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  1. I doubt the embassy would have any issues with the terms of your scholarship, especially if you were underage. I thought you were talking about Higher Education, whose terms are much more enforceable because the investment is usually higher. Checking the terms of your scholarship is something you should do for your own peace of mind, or in that case, your mother's. As to your visa interview, if you have already checked that your J1 had the requirement waived, I don't see it becoming an issue in the future. Good luck with your K1.
  2. Immigration wise it looks like you have nothing to worry about. That being said, I know that in my country the funding agency can take action against you (asking for a reimbursement, for instance), since they agreed to pay for your studies on the prerrogative you would return to your home country and make their investment in you worth it. Make sure to double check the terms of your scholarship to see if you haven't violated them, and prepare accordingly.
  3. Relatives that can apply for AoS are always gonna be seen as that, as people that will potentially enter the country for a visit and then have a change of mind and adjust status. As mentioned before, thank all the "visitors" that never left the country for that. Fair? Probably not. But the CO doesn't know your family, the character of the people involved, nada. They have to make a decision based on what they have, and what they have is an only daughter with grandkids, which configures a stronger reason to stay in the US than to return to Mexico.
  4. OP might be required to provide more evidence depending on how citizenship was acquired. There has been a recent case in which an applicant from Italy was under much more scrutinity than usual because he was originally from Nigeria.
  5. I was going to suggest that the OP should send more evidence of financial comingling, but if they don't have those yet, they might as well send what they have. Even though lots of people here on VJ keep saying kids are not evidence of a bonafide marriage per se, birth certificates of children are on the list of what USCIS considers evidence... My point is, pictures and an ultrasound are secondary evidence, but they will not harm the OP's case. Therefore, if they want to send it, they might as well, but as you said, it won't be much of an enhancement.
  6. Not necessarily true. When I attended my AoS interview, even before we took our seats the IO said she had already made a decision based on my case file (which we had frontloaded with joint bank accounts, joint lease, and other documents of bonafide marriage). So yes, things do get judged before that, maybe not in all LOs, but in some it definitely happens, and if the OP has the opportunity to send the evidence now, I see no reason for her not to.
  7. It would be useful to gather a statement from the therapist/psychiatrist that you have been seeing, so that you will be able to prove the information you have just shared here. Mental health is one of the topics you will be asked about during the medical examination and as with everything else, you are expected to answer all questions with honesty. If you have papers showing previous/ongoing treatment, you might want to take them with you just in case.
  8. Brazilian authorities only issue emergency passports in circumstances that could not be predicted by the applicant. Sadly, "forgot to check expiration date" does not qualify as a valid reason so OP is indeed subject to regular processing times, with which I am not currently familiar. OP, if you file for extension, please come back to update us when you get a response.
  9. Of course one might use AP for things that are not emergencies. The whole point here being, things the are not emergencies can wait til GC is issued if applicant chooses so. That dream cruise to the Bahamas? Can wait. A seriously ill friend or parent? Not so much. But the AP will let you do both so there is no reason not to apply.
  10. Silly question and I am not even sure I am posting it in the right place. I applied for EAD and AP in December last year; got my green card in March this year. Never got the combo card and its status on the website is still pending. I am assuming that they will no longer be produced (since they are now unnecessary due to GC). Visajourney keeps sending me estimates for when I will receive my EAD and AP and that made me realize cases like mine might mess up estimates for others. After all, we are no longer "waiting" for the combo card. How should I update my timeline then? Should I just leave the dates for AP and EAD open, or should I enter the same dates as my GC with a note explaining it?
  11. Advance Parole is a document you should have for the event of an emergency. As in: for things you cannot plan for. Sure, even if you have no plans to travel anytime soon, a close relative might still get sick or heaven forbid, pass away, and then what? You will have to file for an emergency AP and that is a headache. Apply now, since it is free anyway. Better have one and not use it than to need one and not have it.
  12. The applications for Advance Parole and EAD require photos. Photographs You must submit two identical color passport-style photographs of yourself taken recently. The photos must have a white to off-white background, be printed on thin paper with a glossy finish, and be unmounted and unretouched.
  13. Good luck to your wife in her immigration journey! The costs involved in the process can be a pain but in the end it will all be worth it.
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