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  1. Flyover states just doing that flyover state stuff ...
  2. there is book smart ... then there is come in out of the rain smart (common sense) not sure these people fit either category
  3. flint lock vs percussion vs single shot BP vs modern ... yea we've covered them all in this thread. it should be easy to tell who the players are vs the media & hype followers
  4. RL 550B and a single stage for development purposes ... can't go wrong. Unless you want the XL650 ... yea i can tell your equipment has some mileage on it too ... the 550B is now the 550C nothing like the stroking motion of using the reloading press to make the wife jealous and want to take control of things ...
  5. she didn't take a knee ? deny it was her ? blame it on the equipment ? start a riot in protest ? start an anti-gov't group ? you're saying ... some well known public figure actually said they take full responsibility for their actions ?!?! I'm shocked ... just shocked I'm tell'n ya ... check your sources ... this has to be fake news !!
  6. Load you own, tune to your rifle ... and don't look back.
  7. Shooting BP is in some ways a lost art. There are many tricks of the trade to minimize bore fouling and retain accuracy. Everything from powder brand, granulation, temperature/humidity for selecting powder (think Montana vs gulf coast TX), load, compression, wad, bullet (greased ... round or conical) and of course the fun factor of simply enjoying shooting. If you are proficient and very patient ... then one shot should be all you need. Bambi is definitely extremely skittish and makes an exit faster than the road runner even without the "beep beep". Looks like you've got the cleaning routine similar to mine. Water does wonders for cleaning BP. So does 409, simply green, ballistol, or other mild water based cleaner mixed in water (who needs the expensive stuff). Clean after shooting, lightly oil and put away. Next day take it out and give it a quick clean routine again and you should be GTG. Single Shot BPCR is much easier to clean than a ML. Push the damp patches through, check for lead fouling, wipe it all down and oil, then repeat the next day. BPCR rifles tend to be on the expensive side ... it still amazes me how fast and easy they are to clean and maintain.
  8. You can't reload a front stuffer at a rate of 2-3 times a minute ? ... Old school techniques under the best of conditions might get this rate of fire.
  9. and the accusers who lie? photos ... little blue dress ... oh the stories that were told to protect themselves
  10. Simple solution ... AF should hold himself to the same standards he has for others. Any punishment he demands for others in this situation ... he should lead by example.
  11. Who is the favorite ... and what are the odds?
  12. Yup ... pass a law stating that people shouldn't pee into the wind ... and guess what? Somebody will pee into the wind and blame it on someone else cause they got wet.
  13. The US does protect itself. Can't protect (legislate) people from being stupid Isn't the UK with its draconian firearm laws moving onto the next weapon of choice? How did the new firearm laws stop violent crime? Seem to recall there are surrenderyourknife drop boxes in the UK for knives, scissors and other sharp implements. Wonder if all the food is now going to be pureed since knives are going out of fashion. Moving back to topic ...
  14. Similar, yet not like the USA. We are unique. Nothing wrong about that. Who wants to be just like the others? If you don't already know what makes the US different ... maybe you'll understand some day