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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone can answer this for me. I am far from noa2 right now but wanted to get an idea what's the processing time length from when the case number is assigned at Nvc to getting an interview letter?
  2. Thank you so much!! I thought so, but it was the "any other" throwing me off
  3. Hi, Thanks for posting this thread. It's really helpful. I just have a question regarding I 129f I filed I 130 and I want to file k3. In the current version. Of the i 129f form in part 1 page 4 question 43 asks If you've ever filed I 129F for any other beneficiary before? I had initially filed I 129 f for k1 visa for my fiance who is now my husband back in 2017, it was approved then it was sent back at embassy level. So we got married and now going through the cr1 route. How am I suppose to answer that question? Since it's for the same person
  4. First thank you so much to everyone here. You are all ma sha allah amazing and supportive people. Thank you for your duas and kind words. They are definitely not wasted. My fiance and I were really upstet but we are calm and our hearts are at peace. I verified our situation through my senator. Anyone who is stuck in the process or may become stuck and read this, i just want you to know don't lose hope, this is a small hurdle that we will get over. There is a reason behind this denial maybe to save us from a bigger catastrophe down the line concerning adjustment of status etc. Plan is to go to pakistan, get married, and apply for cr1. According to them, my fiance doesn't qualify for k1 visa category, i think we might be too married for them because our relationship although very halal still very out of norms of the Pakistani culture. And they just needed a reason since the current administration has established and upheld severe scrutiny laws. I am glad for this reason because Allah will make it easier for us the rest of the journey and i will pray and continue to pray for all of you my brothers and sisters that you are soon reunited with your loved ones and don't have to face what we faced. Dont let the broken US immigration system define and rule your life. Live your life and always always hope for the best. Because i still have hope and still very determined. Remember me in your prayers. ❤❤❤
  5. After requesting a second medical and making us wait about 50 days, it updated today, it says "returned to NVC" I guess it's not meant to be. I am just really numb right now.... if you were going to reject someone don't make them wait a fuk*** 10 months after the interview
  6. @paki-guy i have a question. My fiance's ds160 just expired on may 20th. Should we submit a new one or wait for instructions from the embassy?
  7. Some days are harder, Just got off facetime with my fiance, he had a melt down... His family is not even in Pakistan, everyone is abroad and he is by himself. It's been more than year since he moved back to Pakistan..we thought it may not take as long as it's taking... How do you say to someone you love very much that inshallah it's gonna be alright. My belief hasn't been broken, i still have hope but how do you keep pushing.. Thank you for listening
  8. That would be nice, but i have a lot of responsibilities and we are financially more stable and my fiance realizes that too..he moved his life here already..he is just missing himself. Inshallah i am very hopeful but i feel really upset when half of Ramadan has already came and gone and eid is soon approaching..i just want to spend it with him...this year. It will be our 4th ramadan and eid apart. Please remember me in your prayers
  9. Yea i leftt it up to Allah And when i share here my feelings and struggle...you all help me. Thank you for your kind words.:)
  10. 45 days since we submitted the second medical... I feel like when my fiance was requested for updated medical we felt so hopeful..i still am but it really pulls you apart. Before we were asked, we were honestly expecting to wait even longer and we put it in the back of our heads. We were planning for other ways to be together. Go to a different country or something. Then alhamdullilah this happened and now we re back to just thinking about it every day of every minute..except really on the weekends when we know the embassy is closed... Allah please have mercy on us. This is really draining.
  11. @Rashid patras it's a good sign that your case date is updated back ti back. Hope for some good news inshallah! I hope you don't have to wait as long as most if us here. It's a torturous experience.
  12. We've had updates but still shows AP.. tried reaching out to embassy and no response from them either. Inshallah inshallah i hope so too. I hope and pray for you too..you've had erratic updates too. Inshallah
  13. Hey all! Hope you are all well!! Let's hope for the best this week!!! Inshallah
  14. Extreme vetting already existed, especially since 9/11 the current administration just boosted it with this DS. And social media check etc was already in practice during obama era. This immigration policy plans to eliminate family based immigration and sticken h1b visas. They want to give out visas based on merit and skill. And that is why it won't hold up in congress and majority Democrats will definitely vote against it
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