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  1. Hi all I received a RFE digitally regarding DS258 fingerprint cards, and I Fedex'ed them back before I received the actual mail- (I reacted too soon, I know) The actual mail contains the FD258 cards, and an envelope which I was supposed to seal and send back. 2 days after the Fedex was delivered, on Jan 9, my status changed to We received the information we requested from you You do not need to do anything at this time We will let you know if we need anything else from you as we continue to review your application. This wording seems a little different than what I have read on the forum, but it does sound like the cards were accepted after all. Is that right? I know I could probably send again properly this time, but I don't want to confuse things, but again, I don't want to find out it was rejected after sitting here waiting for months. Does anyone know how to read this status? and what it supposed to change to next? Thanks a ton!
  2. I applied my SSN on the DS260, but it never came. Took a trip to the SSN office, filled out application there, and it arrived in the mail after two weeks. You won't be able to get the number over the phone either.
  3. Hi all I wonder anybody has any insight about this: I made a silly mistake. I sent my N400 package from Singapore, using local postal office service, which I later one realized that it would be handled by USPS once arrives in the States. I should have used the Dallas PO box, but I wrote the Lewisville one. It arrived in the States on Dec 2, but I was not able to track after that. Called USCIS last week and they have not received it yet.I It was very stupid of me, but I wonder if anyone here, especially the seasoned members has heard any similar cases? Many thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info. I am very interested. Please let us know if there's any updates I noticed that 319b cases are not very common here, plus a i751 filed afterwards. Thank you!
  5. I've never seen Application Received either, I don't think you need to worry about it. Mine was on AP for a couple of days but just because we needed to send in an original document. Once it's there, changed to Ready immediately. Good luck!
  6. My husband had been working outside of the US for eight years when we filed i-130. One attorney that we consulted told me that I was not qualified due to his "domicile" issue, but I prepared the files myself and I got my green card no problem. We had similar stuff as yours: permanent mailing address (very important), up-to-date driver's license, professional certificates, active US bank accounts & credit cards, tax returns, medical insurance... No ultility bills, no property... I suggest you to be particularly cautious about your job in China- taking up an employment overseas could be seen as "abandoning your US domicile", unless you can prove it's "temporary". It's advisable to write up a statement explaining why you believe you domicile in the US while residing overseas, and your future plan of retuning to the States. Intention of moving to that US institution is a perfect plan for "reestablishing" your domicile. Also, as everyone else has said, domicile issue is at NVC stage, you don't have to front load those yet. But we did, and it didn't hurt. Good luck!
  7. Please check out INA319B, your wife might be eligible for expeditious naturalization under it after she becomes a permanent resident.
  8. As EandH0904 mentioned above, at NVC stage, proving "domicile" is crucial for petitioners who live abroad. Instructions of i-864, might be helpful. See the part of "Item Number 5. Country of Domicile." It won't hurt if you upload this at 1-130 stage too.
  9. Aww Finally. It's crystal clear now. Thank you so much @SusieQQQ!!!
  10. Thank you @Dee elle for the information!
  11. Thanks so much! What is the stamp like? When I google, I found one regular stamp, just like the tourist visa, but instead "B1/B2" it shows "CR1"; and another type of stamp states " upon endorsement....". Which type would I get when I enter using the immigrate visa for the first time? Many thanks!
  12. Thank you @Izzy512 @Scandi for your inputs!
  13. Hi everyone I'm sorry if this question have been asked many times- can I travel internationally and re-enter the US before my physical green card being delivered to our US address? I understand there's an "i 551 stamp" thing, but does every new immigrant get the stamp at POE?! Many thanks
  14. Thank you so much! I've changed my method to pick-up.