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  1. Congratulations on your successful interview. Please is there any WhatsApp group for CR1. If yes , how can I get added?. 

    1. IoptimisticOne


      Hi. I heard there’s a WhatsApp group. But I was never able to join with the links out there. But I know there’s a Facebook group. Search Nigeria ir1/cr1 visa. There are a few, but there’s one that is very active.

  2. After you send in the court certified divorce document and you don’t hear anything from them after say a month. You have to be very proactive and try to get an info pass appointment at the same field office you had your interview. Especially since you submitted the I-751 since 2018. You’ve waited enough!
  3. Well, my husband went for the interview and he was not asked about his previous visa applications. Thankfully. He was asked a few questions and his visa was approved, as of today, visa is issued. Thanks for the help everyone.
  4. Not sure I really understand the question, maybe it’s me. But if they are your step kids, regardless of whether they are married with their own family. Their names should be added to the petition. For documentation, your step kids birth certificate showing your spouse’s name as a parent is enough documentation. Also you can add a copy of your marriage certificate showing you are married to their father, which proves that you are a step parent.
  5. If you can get the hospital to write a statement sworn under oath that they clear birth records every 5years, then that will be great. You can also present a copy of your Korean birth certificate that states that you were born in Indonesia - show that to the hospital, maybe they’d be willing to help somehow. They may or may not be willing to help. But you can try. Best of luck.
  6. When you filled out the I-129f, did you choose a country embassy/consulate in the petition where you want your petition to be processed? Since your petition number starts with a WAC……., nvc cannot process it. If that’s the case, I think their might be hope to salvage your petition. Get on it with the help of the U.S citizen’s senator and a lawyer. There might be hope!
  7. To begin with. I am so sorry you are going through this pain and disappointment. I noticed it took 17months for your petition to be approved, that’s very unusual, did you get an RFE while the case was with USCIS? If you did, what was the RFE about? Also, for NVC to return your petition, I think there was an error on the part of USCIS in approving the petition and NVC had to return it. If you guys never had an interview at the u.s consulate then I can only imagine your confusion as to why it was sent back. You can contact nvc through their portal since calls are no longer allowed; but you won’t get a response for months. I’d also recommend the USCIS partner to contact his/her senator for help ASAP because you need to know what went wrong before filing another k1 or cr1 petition - so that you don’t repeat the same mistake.
  8. If the parent is already in the United States, what name is on their U.S or foreign document. It might be easier for you to prove that - that is their correct name. But if your parent are still abroad, then put the correct spelling in the k1 application AND include copies of parent birth certificate and your own birth certificate with the wrong spellings. Then write a letter addressing the wrong spellings, if you can have your parent sign an affidavit on the letter wherever they are. Then great. I say all that to say this. In the future if you need to petition for them, it’s better to kinda clear it up now on the USCIS side, so that it’s already established in their record. if you keep sweeping it under the carpet using the wrong names, chances are that it may come back to bite you. But then again, parent/parent name is not the basis of a k1 application so you should be fine. It shouldn’t affect the approval.
  9. 17 days is a long time, the senator’s office should have gotten a response by now. If the answer to the senator’s office is still no, try again on your own. There’s no limit to how many times you can try, just make sure you attach proof of the issue - it helps.
  10. We got a response for the expedite request in 7days. Then another 6days followed and we got an appt date.
  11. Do you have an expedite reason? You should consider sending a letter to NVC if you have one. That’s what we did! The wait is crazy, hang in there!
  12. So, when I was still a permanent resident 4years ago. Spouse filled a ds-160 and although he said we were married and included my name in the ds-160, he put in his address as my address and clicked “no” that he has no relative in the U.S - and he was going to a friend’s wedding. The visa was refused. Issue is now our ir1 interview is upcoming in a few weeks. I’m concerned that his “No” answer to having a spouse/relative in the u.s may be charged as misrepresentation. Should we be worried?
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