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  1. I took a trip at the beginning of September to see my husband; flew into Dulles via Heathrow. Some advice from my journey: 1. DON’T CHECK IN ONLINE 2. Get to the airport early, since you’ll need to check in at a desk and speak to someone 3. Bring along all that you mentioned you have prepared already 4. Make sure you know where you’ll be staying and be prepared to give this address when checking in (an employee from homeland security was at Heathrow and asked for details from me) 5. Have a wonderful trip, enjoy every moment most know about the exception to the proclamation by this point so you shouldn’t have any issues really 🤞🏽
  2. Good to get a range of opinions, but personally, I wouldn't suggest getting the medical done before your interview date. It is a fairly straightforward process providing your medical history is not extensive, but your medical is only valid for six months. Unsure what the wait for your interview might look like, could continue to follow something along the lines of the same between 4-5 month wait, but it could be before then.. at this point who really knows?! Personally, had no issues getting my medical done - interview notice received on Friday morning, booked medical Friday morning when office opened and had medical that following Wednesday. You wouldn't want to get your medical and then have it expire or get down to the wire and add to the stress. Just my opinion though. Here's hoping the time flies by for you and you get your interview date soon! 🤞
  3. Absolutely loved reading your message @SEWI Wake. Her. Up! 🥰 Visa was issued yesterday and passport in hand by 11:15 this morning 😁😁 Thank you to everyone soooooo much for the support, information and everything this year, it has been beyond helpful. Wishing everyone all the very best for upcoming interviews. Make no mistake, definitely not the last you’ll be hearing of me!
  4. Truly, it's going to be a beautiful moment for you when you get that approval. I am soooooo excited for you to be reunited with your spouse 🥰 I absolutely understand about the need for distraction, but you are so very nearly there! Thank you so much! 🥰 I am still working out the final bits here at work so I can get over hopefully before the spring!
  5. Thanks for that insight - it's not something I ever thought about, just the mention from my boss made me wonder if there were some others who had the experience. I'm not overly fussed though, don't think the amount I would be getting is worth the hassle of 3 months' work.
  6. Thanks Super easy questions, nothing outside of what has been mentioned. The officer asked (she was really lovely!): 1. How did you and your husband meet? 2. Why and how did you decide to get married in Gibraltar? 3. When was the last time you saw each other? (she took this response as an opportunity to say we would be spending all the time in the world together very soon ) Any other questions, just shout
  7. Welcome to the party 😅 1. 10 July DQ date, interview notice on 13 November 2. Email notice from NVC stating that case was sent to US embassy, confirmed appointment at ~7:00am 3. Two weeks and a couple days. After typing all that I saw @R1CH1991's response, could have just said ditto to his 2 & 3!
  8. Thanks to all for the support - happy to report today that interview went smoothly and all approved. Not any great detail to add here that hasn't already been mentioned, but of course always happy to answer any specific questions if anyone has, so please do ask away. Awaiting my passport in the hope that processing will be quick and the real planning can begin Good luck to everyone with interviews upcoming - I don't have favourites but @Andy & Jamie I know how much it's meant to you to have yours coming up soon, am sure all will go well!
  9. Oh I’ll definitely be back to you if I have any more questions, am hopeful it will be smooth sailing after tomorrow though 🤞🏽 @Dags has been great for me too, thanks!
  10. Apologies for the five million questions, am sure you understand the slight panic mode I'm in now having just been through it yourself! Appreciate you continually coming back to me. That's super helpful! We ordered extra copies of our marriage certificate at the ceremony, I think there's four flying around between us with all the things we seem to have needed it for thus far. Fingers crossed I've got all that they might ask for - can't imagine them wanting anything more, but as you said, variable process.
  11. Ooh - have I misunderstood again?! I don't have a certified copy of anything because I've got originals of everything I'm bringing along, with the exception of my husband's documents, of course. The way I read the guidance was that you needed an original AND copy but if you didn't have original then needed a certified copy. Please tell me I'm not wrong - no chance I can find somewhere to certify documents between today and tomorrow, especially since I'm at work until this evening! I have got all of the documents you mentioned though, printed what my husband uploaded and of course I have all of my originals and copies of them all. My best friends' mother actually made a photo album of our wedding, just some of the less official photos and some of the photos people took she collated and put together so I'm bringing that along with a few photos, airline tickets and receipts/invoices from places we've been and stayed, car rentals, etc. Not lots, but enough I'd say
  12. That's so helpful, thank you! Will go stand at the printer for a little while and bring along 2018's 1040. Have got W2s for 2019 - 2016 which I will bring along, but he hasn't had 2019's 1040 yet so unable to provide that. Thank you so much for the advice! Here's hoping they are able to review your submitted documents sharpish and you can get those plans in place. 🤞
  13. I think I'm likely being silly/ignorant but hoping someone can help.. My husband sent over his W2s for the last three years and has also sent his tax returns: It's a 98 page document for each year.. do I need to be bringing those along for interview? He has had his 2019 W2 but not his 2019 tax return, and since he filed his taxes as single those years, is there any benefit to me printing 98 pages x3? Will do if needed, but would rather not walk around with half a tree if I can avoid it I think! Any advice here is helpful of course.
  14. If that’s the correct category, as in, you or your spouse are a permanent resident and you have been married for less than 2 years, then it seems it can be that you’re in the right category. There was another conversation here wheee someone I think had some confusion (full disclosure, I didn’t read the entire thread) but if this is the case, then your visa won’t be being processed at the moment since it’s only CR1/IR1, CR2/IR2, student and some other emergencies that are being processed Do keep reading what you can though to see if there’s any other information out here for you and your spouse 🤞🏽
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