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  1. You can put both as your current employer. I did that.
  2. My country, Indonesia, is similar to Laos in that it doesn't allow dual citizenship. I don't have to inform the Indonesian embassy that I am now an American citizen and I can still use my Indonesian passport to travel. The complication arises when it comes to entering and leaving Indonesia. Indonesian immigration has, the majority of the time, asked me for my green card or USA visa when exiting. Now that I am a citizen I obviously have no green card to show, and that would give away that I am American. Laos may be similar in that if there is exit immigration checks, they will find out. Some people I have known use a third country to try and avoid this. Such as leaving and entering Indonesia with an Indonesian passport but arriving/going to a visa free country, such as Singapore, before traveling onwards to the US with their US passport.
  3. No, the time starts based on Green Card issue date.
  4. I naturalized fine being outside more than 6 months, less than a year. I timed the filing so that the 5 year look back made the 'counted' days of the trip 179 days, so as not to break continuous residence. If it says 180, depending on officer, I can see them complaining about it. 181+ the burden is on you to prove you did not abandon residency, which is a whole other headache.
  5. Naturalized the other day. Filed in early October. So 4 months in total from application to Oath Ceremony. For those wondering about same day oath, the last oath ceremony is 3:45pm, when the doors close and they start. There were still people coming in from their approved interviews until then.
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