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  1. Has anyone who interviewed in November or December gotten their visa issued? .
  2. Hi, Is anyone waiting for their visa to be issued after the interview? Status shows refused which is the new 'administrative processing ' How long did you wait for your visa fo be issued or if you're still waiting? Especially if you didn't receive a 221g but instead were told by the co that you are approved and given a document that states that. Thanks in advance for your comments
  3. Here's hoping to the US embassy keeping up that momentum. Hoping for our letter soon. Good luck 👍
  4. My husband's documents were dq on Oct 7th. Has anyone gotten an interview letter from Oct 1st to Oct 10th?
  5. Has anyone who was dq in September 2020 or October 2020 had an interview scheduled?
  6. My husband and I are in the same boat... we've been DQ since October 2020... 😞
  7. Hi I am just wondering about the timeline at the US embassy in Islamabad and what are their timeline for interview. Our documents were qualified in October 2020. Anyone else waiting..? Have any of you tried an expedite for an interview? What was your experience? And the reason for it?
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