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  1. Yes my pet peeve too! They also have a habit of asking for lots of advice but giving very little details of their own situation which would also be helpful.
  2. It took about two months before they contacted us. They will instruct you on the next steps in the email. Just make sure they send you the correct email. After our reaffirmed petition was sent back to the embassy they sent us a congratulations on our adoption packet to my husbands email. It took a few more weeks to get the correct email.
  3. It will take a few months before reaching the Embassy. Once at the embassy they will email you on the next steps. You'll need a new medical and have to register an account on https://www.ustraveldocs.com/pk/index.html?firstTime=No if you don't already have one where you'll schedule another interview. You'll need to bring the same original documents you brought to your first interview, fresh medical and passport size photos. Also I would advise bringing copies of everything you have already submitted.
  4. Typically no just once with with an inquiry. My case has not had back to back update since the first few months.
  5. My case always updates 24 hours of an inquiry from the senator. Is that the only change in your CEAC status?
  6. Divorce documents must say final they may even accept irrevocable. They won't accept revocable. Unfortunately he will have to get the final documents. Hopefully he finds a way to get them soon!
  7. There are different parts to this, Visa, AOS and citizenship there is so much to read about this on line and a mega thread here on VJ. For the VISA you need to prove that you can financially support the beneficiary. You have to show that your income is sufficient and if not it may be accepted to supply a joint sponsor. There are cases on here recently that have faced denials for public charge at the embassy. Your insurance will not have any affect on the visa. The benefit part comes into play once the beneficiary is here and they accept any public assistance. Check on the type of benefit and state most programs for low cost/free insurance do not fall under this rule. I don't completely understand all of the rules and regulations as I haven't been reading much on this topic.
  8. I binged watched it this weekend. It does make you feel a little bad for some of them but being one going through immigration not bad enough. The pregnant mother who was deported with her 3 year old son and just snuck back in the USA on top of a train risking her son, and unborn child's life blew my mind. I have friends who sold everything and opened an orphanage in Honduras. I know it may not be the most desired but not convinced it was bad enough to risk lives to get back. I felt she was just determined to delver the baby here at all cost. There were two families who have lived and worked here (one who even bought a house) for over a decade. I did feel bad for the family who fled their country due to death threats, they were trying to make a better life but were hitting walls getting/keeping status. They were complying the entire time but were denied their asylum. They weren't actually living undocumented. The military wife I did not feel bad for. I knew her story before the show it really sucked for her children but perhaps she was made to be an example for others. Through the entire piece on her she was trying too hard and kept pushing military spouse and what he did for this country as if that is an excuse for breaking the law.
  9. I applied for my husband in February 2017 our first interview was December of 2017 second interview October of 2018 where we were given the ds5535 and we are still waiting. I
  10. Not everyone gets asked for these additional questions but many do it means they want to look more into your situation. You can copy the questions edit and send to the email link provided in the email.
  11. Does the email consist of a list of questions, address history, work history, family etc.? There should be an email listed to forward the response to. Editable text means you can type right in the email they sent and reply to email address given.
  12. The fact that you have not received the questionnaire would only be a good sign if you were not supposed to get it but you were told they would be sending you one. Sometimes they take months to send it. The status refused will most likely remain until they have verified they received the transcript and the questionnaire. Our case also said refused after interview until the questionnaire was received. You can only email through the inquiry form. There is an email you will be given to send back your questionnaire but they will not read anything else sent to this email and will not respond. It is strictly invite only. When you send an inquiry be very specific on what you need and just that. (I.e. Please verify you have received the documents sent on____.) I was successful with getting an actual answer from them instead of the generic cut and paste by simply asking one question. Hope that helps!
  13. Most of them just have no updates to share. They pop in every once in a while but don't post because there is no news. The ones who are new to AP post the most. After a while even being on this site is difficult. I am on the site way more than I actually post or read anymore. Its just too difficult.
  14. Yes most are approved. I have seen 2 at Islamabad who's cases were returned after being asked to submit a second medical one was waiting 10 in AP with ds5535 the other was over a year. I have seen Pakistanis get their visas anywhere between a few weeks and some still waiting after 2 years. No-one can tell you how long or give any guarantees.
  15. We received the ds5535 a few days after our second interview and sent it back the following day. We have had about 22 updates but only 11 were without an inquiry. Twice they were back to back (3 in a row and 2 in a row) but then stopped again.
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