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  1. Sorry I haven't been online in a while: My husband has the visa he received it 8/6/20 Nothing was really asked the last time a few basic questions. He had two interviews prior to the one on 8/6. We filed the Mandamus in February they were required to answer by April 18th but the department of state asked for two extensions. Our case updated many times throughout the time in AP, sometimes several days in a row then would stop again. Don't pay attention to updates everyone has a theory but its not always the same. I don't remember the exact amount...maybe 3500. About 16 months.
  2. I agree with what others have said above: You don't apply..they do. They must show strong ties that they will be returning home. As others have said those documents stay home. We don't vacation with them. In regards to the support - Unfortunately this is the belief in Pakistan that is very difficult to deter them away from. Partly because a sponsorship is required for a Pakistan visit visa coupled with ALL advisors there claiming this is a requirement. No matter how many times you tell a Pakistani its not needed they won't believe you. IMO I'd be more concerned of it possibly hurting the case. They need to prove strong ties home Not here. Follow the steps to applying for the visit visa. That's it..don't throw in extras.
  3. I'm so very sorry to hear this. I know this has been a long road for you so far. I agree with what others have already mentioned refiling will do nothing if these items in question are not overcome. Unfortunately because we read these horror stories on here we tend to go overboard with certain proof that may not even be necessary. Gifts and affidavits are not nearly as helpful as proof of a husband and wife relationship. I would do what I can to spend more time together (either by living together or a consistent visits every few months). Take as many pictures you can of doing normal things together. Even screenshots of your daily video chats to show how you live your daily life apart. A few chats may be ok but more important would be the amount of communication. Show logs of how many times a day you spend together. A husband and wife relationship is like no other. There should be a connection between you two. This is what they need to see. I know its frustrating and disheartening to know you may have a few more years of this dreadful process but you can get through it. Hang it there!
  4. Hi Rannii, They had my husbands passport since 2018 actually not many questions asked just basic questions he has been asked at the other interviews. How long was the marriage, how we met an so on.
  5. We filed in February of last year just before the pandemic shut down so I wasn't surprised they asked for 2 extensions.
  6. Yes they commonly ask for one and may even ask for two. You have the option to deny the extension but I wouldn't yet.
  7. Even if you married someone here there is always a possibility of being "duped". There is no guarantee that any relationship will last. We as individuals have to know what we are getting into. Keeping your eyes and ears open and thinking things through before making a decision. It can be extra difficult when you start to develop feelings... but love is a chioce. Usually there are signs in the beginning we ignore. There are lots of information on sites about getting involved with someone internationally and red flags to look for but at the end of the day you have to do your own research of your love interest. As others have said spending lots of time in person is crucial to help you both to understand each other. Marriage is hard! It takes a lot of work from both sides and is a life long commitment that you both have to be in for. Good luck on whatever you decide for your future!
  8. I don't know if its much help since it was over 6 months ago but My husband was there at the end of July. His appointment at Aziz was on July 28th he went back August 5th to pick up his CD and paperwork for his files everything was already sent to the embassy. His interview was on August 6th. So it was about a week.
  9. A friend of mine was DQ'd in April and her husband had his interview last month. Unless the case is a reaffirmed petition all spouse interviews would be scheduled through NVC so the appointments available online would not play a factor.
  10. We never got an RFE but I have seen many others get one due to late birth registration. My husbands birth was also late registered but I believe we didn't have any issues because I submitted school records, FRC and a copy of his grandfathers ration card (from after the separation). I do not recommend the affidavits they mention in the list above unless you also submit some of the other documents as well. I would not be confident that affidavits alone would suffice. Hope that was helpful!
  11. You will need to bring originals of both to the interview. You should bring originals of all civil docs that were previously submitted.
  12. People being stuck in the black hole of Administrative processing has been around forever but the ds5535 form itself is only a few years old.
  13. It's been a crazy week! Just a quick update! To board a flight from Pakistan a covid test must be taken (and negative) a few days before. My husband traveled back to Islamabad to complete the Covid test and fly to USA from there. He flew Qatar to (stopping at Doha) JFK (JFK POE was quick and smooth). He was out of the airport after landing in under 45min (this includes getting off the plane, immigration and bag collection). We both still feel like this is all a dream and so very Thankful!
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