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  1. In Canada we were allowed to remain as common law when my partner moved there from the USA. 100% legit and legal. No marriage necessary. In the US you are not allowed to immigrate based on Common law status. Whether that rubs you the right way or not - we have been 100% truthful and legit through this entire process and in the end does not matter how it makes you feel.
  2. Without approval, I ran the risk of my K-1 visa and application being forfeited. The K-1 Visa is only valid for a “one-time entry”. This is outlined clearly once your K-1 is approved and issued. Just so happened that my ex-husband/father of my children had a stroke the day before we entered the US. I had to consult directly with USCIS to be granted permission to leave the US and return to Canada to bring my kids to see their father (his future is very unstable at this point). I did not want to run the risk of having to start over - we can all appreciate how much time and effort goes into the K-1 process. @Villanelle I had to speak some “higher-ups” at USCIS and put my unique scenario into writing (email). Also, send copies of everything via email as well. I think they also had to consult with CBP and Montreal. Not even exactly sure what took place behind the scenes. wish I knew who was all involved as I feel personally indebted to them for going the extra mile to allow me such a privilege. I understand wholly that this type of thing is not taken lightly and not given to every person. I am truly truly thankful. with all that being said, I would like to remind others that this site it a site for advice, direction, and often hope. I was saddened to see so many people so quick to say “not a chance” and such, rather than give advice. This is an unfortunate scenario, not one I would wish on anyone. I was not coming her for permission but rather to find those that had the ability to understand, guide, and offer some help. I was astonished at many of the responses from others, and then those who took it upon themselves to draw assumptions. It has lessened my faith in my peers on this site and has certainly ‘cheapened’ the experience. I only hope that for anyone going through my unfortunate circumstances will find this thread and be offered a ray of Hope. Also, as a reminder - if something so urgent and important does occur, to report directly to USCIS rather than take words offered here as gospel. where there’s a will, there’s a way. And while the whole Visa process seems daunting and almost autonomous - there are real people that stand behind these policies and process these applications that are willing to listen and understand! Again, much gratitude for them, for the process, and for those that are here to truly help. cheers.
  3. The ability to leave under emergency circumstances and not have my application scrapped was. That was my initial query - not the million other assumptions that were made.
  4. Update: Approved to leave. so so glad it was up to the immigration officers I met with today and not some of you! have a great day!
  5. Thank you. I found a similar thread here where it was possible. In a total bind here. Have affairs in US that need to be taken care of andouille emergencies in Canada. when it rains, it pours 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. Impossible! The vehicle I am renting is from the US - will be entering US in the morning. Was going to bring this matter to their attention tomorrow when I cross. at my interview last week the lady said to me “you must not leave, and then re-enter US before you are married” to which I thought “no kidding, why would I?” Then this happened. totally freaking out
  7. Help! Just got K-1 approval today. Entering USA in the morning, and just learned that my children’s father (who lives in Canada) has just suffered a stroke 😞 needing time take the kids to see their father. Cannot do so for another 2 weeks. (Dec -8) This is a must! What do I do? Staying in Canada is not a possibility for right now, will be married next weekend (Dec 14) Can I expect trouble upon re-entry into the USA? thank you.
  8. Oh hell naw! Mine said that after a while too. I wasn’t having it. I called and picked mine up at the depot at 630. Couldn’t stand to be here a moment longer than necessary. We are off tomorrow morning!
  9. How do you know that? My tracking does not give a delivery date. I assumed it was going to be tomorrow
  10. You’re issued too?! Yesssss! So happy for you. You've been so patient; unlike me. Lol
  11. @Thrillhouse @klgck visa Issued! AIS website still says “Status: Appointment” but CEAC says issued. Whew. Sweet relief.
  12. That is so so exciting!! Wish I had you planning my events! So organized - love it!
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