $25. It was easier than carrying a wad of cash while travelling. We just gave our bank info to our Canadian Bank and they were happy to do it for us.
  13. Hi! I have my medical on Nov 21 and interview on Nov 27. My medical results will be ready for pick up on the 26th. They will not mail them. They have to be picked up, signed for and then taken to the interview. I was told that the medical office does not mail medicals anywhere. If you have more than a week in between I would just call them and ask them to hold onto results until you return for your interview. As far as the passport pics, it was also explained to me that Canadian and American picture specifications are the same. I’m just getting new ones done for myself and kids as that is the last thing I want holding me up.
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