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  1. We did the online form and got a confirmation after submitting, but never anything after. Assuming possible we submitted the wrong one as well.
  2. Yep no actually interview, like the other post states just a trick to get an actual person on the line. Agent was able to help. Looks like even though we filed the documentation online about moving to different addresses it never actually got linked. Agent stated the extension letter was mailed to old address, hoping we can get another copy of an equivalent.
  3. Was able to talk to an agent by asking the bot to reschedule my interview. Apparently our address was never updated, they placed us on an urgent contact list since we have a notice from the state stating her driver's license is set to expire. Should have someone calling within 72 hrs to schedule us in Philly
  4. Looks like the bot no longer recognizes these as valid reasons sadly. I tried a few more varieties but just keeps directing me back to the website. Anyone know how to inquire on an ecase inquiry? I have one that was supposed to be answered by May 8th, but never got a response.
  5. Ugh sorry to hear that! I definitely feel your pain! Been a frustrating process. @Mike EEEE Either of you have word of wisdom of how to get someone on the phone after stating infopass? I keep trying but just redirects me to website.
  6. Very much appreciate the insight! Do you know of the best number to call or what to say to bypass the machine? I haven't had luck getting a real person or maybe I'm saying the wrong stuff to get the machine to help me.
  7. We have not unless it went to our old address. Last we received was a 24 month.
  8. Hello, We filed our our I-751 almost 2 years ago, before the initial 2 year Permanent Residence Expired. We received a notice of a 2 year extension not long after, but have heard nothing since. We got notice the driver's license will soon expire. When checking the case online it just states the Case was updated to Show Fingerprints taken, which was shortly after filing. We have moved since submitting the paperwork and filed the documents stating we have moved, but didn't receive any updates. The UCSIS website says it's taking 28.5 months to process through the Potomac Center which is past our expiration date. Has this happened to anyone else yet? Is there anyone we can reach out to? I've tried calling any contact number I can find and submitting case inquiries online but receive nothing back. Any help or insight is very much appreciated. We have another child on the way and with all our documents expiring it is adding some stress.
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