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  1. I’m not sure, you could always try, but I feel it might confuse things even more. I would keep things simple to make it easier for the officer who is handling your case.
  2. I personally would not overthink and just answer as it is- Part 5 first asks about her physical address, that would be wherever you guys are living in right now. Then, you might have a US mailing address for the second part. It’d be better if you have one as it’s easier for them to contact the applicant- USCIS did call my mother-in-law to look for me for an interview date. Then your two different places should be listed too. She’s not abandoning her GC if she’s going to apply under 319B, as the continuous residence and the physical presence is not required. Also, that’s the whole purpose of the policy- to facilitate the spouse to live with the 319B qualified US citizen abroad. It works to her benefits really when she applies, because she needs to show her intention to leave the US to live with you after taking up the citizenship.
  3. Hi there Lovinglive I totally get your confusion and frustration. To your question, the simple answer is- you are correct, filing the N-400 under 319B does not change the requirements for GC holders. You should start your N400 ASAP though, meanwhile, get the re-entry permit sorted out and/or have her go back to the States for some time. If you are qualified under 319B, it should be quick.
  4. Yes, you will need to pay the biometric fee anyway. Consider that is also for “processing and validating” the cards you sent in.
  5. Good to know the re-use of fingerprints is possible. Either way, the biometrics fee needs to be submitted correctly to avoid delay. I mailed in the requested fingerprints cards, and my status had also turned to “biometrics scheduled” before it changed to “reviewed”. I believe it’s a system default. Re your questions below If you want to send in fingerprints, the local police stations might be able to help. The embassy in Singapore do not provide the service, so mine was taken at the police station. The intention of return is simple. The applicant just needs to state the intention in writing. Almost word to word. All the best. Qian
  6. Hi Lovinglive It’s very rewarding to hear that our experiences are helping other people! Regarding your questions, this is what I think. I hope others can offer some ideas too. 1. To file the N400 is pretty straightforward, just basic info and documents. The biggest part I think, it’s the cover letter and the employment contact, that to support your eligibility of 319B. You will need to convince the authorities that your job qualifies the requirements. Probably you could start writing it up already. 2. I do know people applied online from overseas and it went ok 3. You don’t have to include fingerprints at the initial stage, you can send it in later. I am not sure you can be exempted and somehow I feel maybe not, but they will let you know one way or another. If you want to save time, maybe get two sets done and send in all tougher. Good luck with the application!!! Qian
  7. Hi ros88 Most likely all the employment cases here are different, so I wouldn’t think any templates help too much. All you need to address are -What kind of business -What kind of role -Long long is the assignment And the decision would be on USCIS’s hand if it is an eligible B319 case. All the best! Qian
  8. I’ve heard more than one person submitted online while living overseas, they didn’t have any problems, you should be fine. So, did you submit the biometric fee or not? Just so you know that we will have to pay that fee even if we get fingerprinted outside the States. The fee is considered as for “processing” the data. There has been discussions about that. Good luck!
  9. I don’t think anybody knows how long it’s going to take but I tend to believe it gets handled differently. Good luck!
  10. Thanks @Iscir Interesting! I never thought about it that way. I think you are probably right. I guess it sounded to me that, that part is talking about the spouse’s eligibility, and the employment is separately specified. Anyway, good luck @Likica
  11. Hi Likica Yes, that is correct. See below for your information: A. General Eligibility for Spouses of U.S. Citizens Employed Abroad The spouse of a U.S. citizen who is “regularly stationed abroad” in qualifying employment may be eligible for naturalization on the basis of their marriage.[1] Spouses otherwise eligible under this provision are exempt from the continuous residence and physical presence requirements for naturalization.[2] The spouse must establish that he or she meets the following criteria in order to qualify: Age 18 or older at the time of filing. LPR at the time of filing the naturalization application. Continue to be the spouse of the U.S. citizen up until the time the applicant takes the Oath of Allegiance. Married to a U.S. citizen spouse regularly stationed abroad in qualifying employment for at least one year. Has a good faith intent to reside abroad with the U.S. citizen spouse upon naturalization and to reside in the United States immediately upon the citizen spouse’s termination of employment abroad. Establish that he or she will depart to join the citizen spouse within 30 to 45 days after the date of naturalization.[3] Understanding of basic English, including the ability to read, write, and speak. Knowledge of basic U.S. history and government. Demonstrate good moral character for at least three years prior to filing the application until the time of naturalization.[4] Attachment to the principles of the U.S. Constitution and well-disposed to the good order and happiness of the U.S. during all relevant periods under the law.
  12. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, I think when you are invited to your biometric appointment, you would be submitting your passport photos at the same time- since you are still in the State side. You don’t have to have an overseas address, especially you are applying right now from the States.
  13. Thank you @miniAussie1for the update! We could help more people with the reports from recently approved applicants! And huge congratulations to you! Qian
  14. I believe you are eligible to apply today (online/mail) already, of course, the eligibility is judged by USCIS, and you can certainly DIY it. My case was not military, that’s why I posted my experience at the first place. Have been receiving questions ever since, many of them were non-military and their cases have been approved within a couple of months too. Saw your other post, and I think you are interpreting it correctly, you are on the right path. The most important document of it all, is about your spouse’s employment. You will need something like a letter of employment or a contract from the company, and a description of the company. If the eligibility can be established, your case should be done before you reach the 90 days window to file AOS. Good luck! Qian
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