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  1. Hey J, thank you very much for your messages. Well, my husband is going to call tomorrow on the military line and ask what we can do. I will keep you guys updated about it and once again thank you for always helping, Hey londonergirl hahaa ok thank you for helping me too and always giving me suggestions and advice. Well, If I have any questions I will talk to you. Is your spouse in US Army too? oh and I'm a man hahahaha! (no worries)
  2. Sorry! I already apologized. I typed it wrong and I couldn't edit anymore.
  3. Thank you very very very much for the words J! haha! I feel so much better with you all helping me.
  4. I'm already married to him and my immigrant visa will be the IR1. But we will to check it out.
  5. Well, probably I can do that. I should to check on that. Yes, it is considered a US soil and that's why we have no problem about to prove domicile. I will ask him to verify that on base. Well, maybe I should contact the USCIS military line.
  6. I think I got really in panic and I forgot the fact the medical exams is valid for 5 months and half. The thing is he told me that they could deny buut it is 90% sure he will move back in September.
  7. Sorry I typed wrong in my topic! My interview will be in June. That's right!
  8. Well, I will to try to talk to them and see what they tell me because at this point I don't know what to do! It is very complicated my situation (I think, at least)
  9. I need to plan what I'm going to do now. Me and my husband are feeling lost right now.
  10. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! GLORIES TO GOD! I got my email today. June 11 is my interview date hahaha! Thank God!
  11. Hello guys, I have a problem right now. So My husband is a U.S. Citizen and he is an active duty military. Right now he is stationed in Germany and he can't fly with me because he will be on mission and I would like to know if I can travel alone to USA? I read on the website that the sponsor needs to be in USA or needs to fly with me there. Does anyone knows more about it?