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  1. The journey is complete. My partner had his oath ceremony today in Phoenix. It was 3 months and 1 day from when he submitted his application. We never expected it to go so fast. Every other step always seemed to take forever. The ceremony was at the Immigration Office and went pretty quick. Guests were allowed to watch. Good luck to all of you who haven't completed the journey yet. Your day is coming.
  2. That is what You want I think. How could it be a bad sign?
  3. Thanks for the information. I did try to call but it is impossible to reach anyone on the 800 number. If anyone has another number to talk to a live person llet me know. It would be nice to be able to share the experience now that Covid is mostly behind us.
  4. The Oath Ceremony is scheduled on Friday May 19th at the immigration office on 16th street. This is where he had his interview.
  5. Does anyone know if guests are allowed at the oath ceremony? My partner is scheduled to take the oath in Phoenix on Friday and I wanted to tag along? Is it possible?
  6. My partner had his interview today in Phoenix. He applied under the 5 year rule and the application was received on Feb. 18th. The appointment was scheduled for 8:40AM and we arrived very early because we were worried about traffic. At about 8:15 we decided to go in but I was told I couldn't enter the building. I was expecting a long wait but was surprised when he walked out the door after about 30 minutes. He said they took fingerprints again as well as had his picture taken. Next we was given his writing and reading exam. He was told to read what was on the tablet. "Where is the White House?" Next he was told to write: Flag Day is in June." Before he was put under oath he mentioned that he had two corrections on his N- 400 form. One regarding dates of international travel and the other regarding receiving a traffic ticket. She asked to see the paperwork regarding the ticket which he had with him. She then reviewed a few of the questions on the N-400 form. After that she did the Civics exam and he answered the first 6 questions correctly. She had a few more questions regarding his job, length of time at the address he is presently in and a few questions about his spouse. The final question was "Why do you want to become an American?" And that was that. He told he passed the interview. The oath ceremony was the scheduled for next week on Friday. So, it went much faster than we had planned. Good luck to all of you.
  7. We filed on the 15th of Feb 18th and had the biometrics appointment of March 15th in Phoenix. Interview is scheduled for this Friday the 12th.
  8. Does anyone know if Phoenix offers the oath ceremony the same day as the citizenship interview?
  9. How will the Filipino government know she has taken USA citizenship?
  10. My spouse in scheduled to have his interview mid next month. The letter from Immigration mentioned a list of things he needs to bring. It didn't say anything about tax transcripts. He is applying under the five year rule. I do have copies of the last 4 years but not the oldest year. Does he actually even need to bring these? The letter never mentioned them. Anyone know?
  11. Wow! This was faster than I thought. My partner applied under the 5 year rule on Feb 18th. He had his biometrics done about a week later. Today we received notice of his interview scheduled on May 12th at the Phoenix office. He is studying his USA Civics like crazy.
  12. We filed on the 15th of Feb 18th and had the biometrics appointment of March 15th in Phoenix. In looking at earlier filers in Phoenix it seems as if things are going quickly. I hope it continues.
  13. Thanks. This was very helpful. I guess we need to get cracking with all that is involved. I thought we had another year to get it done.
  14. We submitted the N 400 paperwork. about one month ago and received notice of a biometrics appointemnt scheduled for next week. This happened much sooner than we were expecting being they initially gave us a 16 time frame of when the interview would occur. Is there usually a long delay after the biometrics appointment? We are wondering if my spouse needs to start studying for his exam now and also should we get the tax forms together now? Thanks
  15. You asked many of the questions that I want the answer to as well. It appears there is no mechanism for the American to inform the Laotians that one of their citizens has taken USA citizenship.
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