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  1. iwent to the one in texas city the lady said she had to run it through the system iwould get a letter and a week later i got my letter saying to go get my lisence.
  2. you can take that extension and renew your dl to the dmv .
  3. it says the same thing interview was scheduled
  4. other wise it wouldnt of gotten stamped right.
  5. mine hasnt but ive read that sometimes it doesnt get updated.so idk idont want to stress it even if they told me it was approved and she stamped my passport.
  6. how long after interview does online case status change if officer said you were approved?she did say i should get my gc in 2-3 weeks
  7. the officer didnt specifically ask for anything she just said what proof we had took it all and said im going to approve you she didnt ask me much just the regular yes and no questions thats about it she asked my husband 2 questions where he was born and where we met thats it .it all depends im glad i got the officer i did she was nice it was a concidence that we both come from fl as well before we moved here to htx
  8. guys i got approved on the spot i got my passport stamped incase iwant to travel im so happy😁
  9. have my interview tommorow will keep you guys updated im praying everything goes fine!
  10. how did you guys dress for the interview?are jeans okey?
  11. hey my lawyer told me to take all originals of everything they ask for on the letter. And if they needed a copy they can do that. Yet on the paper they ask what to take it says take copies and originals. And it asks for translation of my birth certificate. And he said take the original since they should already have the translated one he sent out back then when i started my case. Can you guys help me out since i dont want to get denied or scheduled another day. Thank you
  12. congrats!!!what did you use to take all your paper work?folder ,binder?was it all seperate originals copies and album? 3 different folders ?...getting all my stuff ready