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  1. That is a good sign, everyone that gets a visa gets their passport taken after interview, just wait the 2 weeks out it might not even be up to that before you hear from them but i am sure you are fine! Goodluck
  2. That’s Correct! I deal with too much embassies these days lol Thanks...
  3. Sister, what i can tell you is to pause the filing for now and build enough evidence and maybe file it this same time next year... Visit each other and spend enough time and gather everything, it also helps your relationship too... According to everything you said you have i think you need more evidence. US embassy in Naija can be a hard rock to crack with a weak case... Goodluck
  4. After 21 days of waiting after my interview, my greencard has finally been approved... Saturday approval 😊
  5. It truly is, we had our own on June 21st 2019 too and up till now we have heard nothing, when i track it, it just say"Interview was scheduled" it is sick... Since yours is now longer, what have you tried? Have you tried contacting them? I haven't done anything yet since it is just about 8 working days after the interview and the IO said they are waiting for a file from our K1 petition from the consulate.
  6. Well that’s not nice... Did they tell you why this is happening?
  7. Congratulations. This is what we are going through. Had our interview last week Friday 21st June and the IO said they need to request our K1 petition file... And it still says “Interview was scheduled” on their website. It’s never easy with these people, is it? Umm 😐
  8. Don’t cover a lie with a lie, if you are asked be truthful and tell them he’s been the father for you since you lost your father. What they hate most is when you cover up a lie with another lies... You have high chances being a CR1
  9. We had our interview on 21st Of June , everything was perfect, took about 20 -25 minutes or so and the IO said everything looks fine to him and that we should wait for some couple of weeks as they need some files from our initial I-129F petition sent from the USCIS HQ to them here in Los Angeles, he handed me the infamous white letter that says further review and shiii, well the interview is past now and we will wait till we hear from them. I will prolly be giving them 30 days before i start to worry and rain in calls. I just hope i can make my Mexico trip for September, i do not want to travel with my combo card at all!... Honestly i used to worry a lot before but they (USCIS) taught me what real patience is after waiting 11 months for a K1 approval without any RFE's and now wife even confirms that my patience has improved (Slightly) Back to work lol
  10. Lol we live in Los Angeles i wouldn’t even be comfortable to go to Santa Monica Beach (5 Miles Away) if i hadn’t filed AOS 😂😂😂 File that AOS asap... Things are now changing with immigration...
  11. Our AOS Interview is tomorrow 21st June 2019... Los Angeles, California... I can't wait to get this phase done and over with... PD: October 11 2018... Ead/AP: February 28th 2019....
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