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  1. I guess we should be expecting a letter sometime soon. Thank you
  2. My wife’s I-751 online status was updated 2 days ago to “Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken”. We sent the packet in October 2021 and we’ve never received any biometric notice. Does this mean they’ve used her biometrics from when we filed AOS? If so, are we still going to get a notice about it?
  3. If I was in your shoes, I would file now and include everything you’ve mentioned. I would also include the DoD dependent ID and have your name on his lease if possible.
  4. You don’t need to file I-751 if you’re not within 90 day window of the expiration of the conditional green card. If you’re not naturalized by your 90 day window, then I’d consider filing the I-751 just to be safe.
  5. I’m in the Army and as far as I can tell, the military doesn’t help expedite GC application for a potential recruit. He can start talking to recruiters and getting the process started but there is not a lot they can do without his GC. With the Army, you can ship to basic training with a conditional GC (as long it’s still valid for at least 6 months and won’t expire while in training). I think Air-force is the one branch I know where you’ll need a 10 year GC to enlist (not sure if it’s the same for active and reserve). You can try to expedite the application if he meets one of those criteria or ask a recruiter just Incase I might be wrong. Good luck!
  6. Thanks for replying, I don’t know why it’s just making me nervous. Everything is already listed on the cover letter attached to the whole package and I did fill the “pay to” portion (US department of homeland security)
  7. Mailed I-751 today and my wife’s GC expires 01-22-2022. Everything went well except I forgot to fill out the “from” and “Address” portion of the money order. Will this be a problem?
  8. Anyone knows what the current requirement is in order to get an N-426 certified for active or guard member? I know you needed only 1 day of active duty at some point but I’m not sure what it is now. TIA
  9. If he got here on a spousal visa, you don’t need an adjustment of status or show a proof that you’re not working.
  10. You were right bro. We were at the appointment today and was told sometimes people get the CoC before the biometric appointment but he definitely needed to be captured as a new citizen. Thank you!
  11. All I sent to my wife (then fiancé) were my last 3 LES, last 3 tax return transcripts, a document called “statement of military compensation” which I also printed from the portal, not sure if that is the “statement of service” you mentioned. I added it because its basically an highlight of everything I make in the military yearly. Nothing was signed, there were all straight from their various websites. Good luck!
  12. You’re welcome. Sorry I really can’t remember what the priority date on the receipt notice was, I only remembered we filed towards the end of May 2019 and she got interviewed and got her green card January 2020.
  13. It’s unlikely they will expedite your case but it’s worth a try. As far as I’ve seen, the processing timeline is pretty much the same for military and non-military. The only difference is they understand the needs of the military. My wife (then fiancé) got here on a K1 visa (took a year), I tried to have her AOS packet expedited on humanitarian ground when I knew I was deploying but it was denied. She had her green card interview alone while I was deployed in iraq and got approved. All cases are different, you can try the military helpline.
  14. We’ve finally received his passport. Thought I update you on it, thanks.
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