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  1. I think Houston is about a month behind Dallas. Dallas is working on May now. Our status changed on Friday to "Interview was Scheduled". We should be receiving our letter with the date for our interview by end of this week.
  2. Yeah, I'm just a couple of hours away from OKC!
  3. EAD/AP takes about 4-6 months. The GC will depend on where you live and the address you listed when you filed. Some are quick within a few months and some can take over a year for your GC. Go here to get information on processing times in your area.
  4. Hey @AmandaandChayne!!! Been a long time since we chatted! We joined this site about the same time. So glad to hear that you were approved for your GC! We're still awaiting ours at this point but we did receive the EAD/AP Combo card about 2 months ago. We're probably about another 2 months out for our GC interview. Dallas is one of the busier Field Offices so it takes a bit to get an interview. No issues though! The Mrs. is able to work and has all of her US documents. Next step, GC!
  5. Hi @Juliee sorry for the delay. Yes we verified that the courier had the visa and then we went and picked it up.
  6. Yeah it's one of the busiest in the country. USCIS suppose to be implementing a new process for over crowded field offices. They plan to have some cases moved to other not so crowded field offices. They can send ours to Tampa. We'll make the flight!
  7. If it means we can get through this process quicker, I'll fly!
  8. Glad all went well for you sir. Congrats on you both expecting! Did they approve you on the spot or will they notify you later? Yeah, depending on your location and the person doing the interview, the questions and the process could be very different. I've been monitoring Dallas AOS filers and it look like it's about a year wait for our local office.
  9. Cost is $1225 for everything. This includes the cost of biometrics as well. You can send one check for everything or pay by card.
  10. Many blessings for you and your wife on your interview tomorrow sir! I pray all goes well and you receive your GC soon!
  11. Most are pretty much in a holding pattern for those who have received their K1 Visa. Awaiting AOS which could be short or very long depending your assigned local field office.
  12. It takes about a week for them to contact you. You can speed up the process by contacting them. Go ahead and send your Profile page, DS160 and a scanned copy of your bank receipt. That will pretty much bypass them sending you the P3 and they will send P4 so you can schedule your medical instead.
  13. I believe timelines in Dallas have decreased some. Reviewing others it look like it's about a year wait to get an interview. Let's hope the process continues speeding up!
  14. Backlogged!!! At Dallas Field Office we're looking about 2 years. I'm hoping it goes quicker but Dallas has one of the highest wait times. Maybe I should move to Tampa!
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