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  1. Just double checking that I understand this... Ok, so my fiance was NOT given a copy of the DS3025. Everything was put in a sealed envelope and sent to the consulate for his interview. He even asked if there was any document that he needed to take with him and the doctor said no, it was all in the envelope. He was only given a shot record from the clinic showing what vaccines he was given that day (the 4 that are required). So we need to get a copy of the DS3025 from the doctor in Brazil to send in with the adjustment of status application?
  2. I wouldn't wait until that deadline. I would contact them as soon as possible to make sure they received the documents. I happened to be dealing with the consulate in Brazil.
  3. So we had sent our additional documents June 4 and I received an email stating they were received We heard nothing from them and I waited the 60 days (that I read about somewhere but don't remember where now) and contacted them asking if there was anything else needed and when we might expect an answer. They replied saying that they never received the documents. 🤦‍♀️ Resent the documents last Friday, received another email saying they were received Monday and got a phone call from them today saying they were getting ready to approve the visa. My fiancé has also received an email asking that he send in his passport to receive the visa. He insists on hand delivering it! lol So two months of waiting for nothing, basically, but everything is finally resolving! No more Now we can !
  4. I happen to be a midwife. In Texas. This happens a lot actually. I get two to three requests per year from children or parents of children who were born at home trying to obtain a passport or even RENEW a passport they already have and they are told that their birth certificate from the state of Texas isn't enough proof. The federal government demands a certified copy of the birth records as well. It seems to happen more often to people who have a Hispanic last name or who have one parent who is from a foreign country. And ONLY to those who were born at home or in a birth center in Texas. This all started years ago when some midwives on the border falsified birth records. Get a certified copy of your birth records from the midwife who attended your birth and make sure you have the long form of your birth certificate. Do it quick because birth records only have to be kept until the baby turns 21 (in Texas). The midwife may still have them. If you have those two things you should have the proof you need.
  5. We are in AP as well, almost two months now. We didn't have all the documents at the interview so we had to send a couple of other documents they requested. They gave my fiance his passport back at the interview. I'll be emailing Aug 4 (60 days after documents were accepted) to check on things, but will definitely be making a plan B as well.
  6. They gave my fiancé his passport back with a 221(g) also. We submitted the documents and it has been in administrative processing for a little over a month. The last update was June 25.
  7. Update after visa interview on May 7: Medical exam completed (over a month and a half after seeing the dr.) and additional documents submitted. Finally. Waiting on Administrative Processing. 60 days until we can inquire began Monday. Not sure how things will go from here because they gave him his passport back after the interview along with the request for more documents. Glad that things have gone smoothly for almost everyone else. That's what we expected, too. Such is life.
  8. They told him he needed MMR, Varicella and flu vaccine. Well, IF we get to the point of AOS he should be in good shape.
  9. Then I wish the doctor would clearly express those concerns to my fiance so that we can make a plan to deal it! He is stressed out to the max about this whole process!
  10. So the latest in the saga: Backstory - Fiance had his medical exam in late March or early April at the doctor in Sao Paulo. Thought everything was taken care of on that point. Bloodwork, X-ray, one vaccine. Nothing further was said or provided. Biometrics appointment on April 30. While he was at the appointment he received a call from the doctor's office: "We made a mistake. You need three more vaccines." He went and paid to get three more vaccines. So... This past Monday, after (finally) getting the additional documents requested by the consulate, and preparing to return to his hometown, the doctor's office calls again: "We need a copy of the sonogram you had on your liver two years ago." He says they asked him during his exam if he had ever had health problems and if he had an exam of this type in the past. He had. All was normal. End of questioning. No mention was made at the time of needing another sonogram or wanting a copy of the old one. Now, over a month later they want this information to be able to finalize his medical exam. 🤬 Nothing in this process is going the way it should.
  11. Dear applicant: The U.S. Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro has received your petition for a K visa. Congratulations – you are one step closer to your visa interview. Please follow the instructions below to prepare for your visa interview. Please read the following Information carefully to ensure you are fully prepared on the day of your interview. In order to avoid any unnecessary delays, please bring all of the documents listed here. Pay special attention to the documents below as these are the documents that can often delay visa applications if not submitted correctly. · Recent Police Certificate from the Federal Police · Recent Police Certificate from the “Secretaria de Segurança Pública” Here is the link for how to procure the correct police certificates: https://br.usembassy.gov/visas/list-public-security-secretariats/ Scheduling process step-by-step: 1- Fill out the DS-160 . A completed DS-160 is required for every applicant. 2- Register at the scheduling site. You will need your case number that was provided to you by the National Visa Center (NVC)- this is a 10-digit number that will most likely begin with “RDJ.” Make sure you are in the “Immigrant Visa” section of the website and select the option that states: “I HAVE RECEIVED A LETTER FROM THE CONSULAR SECTION WITH INSTRUCTIONS TO REGISTER OR SCHEDULE A K VISA APPOINTMENT.” 