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  1. California the great MDL empire. Odd its borderline socialist policies have it vastly approaching the economic outcomes of a 3rd world country. 2 classes wealthy and poor
  2. Just like when active duty assits in natural disasters in support role. Now if it was a matter of citizens inside our borders rioting, I believe Marshall law has to be declared, otherwise the Sates Natl Guard is used on states orders. LBJ pulled a slick one , when put the natl guard enforcing segregation on Federal Orders
  3. Ask Mueller, that is what he has spent many millions supposedly investigating
  4. And not one single charge had anything to do with Russian collusion.
  5. It's funny how so many pretend these illegals have a legitimate asylum claim. Even the most fringe MDL know it's a con. Almost as bad an acting job, as the senators who gushed "We believe you Dr Ford.
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