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  1. Our case updated again today (it's our second wedding anniversary) but I think its because I asked the Senator to inquire on my case and probably not an update by its self. I'm still trying to remain hopeful.
  2. Then yes you need a waiver. I don't know much about them but there is a support group on here Someone there may be able to help you.
  3. When did you send in the ds5535? We are in AP for 3 months since submitting the ds5535. We have had about 9 updates on CEAC. Timeline seems to be about a year for many but we are praying hard that is not the case for us as we have already been waiting for 2 years.
  4. I don't think there is an exact science but yes some of those reasons are causes. We have had 3 back to back updates twice but no visa yet..
  5. Totally agree it makes it very difficult to come up with correct time lines. Some people just disappear at some point and you never hear how they made out. Thanks for your input very good to know.
  6. I wouldn't recommend a guest house. As an American a hotel with security is best. Serena is the nicest but if you want to save the money Islamabad hotel is cheaper priced. I've been to Pakistan 3 times and have had no issues but if Pakistan makes her nervous Dubai is a great vacation spot. My husband and i have vacationed there twice and its super comfortable.
  7. I converted to Islam in May of 2018 alhamdulillah! I however never disclosed or sent my certificate from the Islamic center to the embassy. I didn't want them to think I did it for my husband. At my first interview when asked about religion I told them how I was born Christian I was the CFO of a mega church for 10 years and took 2 years of ministry school but I struggled with the trinity. No more questions were asked and the officer switched topics quickly.
  8. Thank you! We are trying to stay positive some days of course are better than others..lol
  9. It's so confusing how some get it so easily and others don't. (Like someone with a Afgan nationality who somehow ends up with a Pakistani one and gets a visa with no AP. ) The more you try to figure out the logistics of how and why you'll go crazy. I totally understand the scrutiny in our case due to my husbands divorce not being of a cultural norm...but the fact that he has only an 8 year old son out of that marriage ( also not culturally normal) was totally disregarded. Its best just to provide all the evidence you can and remain completely truthful. Pray daily and trust on Allah. He knows best!
  10. Interviews are still being scheduled and completed other agencies are still running as usual. I'm not exactly sure though with our process (ds-5535) if any of the agencies involved are affected by the shut down.
  11. I got an auto response from the mailbox stating it was intended for those who were asked to provide information only later I got a response from an inquiry I made confirming they in fact received it just to make sure.
  12. We have had 9 updates since our interview on October 23rd 2018, 7 since we submitted the questionnaire. Our last update was on December 27th.
  13. Speaking from experience of working with a tough embassy front loading and side loading and over compensating for red flags made no difference. I would highly recommend NOT marrying on the first trip. I know its very difficult (especially in our case where our faith makes dating difficult) but the embassy doesn't care much about the reason. We have had 5 visits in under two years and lots of other evidence but we are still having a difficult time getting the visa. Our only red flags are married on first visit and prior marriages (we were both married young and divorced). It's a very difficult and long road you have to have some tough skin and really know what you are doing to get through it. This journey is not for the weak.
  14. The link posted above is for the Embassy in Islamabad and it specifically ask that you not inquire if its under 60 days. Morocco embassy may be different.