3- Choose your preferred delivery option for receiving the visa if your application is approved and enter your address if you choose home delivery. If you wish, you may choose to pick up your visa at one of the Applicant Service Centers (ASC/CASV). 4- Pay the required fee. Every applicant is required to pay the fee. 5- Schedule an appointment for your interview at the United States Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro and an appointment to provide your fingerprints and photograph at one of the ASC offices prior to your interview at the Consulate. 6- Print your confirmation page and bring it to the Consulate General on the day of your immigrant visa interview. All K visa applicants, regardless of age or gender, must have a medical examination with one of our authorized panel physicians before their interview at the Consulate General. We recommend you schedule your medical exam at least one week prior to your interview date. A list of the panel physicians and additional instructions are available here. Please note that you must complete the procedures described above for each dependent in your case. For example, if you are applying with your two children, you will need to follow these steps three separate times--one time for each person applying. Best Regards, Caro(a) solicitante de visto, O Consulado Americano do Rio de Janeiro recebeu sua petição para visto K. Parabéns. Você está um passo mais perto de sua entrevista. Por favor siga as instruções abaixo para preparação adequada para a entrevista de visto. Por favor, leia e siga cuidadosamente as informações a seguir para certificar-se que você estará preparado(a) para a sua entrevista. Para evitar atrasos desnecessários, por favor traga todos os documentos listados aqui. Preste atenção especialmente nos documentos abaixo. Uma vez que estes são os documentos que podem atrasar mais sua aplicação caso não sejam submetidos corretamente. · Atestado de Bons Antecedentes da Polícia Federal, recente. · Atestado de Bons Antecedentes da Secretaria de Segurança Pública, recente. Verificar o link: https://br.usembassy.gov/pt/visas-pt/noivos/a-entrevista/ Para informações de como obter os documentos. Passo-a-passo do processo de agendamento: 1. Preenchimento do formulário DS-160 . Um DS-160 é requerido de cada solicitante.; 2. Registre-se no site de agendamento. Você precisará do número do seu processo que foi enviado pelo National Visa Center (NVC) – este número possui 10 dígitos e em geral começa com “RDJ”. Favor verificar se você está na página correta do site, referente a “vistos de imigrantes” e escolha a opção que diz: “SOU UM(A) SOLICITANTE DE VISTO K E NECESSITO AGENDAR UMA ENTREVISTA”. 3. Escolher a forma a forma que deseja receber o passaporte e o pacote de visto de volta, caso seu requerimento de visto seja aprovado. Você deverá fornecer o seu endereço caso deseje entrega em domicílio ou optar pela retirada em um dos Centros de Atendimento ao Solicitante de Visto (CASV/ASC); 4. Pagar a taxa MRV requerida. Todos os solicitantes deverão pagar uma taxa cada; 5. Agendar a sua entrevista no Consulado do Rio de Janeiro e um agendamento em um dos Centros de Atendimento aos Solicitantes de Visto (CASV) para coleta de biometria e entrega da foto antes de sua entrevista no Consulado. 6. Imprimir sua carta de confirmação e trazê-la no dia da sua entrevista no Consulado. Todos os requerentes de visto K, independente de idade ou sexo, tem que se submeter a um exame médico, com um médico referenciado,antes da data da entrevista. Recomendamos que você agende sua visita ao médico com pelo menos uma semana de antecedência da data da sua entrevista. A lista dos médicos referenciados bem como instruções adicionais estão disponíveis aqui. Favor notar que o processo descrito acima deverá ser completado para cada dependente em seu processo. Exemplo. Se voce estiver solicitanto visto para você e seus dois filhos, você precisará seguir estes passos três vezes, um para cada pessoa. Atenciosamente
  12. Toothbrush color? 🤦‍♀️ I hope it moves quickly and you get approved Faisal. That's ridiculous. Give it a few days until it says Ready
  13. No, they don’t have it on the website and they SHOULD. And yes, we can email the document to them. HE told me that they said he would have to return for another interview. But I’m not sure that’s right. The interview is done, they asked him the typical questions. And CEAC says the visa is in Administrative Processing, which is correct since they requested further documents. So, I think one of two things will happen: a) they will get the document from him and either approve or deny the visa, OR b) they will get the document from him and the visa will sit in administrative processing until who knows when (as has happened to others). If by chance he does have to return for another appointment, you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be there. I agree. Completely understandable in this instance. And no, it’s not serious. Nothing that should get him denied based on what I’ve read on .gov websites. No jail time, not a federal offense, no drugs, trafficking, or moral turpitude.
  14. Ah. I got the correct term just now: “Certidão de Objeto e Pé”. Apparently it is a part of the “Certidão Negativa da Polícia Estadual” if there was a criminal action listed. He did tell me of a case that was filed against him. He went to court and the case has been resolved for some months now. I'm guessing that's why they want this. If you speak Portuguese: Certidão Negativa Criminal na Justiça Estadual ATENÇÃO: não deve ser confundida com a Certidão de Execuções Criminais. Esta Certidão deve ser emitida obedecendo aos seguintes critérios: ser de ações criminais (certidão “criminal” ou “penal”); referir-se ao Estado (Comarca) onde reside o pesquisado; fazer referência a Juizados Especiais Criminais; o pesquisado deve ser: i) se processo de pessoa física, o próprio requerente; ou ii) se processo de pessoa jurídica, o representante legal e o substituto imediato nomeados. Obs.: caso na Certidão constem ações criminais, pode ser também anexada uma “Certidão de Objeto e Pé” para cada ação, capaz de informar quem são as partes, qual o objeto da ação e em que pé está. A emissão desta Certidão depende do Estado onde reside o pesquisado. Geralmente, ela deve ser solicitada diretamente nos fóruns responsáveis. (NOTE: if the Certificate contains criminal actions, a "Certificate of Object and Foot" may be attached to each action, capable of informing who the parties are, what the object of the action is and where it stands.)
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