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  1. look what was in the mail after this loooong journey: MERRY CHRISTMAS to me, and 2 years of relaxing for now! crossing fingers for everyone to get their invitation letters soon, the interview coming up and get a happy holiday with the news ❤️
  2. finally - the status has changed (also 2 days backwards) to case approved! wohooo... let's see how long it takes to get the approval letter and the GC in the mail now.
  3. ok now my confusion officially has begun - just saw that my status changed overnight, but not to what we expected, but it says "9 days ago, ready to schedule interview..." stay calm - staaaaay calm!!!! 🤷‍♀️ additional info: until last night the status showed "interview has been scheduled" since oct 15, and it's interesting how they can adjust the date now to nov 21, although it wasn't updated on 21, and we finished the interview.... big questionmark
  4. aaaaalright - we are back - and APPROVED! well it was very interesting to start this off... first of all, we had to show our ID's and verify it's really us, and then he started going through the K1 application and verified information i filled out there (such as my mom's name, birthdate, city i was born, my job back home etc) and then asked things about my hubby (also job, divorce verification, etc) and then said ok let's talk about the GC now since you are here for that. and so he started of saying "so i see you guys got married may 12th, do you have any pictures of the wedding?" so i handed him the pile i printed out (which was about 20 pictures in total, 4 of the wedding, the rest of our meetings in within the last 1.5 years that i have not showed or shared with uscis yet). with the pictures he asked us if we had a reception or why our family wasn't there. we explained to him that we are planning on a big wedding for oct 2019, as we postponed our oct 2018 wedd to make sure all my family/friends can fly in. he then asked us how we met, where we met the first time, how we continued our relationship. he was amazed how many times we were able to visit each other as he said they get a lot of couples that are not as fortunate. then he asked me how many times i have been to the US, if i had a visa before (yes F1 student visa), and asked mostly questions from the form and verified that i knew the answers. that was basically it he said it would take about 30-45 days to get the GC in the mail and that we'd have to make sure to let them know if we move and have a new address as it'd be a struggle to re-send the card and all that! so yep, that was it. at 11:15 we were out and it took us literally 30 min in total. also, as it couldn't get any better, i got my first temporary job starting on monday wohoooo!!!! it is not my dream job, but will do to get out the house for now!
  5. hello again, i have been a bit busy lately with applying for jobs, and interviewing and i finally found a temporary job until i hopefully get a normal office job that i actually want - but hey: I GOT A JOB!!! first job in the US! and now i'm reviewing my pile for the 4th time for our GC interview tomorrow! wish me luck :) i will let you know how it went...
  6. I have a question regarding the Interview at USCIS: the invite letter states what to bring as they request. So I have found 2 points that are not totally clear to me: - All Documents establishing your eligibility for Lawful PermanentResidency status >>> what should that be? K1 visa in passport? approval letter for k1? - Original and copy of each supporting document that you submitted with your application. Otherwise, we may keep your originals for our records >>> each document that we sent in from K1 application until now? or what should that be?
  7. hi everyone - i was a bit MIA because my fam/friends were in town for my birthday and now i am back on track with life. buuuut what i realised is: i have had my EAD now for almost a month and I went to a buuuunch of interviews and nothing has happened. I don't know if it's because of my different background and that I'm not a local, but.. I expected this to be way easier! If I count it all together, I applied at probably 35 - 40 jobs (even jobs that would be just temporary to find something better). Also, here in Savannah there are certainly not a looot of jobs out that match my criteria, so.. it is honestly a bit frustrating. I expected to get the work authorization and immediately find a job, but... now realizing that was not realistic! so just saying, prepare yourself mentally that you may not immediately get a job, to not be disappointed and all that!!! My husband keeps motivating me that it'll come soon, and I try to believe him. I guess it's just frustrating for me as I never had issues finding a job, but now I do...
  8. finally THE letter got here and our interview date in Charleston is Nov 29th! luckily - this time not at 8am lol now getting excited to get all our doc's ready again...
  9. BTW - we are still waiting for the letter with the interview date it's been 6 days so i hope tomorrow it will be here tomorrow
  10. i am sooo glad to hear you got EAD!!! ❤️ i fully understand how mad you were, cos i know that feeling... but at the same time, we all know how it is not fair at this process and they just do whatever they want... i am just happy it worked out for you and you got EAD finally!!!! let's go with all the next steps
  11. thaaanks, will let you know as soon as i get the letter and info
  12. UAHHH!!! my status just changed to "INTERVIEW SCHEDULED" can't wait to get the letter to see when it's happening! i'll keep you posted
  13. Unfortunatley it doesn't do any of the goodness with me on this site... My K1 status is still showing as "case received", my GC says "Fingerprint review completed" although I had a RFE in between and now it is since 2 weeks on "Ready to scheudle interview" andddddd my EAD/Travel shows as received, although I have the card in my hand... Not sure if it really is accurate with everyone, but for sure not with 1 of my 4 cases lol
  14. thanks a lot, it makes me speechless still.. i think the best of that part is to finally get the driving licence an "feel" free with being able to find a job and drive to work hope everyone gets good news this week too!
  15. no not GC interview, job interview